Toyota Highlander Oil Weight – What Oil Is Recommended?

You are finding information related to the Toyota Highlander, one of the best choices people would like to use properly.

Particularly, you want to know about the Toyota Highlander oil weight? Let’s take a deeper look at Toyota Highlander’s oil capacity and find oil recommendations through the following article.

What Is Toyota Highlander Oil Weight?

Toyota Highlander Oil Weight

The 2022 Toyota Highlander Oil Type

Oil is essential for maintaining an engine-cleansed and cool engine oil capacity in any car, including the Toyota Highlander.

Your engine’s moving parts are lubricated, which helps to stop damage. The oil in your car is thick and cold when you first start it.

As the engine drain plug warms up, the oil thins and flows more swiftly. This makes it possible for it to lubricate the exact engine parts.

Toyota advises using full synthetic oil in the Highlander for maximum performance and engine protection with primary identification. But which viscosity should you pick?

For newer Toyota Highlander models, Toyota Genuine full synthetic 0w-20 oil is the best option.

However, choosing complete synthetic 5w-30 oil is advisable if you have an older pattern with extended performance and high mileage.

Depending on the year and mileage additives, a Toyota repair may occasionally suggest using a complete Toyota synthetic motor oil 5w-20.

Full synthetic oil will not only guarantee that your engine life is operating at peak efficiency, but it will also allow you to travel around 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes.

The normal oil can still be used, but you must change it every 3,500 to nearly 5,000 miles. In addition, synthetic oil and your engine will not be protected by conventional oil if you drive a lot.

For more information on the recommended oil for your specific Highlander model, be sure to consult your owner’s manual or a Toyota – certified repair.

Your car can need a different type of oil depending on its year and mileage additives.

Best Synthetic Oil For 2022 Toyota Highlander Oil Capacity

The potential of synthetic oil 0W – 20 to enhance protection against heat and oxidation is valued. In addition, it aids in the prevention of sludge buildup, which can impair power and fuel economy.

Both diesel and gasoline engines, as well as turbocharged engines, are advised to use this oil.

In vehicle range with high-performance engines that are driven under strong loads with wide throttle openings, 0W – 20 is advised for use.

It is made to offer great defense against heat, oxidation, and sludge accumulation, which lowers fuel efficiency and power output over time.

What’s more, compared to traditional 5w – 30 oils, this composition is more resistant to wear, allowing your engine to run at top efficiency for the duration of the life of your car.

Understander Your Toyota Highlander Oil Weight

Understander Your Toyota Highlander Oil Weight

What Is The Best Way To Change The Oil In A Highlander? 

Bringing your Toyota Highlander to a Toyota shop is the ideal approach to changing the oil in your vehicle range.

It will have mechanics who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to change your oil correctly, as well as the necessary tools and unchangeable equipment.

On the other hand, oil changes at auto shops and skilled mechanics can cost more than $100. You save money if you change the oil because it only costs approximately $50.

It is crucial to inspect the engine before performing your oil change.

If you do not get your oil changed at a certified mechanic or dealer while your car is still under security, you risk having your warranty voided.

How To Change Oil In A Toyota Highlander?

The longevity of your Toyota Highlander 2019 oil type depends heavily on proper vehicle maintenance.

It is crucial to follow the plan and keep track of any modifications, whether you do it yourself or use a professional service.

If the new owner knows you have taken good care of it, it will increase your car’s value when you sell it.

  • Park the car in a level and flat area. Put the car in park and switch off the engine. Please use a pair of brackets to lift the front of your car if necessary.
    To ensure that the oil completely drains from the crankcase, open the bonnet of your automobile and remove the dipstick.
  • Wear your protective glasses. Crawl underneath the vehicle once it is secured to the rack, then make your way to the engine oil pan.
  • Find the drain plug at the pan’s base. Put a drip pan underneath the drain plug. Ensure that it is sizable enough to hold all the oil levels that will leak from your engine.
  • To allow the extreme load conditions to drain into the drain pan, unscrew the oil drain plug using the proper socket wrench or canister wrench. But remember carefully that the oil can still be hot.
  • Look for loose threads or the bolt on the oil drain plug. When the oil has ceased flowing, if it is still functional, replace it.
    We hope that you have a replacement in case one is required. Use the wrench you used to remove it to tighten it.
  • Find the standard-size oil filter. Make sure that the gasket is taken out with the standard-size oil filter by checking. Apply a thin layer of oil to the new filter’s gasket before replacing the old one.
  • Remove the cap from the oil tank and add synthetic-weight oil to the engine. Change the cap, too.


How Much Oil Does Toyota Highlander Need?

For the 2019 Toyota Highlander oil capacity is 6.3 quarts. Toyota genuine motor oil is recommended for Toyota Highlander.

Is It Possible To Mix Conventional And Synthetic Motor Oil?

Combining synthetic and conventional motor oil is not dangerous. But conventional oil grade will lessen the advantages of synthetic oil and take away from its greater performance.

What Happens If I Use 20W50 Rated Engine Oil For Toyota Highlander?

The reality is that 20W50 is a very viscous oil container label. That’s why the Toyota Highlander owner’s manual recommends a short drain interval on towing or stop-and-go traffic or other heavy use.


Hope that after reading this article, you can find a suitable Toyota Highlander oil weight.

If you have inquiries about altering your Toyota Highlander’s oil or other maintenance problems, consult your owner’s manual or contact a certified reliable mechanic and reputable manufacturer.

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