What Are Throttle Body Spacer Pros and Cons? A Breakdown

Thousands of aftermarket features have been devised to increase throttle body performances.

And the throttle spacers – compact, easy to use, and apparently effective – are among the most popular options.

Yet, beginners still hesitate to purchase a spacer for their cars; thus, my inclusive guidelines will delve further into the throttle body spacer pros and cons. Keep scrolling for more.

What Do Throttle Body Spacers Do? 

throttle body spacer pros and cons

Throttle body spacers are aftermarket devices that drivers install between the intake manifold and clean the throttle body inside the internal combustion chamber.

Their design aims to enable additional space – and sometimes, even alter the entire airflow pattern – to change how the car operates and sustains power.

Sure, people might purchase these tiny devices for different throttle body spacer purpose. Still, such objectives are usually categorized into three types, namely:

  • Increasing Power Output: Some higher-end throttle spacers feature unique designs – serrated or helix-shaped fins are cases in point – that allegedly boost the air circulation to and fro the modern engine. As such, the combustion cylinders undergo major changes and produce better power output.
  • Improving Atomization: An altered airflow pattern may change the fuel-air mixture atomization that enters the cylinders. With significantly more effective combustion, the increased atomization will likely translate into upgraded power delivery and fuel mileage gain.
  • Extra Torque Boost: Most spacer brands claim to boost the car’s low-end torque and, in turn, strengthen low-speed acceleration and throttle response. These competitive edges seem fitting for vehicle models used for off-roading, towing, or any situation where lower-end power is strongly needed.

What Are The Throttle Body Spacer Pros and Cons? 

benefits of throttle body spacer

Reliable spacer models earn great feedback for their low price, easy installation, extra space for air volume, and zero need for tuning.

But stay alert: customers do complain about possible issues with their fitment, emissions, fuel consumption, compatibility, and AEM intake plenum.

The Pros


Affordability is among the most common throttle body spacer benefits.

Compared to numerous aftermarket performance modifications (engine bay upgrades or off-factory exhaust systems, for instance), throttle spacers are the clear winner when it comes to upfront costs.

Hence, tight-budget customers have much more commercial options to choose between.

Whether they need better throttle blades, more power output, or improved fuel efficiency, be confident that the market is not lacking in accessible products that suit your exact demands.

On another note, this cost-effectiveness also goes beyond the upfront price.

Unlike certain bolts-on that require constant turning and maintenance, reliable throttle body spacers barely require any extra investment once set up.

Long-term upgrades and one-time installments – truly the best deal, regardless of which car you drive!

Easy Installation

Is a throttle body spacer worth it? Yes! Few aftermarket upgrades are as easy to set up as a volant throttle body spacer.

Its straightforward bolt-on design can easily be completed without any extensive technical expertise.

So do not worry yourself to death if you are just a beginner; the task does not take more than half an hour!

Better yet, the installation does not demand any specialized equipment and tools.

Basic instruments like screwdrivers, sockets, and wrenches – sold almost anywhere around the neighborhood – are more than enough to get things done for you.

Instead of wasting time and effort searching for rare, expensive tools or turning to automobile services, you can choose to install the throttle spacers yourself and save even more money!

No Needs for Adjustments or Tuning

Here comes even better news for ill-experienced drivers: throttle spacers are meant to be plugs-and-play modifications, easily installed without extra tuning or adjustments.

Long story short, once the devices are conveniently slotted between the intake manifold and throttle body, they will immediately pair with existing engine blocks.

Your only job is to sit back in your driving seat and enjoy their performances!

Some might worry about computer system tuning, but no worries; that is not necessary, either. Imagine the amount of time and effort you could save compared to other throttle body upgrades.

Adding Extra Volume

The additional spacer volume paves the way for better airflow after every intake stroke.

With the cylinder fillings dramatically improved, your car’s power output and combustion efficiency will always remain guaranteed! 

Furthermore, this increased air volume also boosts the car’s ability to lure in enough air circulation for its proper combustion – especially at high RPMs.

And the story does not end there; some premium spacers even feature thermal gaskets or insulating accessories! 

They reduce the engine workload/ heat transfer and bring the intake air temps down a few notes.

No wonder the air intake system becomes cooler and denser, elevating your fuel-air combustion properties to a new level!

The Cons

Poor Fitments

Aside from premium spacers, certain middle- or lower-end models still suffer from possible ill-fit issues when installed.

A too-tight or too-loose spacer might lead to several technical problems with the engine model, including misfires and even complete failures.

More Tear and Wear

Sometimes, the spacer’s increased air velocity and turbulence may deepen the tear and wear on your engine’s vital components.

If not tended to properly, they might bring about expensive repair costs or even decreased performance – which is the exact opposite of why you want to install it in the first place!

Worse Power Output

I know that throttle spacers are supposed to increase the power output instead of decreasing them.

Still, you should be prepared for possible mishaps (especially if the spacer is not from a quality brand). With uneven airflow distribution, reduced ratings are only a matter of time.

Emission Problems

The fact that spacers are easy to set up does not mean you should let your guard down; always stay alert while installing it.

Improper installations increase the car’s emissions, putting you at severe risk of penalties or fines from the governments/authorities!

Consuming More Fuel Mixture

Although this drawback does not happen often, do not rule it completely off your consideration list.

In certain cases, to boost optimal engine performance, the car must sacrifice something equally important – which sometimes includes your MPG ratings.

Not Applying to All Applications

Remember that a spacer can only improve certain engine parts and specifications; you cannot always expect it to compensate for EVERY factory deficit! 

Take classic car models, for instance.

Since most of these cars are likely outdated, you may need something else along with the spacer-peak horsepower for towing or M54 intake manifold upgrades for BMW cars, for example.

Problems With The AEM Intake Runners

Double-check whether your car has AEM intake valves.

“Yes” means throttle spacers should be avoided at all costs; otherwise, the brackets might rip themselves off! 

What Vehicle Is A Throttle Body Spacer Used For?

are throttle body spacers worth it

The purpose of throttle body spacer is to work with any modern car. 

Still, customers report the best performance gains on vehicles operating 2-barrel or 4-barrel carburetor systems – or mixing air and fuel inside the throttle bodies.


There is a fair share of throttle body spacer pros and cons; they only work best when installed correctly on the right fuel injector system.

So weigh the drawbacks and benefits of throttle body spacer to determine whether your car really needs it. Write to me if you need help with anything.

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