Toyota Wheel Nut Torque Chart: What You Need To Know

Whenever an engine exerts itself, torque gauges the possible twisting force. Turning a doorknob, unlocking a drink bottle, using a tool, or peddling a bike involves torque.

Today, in this article, we will learn deeply about the Toyota wheel nut torque chart and other relevant things, especially Toyota lug nut torque.

The Car Wheel Torque

toyota wheel nut torque chart
What Is The Car Wheel Torque

Initially, let’s find out some basic information about wheel torque ( especially Toyota lug nut torque).

What Is Wheel Torque?

Changing the torque of the wheel bolts is how you keep your wheels fastened to your vehicle.

This is a crucial part of maintaining road safety since loose wheels may result in a vehicle breakdown or a tire coming loose mid-drive, both of which can lead to serious accidents and casualties.

The torque value may be expressed in £ (lb-ft), Newton meters (Nm), or per kg meters (kNm) (KGFM).

Doing so requires utilizing a torque wrench on the wheel’s fasteners. For instance, when replacing the lug nuts from your car, you’ll need a specific socket designed to fit over all these nuts.

However, if bolts rather than lug nuts hold onto your vehicle’s wheels, you will require a unique socket to accommodate them.

Upon that torque, the wrench handle is a meter or a calendar with numbers that may be turned to set the required torque.

How Much Force Should We Apply To the Wheel Nuts?

The owner’s handbook specifies the correct torque for automobile wheel nuts. However, most vehicles’ wheel nuts need to be torqued somewhere between 80 and 110 foot-pounds.

A specific measurement unit known as foot-pounds is used to tighten lug nuts. That lug nut’s size determines how much proper torque you should apply.

To properly tighten a 7/16-inch lug nut, you should use 70 to 80 foot pounds of force.

  • 1/2 inch: 75-85 lb-ft;
  • 9/16 inch: 135-145 lb-ft.

The icon torque wrenches/torque sticks are useful for achieving the correct tightening force.

It’s vital that the wheel nuts not be overtightened since this might cause serious damage to the wheel or the grooves of the nuts.

It is also risky to under-tighten the wheel nuts since this might lead to the wheels coming loose while driving.

For Toyota, the standard torque for the 12×1.5 nut is 76 ft-lbs. The only one that uses a unique specification is the 14×1.5 (Tundra, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser).

How Important Is Wheel Nut Torque?

Maintaining a balanced and level set of tires is facilitated by evenly dispersing the lug nuts. This ensures that the tire’s treads and sidewalls bear their share of the load.

Lug nut wear and unequal stress distribution might occur if you don’t tighten your nuts in a certain pattern or method.

Toyota Wheel Nut Torque Chart 2020

toyota lug nut torque
What is Toyota Wheel Nut Torque Chart

Besides 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 Toyota corolla lug nut torque, here you’ll discover the recommended torque for tightening the lug nuts on your 2020 Toyota.

In addition, Sparky Express has compiled a list of Toyota lug nut torque standards for your 2020 Toyota wheels from various dependable web data sources for your convenience.

Anytime you doubt whether these are the right lug nut torque requirements for your 2020 Toyota, it is recommended that you consult your Toyota’s owner’s manual.

Note: If you need the lug nut torque for a different Toyota model or year, check to see Toyota Lug Nut Torque Specifications, All Models.

Toyota ModelsEngineSpecs ft-lb (Imperial)Specs Nm (Metric)
4Runner 2WD/4WDV6-4.0L / Aluminum wheels76 ft-lb103 Nm
4Runner 2WD/4WDV6-4.0L Steel wheels84 ft-lb112 Nm
86F4-2.0L89 ft-lb120 Nm
AVALONAll engines, including Hybrid76 ft-lb
103 Nm
C-HRL4-2.0L76 ft-lb103 Nm
CAMRYAll engines, including Hybrid76 ft-lb
103 Nm
COROLLAAll engines/models76 ft-lb
103 Nm
HIACEAll engines / Aluminum wheels97 ft-lb
131 Nm
HIACEAll engines / Steel wheels133 ft-lb
180 Nm
HIGHLANDER AWD/FWDAll engines, including Hybrid76 ft-lb
103 Nm
HILUX 2WDL4-2.7L Aluminum Wheels89 ft-lb
121 Nm
HILUX 2WDL4-2.7L Steel Wheels112 ft-lb
152 Nm
HILUX 4WDL4-2.8L DSL Turbo77 ft-lb105 Nm
LANDCRUISERV8-5.7L97 ft-lb131 Nm
MIRAIAll engines/models76 ft-lb
103 Nm
PRIUSAll engines/models76 ft-lb
103 Nm
RAV4 2WD/4WDAll engines including Hybrid76 ft-lb
103 Nm
SEQUOIA 2WD/4WDAll engines, steel wheels154 ft-lb
209 Nm
SEQUOIA 2WD/4WDAll engines, aluminum wheels97 ft-lb
131 Nm
SIENNA AWD/FWDAll engines76 ft-lb
103 Nm
SUPRAAll engines/models103 ft-lb
140 Nm
TACOMA 2WD/4WDAll engines/models83 ft-lb
113 Nm
TUNDRAAll engines, aluminum wheels97 ft-lb
131 Nm
TUNDRAAll engines, steel wheels154 ft-lb
209 Nm
YARISAll engines/models94 ft-lb127.5 Nm

Wiki Auto Specs worked with Sparky Express, a GTA-based roadside assistance company, to compile the data in the table above.

How Can You Torque Your Wheel Lugs?

lug nut torque chart 2021
How To You Can Torque Your Wheel Lugs

Tires may be re-torqued by a professional auto repair, but you can do it yourself if you choose.

A torque wrench is often used to prevent the lug nuts from being over or under-tightened.

However, because it’s harder to get the right torque with an impact wrench, using one may make it more likely that you’ll get hurt.

On the other hand, lug nuts don’t need a very powerful torque wrench.

To ensure that the load is distributed uniformly, it is necessary to ensure that every lug on a wheel has been adjusted to the same degree as it is to achieve a precise torque.

Use 90 lb.-ft. For most automobiles and 100 lb.-ft. For light trucks with a slightly bigger diameter lug.


Let’s find answers to some relevant questions about wheel torque and the torque wheel nuts chart.

To What Degree May Aluminum Wheels Be Torqued?

The recommended lug nut tightening torque on a set of aluminum wheels is 70 foot pounds. The recommended range for the bead locks is 20-22 ft-lbs.

When It Comes To Most Wheel Hub Nuts, How Much Torque Is Ideal?

The owner’s handbook specifies the appropriate torque for automobile wheel nuts.

The ideal torque for most automobile wheel nuts is between 80 and 110 foot pounds, which varies depending on the vehicle.

If Wheel Nuts Are Overtightened, What Will Happen?

Overtightening lug nuts may cause thread stripping, warping of the braking rotors, wheel damage, and even shearing the lug stud.

The results of a lug nut coming free due to insufficient tightening might be disastrous.


In this article, you have learned about the Toyota wheel nut torque chart and gained some useful knowledge about your car’s system.

If you want, you can conduct torque settings by following the torque wheel nuts chart or finding help from mechanics to ensure your safety.

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