Tire Maintenance Light Nissan Altima Explained – How To Stop It?

Your tire maintenance light Nissan Altima can sometimes illuminate on the dash screen.

Many may choose to let it slide like nothing has occurred yet, while others just make a scene and over-worry about its hazards.

Yet, they all hold the same questions: Why does this warning turn on, and what should you do to handle such hidden dilemmas?

This article will walk you through the queries you have in mind. Read on now to grasp further helpful insights!

What Does Maintenance Tire Mean On Nissan Altima?

tire maintenance light nissan altima
The Meaning Of Maintenance Tire On Nissan Altima

The Nissan tire maintenance light can come on for several reasons.

It can either indicate problems regarding your automobile’s fuel, tell you to get your tires rotated, or give notice of the low tire pressure.

Your poor steering wheel alignment or issues with the TPMS may also partially contribute to why such an alert occurs so frequently.

Oil Problem

You don’t misread it: An extended period of time running without your oil changed can be one of the possible causes that turn on the Nissan Altima tire maintenance light on your dashboard.

This is because outdated or filthy oil (which you may notice the oil turning black easily with your naked eyes) may harm your engine by clogging it up.

That’s why changing your oil frequently should not be a task to delay doing if you want to avoid such an indicator from presenting itself.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should replace your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the type of oil your automobile consumes and how regularly you drive.

Tire Rotation

Another reason why it appears this indication might be you have just got tire rotation. It is a pretty common phenomenon that anyone owning a Nissan can bump into.

Imagine it simply: When you reposition each of the tires, the vehicle sensors will sense that change in your tire pressure, causing the alarm to activate eventually.

So there’s nothing to be worried about if you get that signal right after the tire rotating procedure. Hold on to your patience, and it will disappear in just a matter of time.

Otherwise, you can consult a specialist considering the tire maintenance light Nissan keeps persisting still.

Low Tire Pressure

nissan altima maintenance tire light
Poor Tire Pressure

Of course, it is one of the tire issues that leads your car to come up with this maintenance tire on Nissan Altima.

Considering that, your tire pressure being low should not be out of the picture to take into account.

If you don’t want to run your automobile with a flat tire or, by many chances, a blowout (which can probably be caused by a nail pinned in it), this type of spectrum is surely not to be overlooked.

Whenever you suspect your low tire pressure is the culprit to blame, the best course of action is to fill them up and then head to a local service facility to get them examined.

For those who wish to be a mechanic yourself, it is also welcome to single-handed check up on your tire pressure light on a regular basis.

By doing so, you are not only doing your car a favor but can also completely avoid the disturbance of your Nissan maintenance tire alert.

Inadequate Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment not being at its best performance can also hold responsibility for why your 2019 Nissan Altima tire maintenance light comes on.

As such, merely driving on bumpy surfaces or any curb and pothole you hit before can all play as a possible root of such trouble.

Uneven wear caused by poor wheel alignment like that may leave detrimental impacts you could never anticipate.

Not only can it shorten your vehicle’s tire lifespan, but it also increases the likelihood of traction loss, a deficiency in steering control, and the risk of accidents.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS is meant to warn you whenever your tire pressure shows signs of being low or insufficient.

Since servicing your tires appropriately plays an indispensable role in the maintenance and boosts your gas mileage, any cause that leads the TPMS to activate can also kick off the maintenance tire light Nissan Altima.

There are also chances that the TPMS may get corrupted or degraded. That way, the tire maintenance message will initiate itself if the sensors can’t detect the pressure precisely.

How To Deal With Tire Maintenance Light Nissan Altima?

2019 nissan altima tire maintenance light
What Are The Ways Fix When Tire Maintenance Light Nissan Altima

Now that you know what breeds the tire maintenance warning light, seeing such a message now should not be bothersome anymore.

Still, if you are unsure which of those causes is the main source of the pickle, the three common approaches below can help you address it more directly.

Reset Nissan Altima Maintenance Tire Light

When the pre-specified distance for tire replacement arrives, the notice about tire maintenance will show up. To stop it, all you may have to do is merely reset a reminder at another particular distance as follows.

  • Step 1: Enter the vehicle by the driver’s side door and press the “on” button on the ignition.
  • Step 2: Go to the maintenance option by choosing the setting option.
  • Step 3: Push on the tire selection while holding down the maintenance reset button.

Because the instructions for doing so may vary depending on your Nissan model, we advise you to check your manual book or go to its pdf version on the Nissan website to make the most of this procedure.

Rotate The Tire

For appropriate tire wear, you must rotate the tires every 7500 miles since uneven wear will force you to swap the tires earlier than necessary.

On average, tires have a lifespan of 50,000 miles, according to  AG Safety And Health, but this will vary based on how well you care for them.

You may accomplish this by choosing the buttons on the dashboard that are on the left side, behind the driving wheel.

Exchange The Tires From One Part To Another

It can also alert you to the notice “Maintenance: Tire” if your back tire is more deteriorated than your front one.

Therefore, the most effective approach is simply switching the tires from one portion to another, and there you go to make the whole thing problem-free!


Tire upkeep is your car’s final line of defense when something goes wrong.

That is why overlooking the tire maintenance light Nissan Altima is never a wise choice if you want your pet automobile to be able to withstand unpredictable obstacles on the roads when traveling.

Hopefully, our article can provide you with constructive insights regarding how to handle such a problem. See you soon!

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