What Toyota Venza Years To Avoid? – Information For Car Owners

The two-row SUV Toyota Venza offers hybrid choices and a panoramic top for excellent road visibility. There are numerous models available because the vehicle was introduced in 2009.

There are some great ones, and the Toyota Venza should be skipped in a few years.

Understanding what Toyota Venza years to avoid is crucial if you desire a Toyota Venza. Some of them travel more easily than others.

What Toyota Venza Years To Avoid?

What Toyota Venza Years To Avoid?

The Toyota Venza has gained traction among drivers. Nevertheless, some Toyota Venza years are interior to others. 2009, 2011, and 2015 are the worst models, per our advice.

These might need expensive repairs, which would take time away from your other tasks.

Propellers, exterior accessories, and interior equipment are Toyota Venza’s main areas of concern.

For the finest driving experience, be aware of the problematic models to avoid. Pricey repairs might be the deal-breaker of your purchase.

2009 Toyota Venza

Since the problematic model’s introduction in 2009, the 2009 Toyota Venza problems have drawn the most consumer reports on the website for owner complaints.

Several reviews have stated that the steering issues are so severe that they may experience tremors, which can be extremely annoying, drifting and swerving, and automobile whining, particularly when turning.

Also, the accessory fault and heated seats make the drivers feel really uncomfortable.

These Toyota Venza 2009 problems could result in a dangerous situation when driving. Remember to check for signs of that issue, like loud clicking sounds, costs more than $2000 to remedy.

Additionally, it is claimed that this issue typically manifests itself when the car has traveled approximately 64,000 miles.

In addition to this issue, interior accessories can also cause several other common concerns that can ruin the driving experience of the driver.

2011 Toyota Venza

The airbags, accessory faults, uncomfortable and heated seats, external lights, particularly the brake pads, brake lights, and hybrid powertrain issues, including the transmission and traction shafts, were the main triggers of problems for the 2009-2011 Venza year.

Many reported that this version was far more unpleasant to drive than bigger cars like the modified Highlander.

The most common problems with Toyota Venza are that people become aware of how fast their belts may deteriorate.

Also, broken wires may interfere with the airbag sensor and stop the airbag from functioning.

As a result, they won’t activate the side airbags, and the driver’s side has most of the curtain airbags.

In particular, a driver’s probability of serious neck, head, and shoulder injuries may increase.

2015 Toyota Venza

The service braking system issues were the next most prevalent.

Not to mention, numerous consumer complaints of the front movable sun visors exploding while driving and the windshield won’t defog in bad weather conditions have been reported.

Drivers were also unsatisfied with the uncomfortable seat, especially if they are taller than 5’2″. It may lead to excruciating back and neck pain.

Additionally, the GPS and USB ports didn’t work, the stereo and CD player frequently crashed, and they both automatically quit and reloaded.

What Toyota Venza Years Are Worth Buying?

Down below is the list of the best years for Toyota Venza to buy for you:

2010 Toyota Venza

The 2010 Toyota Venza is a versatile vehicle for everyone to own and drive among this list’s initial five base models.

Several sources claim that this year’s model features the most appealing style, nimble bodywork, fuel efficiency, performance from four-cylinder models, and four-wheel drive capability and proactive driving, which assist in enhancing the driving experience.

Many fantastic features are also available, namely four-cylinders models, a front-wheel drive shaft, and a superior car experience.

Many people who possess it believe that this choice is the greatest.

2012 Toyota Venza

The 2012 5-seater Toyota Venza is a hybrid vehicle well-known for its relaxing interior, quiet driving, powerful engine, and comfortable seats, which solve the heated seat problem.

This model includes excellent cargo space and storage space, so you can maintain your goods safely and have the room you need.

People also adore the V6 highway speed on this year’s version because it accelerates smoothly and is simple to operate without creating any major electrical issues.

2013 Toyota Venza

The 2013 Toyota Venza is the perfect vehicle that reportedly receives excellent reliability ratings and the fewest concerns on auto review websites.

It is recommended that you should consider purchasing the 3.5-liter V6 with all-wheel drive as it is the greatest option.

Drivers give their thumbs up for its good efficiency, great fuel economy figures, large payload capacity, and other characteristics that enhance the driving experience.

Numerous websites also state that this model has exceptional ground clearance needs for gravel and snow.

Therefore, you can quickly speed through challenging driving terrains without experiencing anything on the interior because it is quite calm and serene inside.

The 2013 Toyota Venza will be among your finest options if you decide to get one.

2014 Toyota Venza

It’s important to note that even their competitors do not receive a good reliability rating like this model.

This vehicle also includes excellent cargo space, has the correct performance, and has user-friendly and safety features, so there’s much to appreciate.

Many customers adore the modern hatchback design of the 2014 version; the arrangement flexibility of this model makes commuting even more pleasurable.

With high safety ratings of trim levels – all-wheel drive LE, front-wheel LE, and all-wheel drive XLE – this vehicle can get highway gas mileage ratings of 26 mpg and 20 mpg in harsh road conditions.

What Are Common Problems With Toyota Venza?

We can not deny the Toyota Venza reliability with a good performance rating, but the brand has some common electrical issues you must notice:

Must And Moldy On The A/C

A musty smell emanates from HVAC units whenever drivers use their air conditioning system.

Controlling the characteristics of the air around the cabin when operating and carrying people can be quite challenging.

This can cause the evaporator drain hose not to be cleaned properly because it is clogged. Therefore, a regular maintenance schedule is necessary to prevent them from quickly becoming moldy.

Wire Coating

Toyota has employed soy wire coating because this is more frequently less expensive and environmentally favorable.

However, since these coats are easily chewed and are thought to provide good nesting material, they can soon wear out.

Any warranties provided by Toyota do not cover rodents, and fixing this issue might cost owners around $2000 to $9000.


As mentioned, 2009 Toyota Venza common problems include steering errors.

This happens because their steering wheel has rattling noise that can be unsafe and expensive to replace. Starting at random, the steering wheel may begin to rattle.

Most drivers claim to hear this irritating engine noise while traveling on the highway and past speed bumps.

The worst thing is that this frequently occurs in cars that are either brand-new or have a recent history of miles on the odometer.

The driving column must be entirely replaced to resolve this issue, which could cost more than $2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Miles Can The Toyota Venza Last?

It is said that the Toyota Venza has a lengthy lifespan. On the odometer, this can easily go from 100,000 to 200,000 miles in safety rating.

Nevertheless, some claim it may travel 300,000 miles in harsh road conditions and still work admirably. Just ensure to conduct cautious driving and regular maintenance.

Does Toyota Venza Have Timing Chain Or Timing Belt?

Timing belts are rarely found in Toyota Venza vehicles. According to Toyota, the 2.7l four-cylinder base models and 3.5-l V6 have a timing chain.

It is stated that drivers should only switch chains if they are experiencing electrical issues. But it only happens on occasion.

Are Venza Maintenance Fees Expensive?

Toyota Venza maintenance costs are very high. The car’s estimated repair cost is $5,652.

This is higher than the industry standard of $3,228 for typical SUVs.

Toyota Venza And RAV4, Which One Is Bigger?

The Toyota Venza is the larger one. In particular, the Venza is 186.6 inches long, 5.7 inches longer than the other.

On the other hand, the Venza is 1.1 inches lower than the RAV4 in height, at around 65.9 inches.

Why Did Toyota Stop Making Venza?

Despite the good performance rating, Toyota opted to stop making the Venza for several reasons, including customers’ needs, alleged sector competition, and dwindling sales.

After the 2015 model, this item was withdrawn from the market.

The Bottom Line

What Are Common Problems With Toyota Venza?

We hope it will not be difficult for you to select a versatile vehicle with excellent reliability ratings now that you have read about what Toyota Venza years to avoid and what are worth buying.

Just make sure you have given the car a thorough inspection if you have chosen to purchase it.

Thank you for reading the post. See you around!

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