Compelling Information About Toyota Corolla B Gear

The Toyota Corolla is a series of subcompact cars manufactured by Toyota. This model can meet the needs of people, thanks to its gas mileage and safety features.

Especially, Toyota Corolla B gear plays a crucial role in the car operation.

So, what is it? How does it work to ensure ride safety? If you have the same questions, scroll down this post to get hold of its functions, pros, and cons.

What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear?

What is the B stand for on Toyota Corolla? B stands for engine braking or brake in automatic gear.

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It is the drive wheel of the automatic speed system. When you release the accelerator, the automatic speed system understands that you are in a neutral position and accelerates slowly.

B gear can be a technical term that seems very new and obscure to many people.

However, it is not confusing. You can simply understand that this brake mode creates power for maximum engine braking when going through steep hills or even when you can not control the speed limit of your vehicle.

B mode works to prevent brake fade when driving downhill, and the battery is about to run out.

Additionally, overheating brakes can cause brake fluid to boil and damage the brakes. So, people use this gear to prevent overheating.

When set to mode B in automatic transmission cars, the transmission will always remain in the 1st gear to help the engine achieve more torque.

Depending on the car’s speed, the driver can actively shift from D to B and vice versa.

People consider B Gear is an outstanding feature of the Toyota corolla. Not using this transmission can cause problems for your vehicle, especially when driving on slopes or in snowy areas.

Drivers should use B mode in the below cases:

1. Going downhill: Use it to take advantage of the engine’s braking power, helping to decline pressure on the brake system.

2.  On uphill roads: Gravity will affect the vehicle and make the engine intensely work when moving uphill. Like the situation the car is bringing a heavy load, it helps the engine work easier.

3. Bringing major load: This is the most popular use situation. Using it will boost the engine’s power, which will help the vehicle carry weighty loads simply.

When your car has some problems, like when your wheel is broken, driving with a broken wheel stud is unsafe, but you can not stop the vehicle immediately or know how to stop a manual car. In this situation, using B mode is appropriate.

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How Does It Work?

B on gear shift is a gear that creates drag for your car. This drag creates a maximum braking force in the automatic transmission hybrid cars, which operates on electric and mechanical systems.

When shifting the gear lever to B, similar to L or 1, 2 on some other cars, the car will return to a low gear, braking at a low level, enough for the car to go downhill continuously without drivers having to strain themself to brake.

Nonetheless, if the brake system has to work continuously, it is easy to become hot and ineffective.

Thus, you need to be very careful when driving on the pass, especially with a vehicle with a large load. 

Gearbox B will begin to perform its function when your normal engine brake system becomes weak or has problems. If you use this gearbox, moving down slopes will no longer be too difficult.

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Toyota Corolla B Gear? 

Driving car with B Mode
Driving car


  • An advantage of the Toyota corolla B mode no one can deny is that the gear helps produce maximum brake motor power. It solves drivers’ concerns about safety when going through an area having a high steep grade and mountain roads.
  • You can save energy. Once you unleash the hybrid engine, the wheels will rotate the electric motor. It will recharges hybrid batteries. Thereby, it generates renewable energy. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this energy source to charge the hybrid battery or make the battery generator. It is convenient for users.
  • This mode helps increase the car’s speed slower than a conventional vehicle. It makes your driving safer because you can control the speed. This is the reason why it aslo called a downshifting gear.


  • It has the effect of slowing down the speed of the car, it will affect your driving distance.
  • You should not use this drive mode when you want to drive at fast speeds. Sometimes the car will not generate energy to charge the battery for the transmission.
  • Furthermore, although the B gearbox has a better braking effect on-ramps, it is not absolute. Dangers can still happen if drivers are not careful.
charge the hybrid battery
charge the hybrid battery

What Is The Difference Between Toyota Corolla S And B Gear?

Now, let’s discover about Toyota corolla S and B gear!

The main difference between S and B modes is their function. You can easily see this through their initials. B stands for brake, while S stands for sport.

So, what is Toyota corolla S gear? S is a significant part of a car that turns the car’s engine speed higher.

In particular, when you are driving through twisty roads but still want to maintain RPM, the S gearbox is what you need to use at that time.

This gearbox keeps lower gears for longer to generate more power when running on twisty roads. Thereby, you can drive at high speeds on roads.

How about B mode? B mode also supports lower gears, but it has a  different aim. It works as an extra engine braking when traveling down a long slope like a traditional transmission.

However, driving habits using this mode at high speed are not recommended for vehicles. In case the car is going fast but needs jake brakes, you should still use brake pads or brake pedals.

You should only use mode B to limit brake wear when running on steep roads to limit brake wear.

Besides, if you use different gear positions, the gear ratio in the continuously variable transmission will differ. Nonetheless, the wear they cause is all negligible.

How To Use The B Gear?

We could now start using B technology as you know everything about it. Apply these instructions if you wish to enjoy the best experience imaginable.

Step 1: Reduce Your Speed.

Whether rushing down a hillside or traveling on the freeway with low gear, B shifting is easy to apply.

You’d better slow down to a reasonable pace. You must change to lower speeds to cruise smoothly. It is for your protection. 

Step 2: Switch To The B Gear

When you feel comfy with the velocity, change to B on the car gear shifter that displays “B.” The panel light will illuminate, showing that you are now using the B mode. 

You can activate the gear when the vehicle moves, but ensure you keep a normal and consistent speed. Most importantly, you do not need to apply brakes when shifting.

Step 3: Adjust Yourself

As a result of a change to B mode, loud motor racing noises will be noted. Don’t be alarmed if you experience this.

It’s perfectly common. When an engine produces a loud noise, it rotates quickly to keep a constant speed without using the brakes.

Step 4: Shift out of the B Gear

To exit B mode, merely return the shifter and move it to the “D” position while keeping the brakes.

Remember that although B gear has several advantages, it doesn’t need to be utilized most of the time. 

It is because activating the B gear puts additional pressure on the engine, which can contribute to decreased engine life.

As a result, only engage the B gear if required, and remember to remove it once you no longer need the additional stopping force or stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Gears Does A Toyota Corolla Automatic Have?

PRNDL is the standard symbol for automatic transmissions. We’re talking about Low Gear (L), Drive (D), Neutral (N), Reverse (R), and Park (P).

In older versions or repaired cars, the symbols can be different. However, these main symbol functions remain. 

In vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla, the lowest gear L’ gets substituted by engine-braking gear ‘B. Some older cars have positions (2) and (3).

Position (3) is for engine braking, while position (2) is for more powerful engine braking.

You are limited to traveling on lesser ratios within the first and second via L. Plus, some drivers may be confused when shifting between positions (2) and (3).

Meanwhile, B allows you to utilize engine stopping and extend the life of your brakes.

Using B Gear In The Snow Or Mud

Using B mode can help keep the wheels from sliding when traveling in snow or mud. The Toyota Corolla’s B gear engages the first speed, signaling that the engine generates more torque.

It serves to keep the wheels from slipping and losing traction.

If you are unsure about your driving skills, the B mode becomes useful in these situations. It will help you avoid severe crashes.

Gear Lever Toyota Corolla

Here are some notices that you should follow when driving a Toyota Corolla. 

Moving the gear lever to the D position enables the system to pick the best gear for the driving circumstances. Moving the shift lever to the D location is suggested for regular driving.

You can change the gear lever from D to B. You cannot shift from P to B, but you can move the lever from B to P.

Downshifting and abrupt acceleration should be avoided when traveling on wet or icy roads. They can cause the vehicle to swerve to the side or spin.

You should slow down and change the gear lever to B. 

Usually, Toyota Corolla has advanced electronics, preventing you from deciding the wrong gear lever shift.


Automatic gear stick

Overall, this blog has shown helpful information about Toyota Corolla B gear and the differences between Toyota corolla S and B gear.

Hope that through this article, you can understand clearly its functions and use it properly!

Though B gear makes your driving safer, accidents are always unpredictable. So please remember that drive your car cautiously to have better cruise control.

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