VDC Off And Slip Light On – A Detailed Instruction

VDC off slip light is designed to keep drivers safe in some hazardous road conditions.

However, many people are still completely in the dark about the fundamental operation of VDC off and slip light on.

Read on this post to find out more necessary information. Stay tuned!

VDC Off And Slip Light On – An Overview

VDC Off And Slip Light On

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) is created to enhance traction and minimize the chances of accidents on the road.

The system will monitor and track the direction of your car. Using algorithms, it can forecast what the driver intends to do and prepare for some possible perils of wheel slippage or lost traction.

More specifically, VDC operates with your automobile’s traction control system or the anti-lock brake system to help your car maintain its balance state, especially on slippery roads.

It works by applying the brake pedal to encounter any unexpected slippage.

So what does VDC slip light mean? As mentioned earlier, it is invented to illuminate on the dashboard, signaling that the VDC system is activated when the driver steers his car in some dangerous road conditions.

If it stays on longer, there can be a serious slippage problem.

But what about the causes and solutions to the problem of unstoppable VDC off slip light on? Find the answer in our following article sections.

Possible Causes of VDC Slip Light

Why is my VDC off and slip light on? The list of culprits comprises a faulty ABS sensor, defective ABS rings, failing wire connection, a malfunctioning steering angle sensor, slippery roads, or improperly working PCM.

Defective ABS Wheel Sensor

Defective ABS Wheel Sensor

The ABS wheel speed sensor is attached to the wheel spin with its function to examine any changes in the car velocity. Then, it will deliver data through wires to the powertrain module computer.

Therefore, if the ABS sensor is out of order, it may send an inaccurate reading to the headquartered computer, alerting that traction is lost.

The VDC off light is subsequently switched on while the car is still running smoothly.

There are four symptoms of a malfunctioning wheel sensor presented below:

Malfunctioning ABS Rings

Each steering wheel sensor always has an ABS ring, which can estimate the automobile’s speed and alert changes in the velocity while you are on the road.

When this ring gets damaged, it will sense the wrong engine speed.

For that reason, erroneous data will be sent to the PCM, warning that the traction control system is out of order. The slip VDC off light will be activated as a result.

We also provide you with four possible symptoms of a bad ABS ring for you to notice and fix timely:

  • Illuminated ABS lights
  • Sudden braking
  • Pulsating brake pedal while in the low-speed state
  • The CMP sensor deteriorates
  • The defective anti skid sensor

Faulty Wiring Network

Faulty Wiring Network

A wiring network is an indispensable part of an automobile, as wires help connect many engines and systems to the powertrain control module by transmitting data.

After a while, wires can become brittle and get corroded, which causes them to fray. Hence, no signal or inaccurate information will likely be delivered to the computer.

Should this case happen, you will see both warning and VDC off light on. In some cases, intermittent flashing Check Engine light is the hint.

The bad news is that tracking which wire is defective is not an easy task and wastes lots of time. It is strongly recommended that you take the place of the whole wiring network.

By doing so, you avoid the sudden slip light and VDC off light on and avert further issues in the long run.

Failing Steering Angle Sensors

The angle sensor is designed to measure the wheel’s angle when driving.

This engine part is situated right next to the wheel sensor, constantly exposed to the road surface, so it is vulnerable to malfunctioning.

The friction force can shatter the angle sensor into pieces, especially when you go downhill. However, this case is rare when you often have your car repaired and maintained.

Debris on the road is also another contributor. You can easily notice this when driving on a smooth way with no need for traction control.

Slippery Road

The VDC slip light is created to illuminate when the VDC system is disabled, particularly in hazardous conditions, such as snow or downpour.

These days, the road becomes more slippery, giving rise to the loss of traction.

Until you cross this route and start to drive at a normal velocity, the slip light will be switched off since the traction is regained. Now, you are safe to drive!

Improperly Working PCM

The powertrain control module is responsible for keeping the car engines and systems operating efficiently.

It may receive data from many sensors and proceed before translating these sources of information into action.

However, the PCM is not foolproof and can be out of order at any time.

Data cannot be summarized and analyzed accurately when it becomes broken, causing faulty information transmission. The VDC slip light is accordingly activated for no reason.

Unlike other problems, fixing a computer is relatively tricky, which consists of many steps and takes much time and effort.

Its parts are also not easily accessed, and the repair may also cost you a huge sum of money.

How To Fix When The VDC Off and Slip Light On

  1. The top priority is that you have to determine what causes your VDC and slip light on. If the VDC off light turns on longer, traction is not fully restored, and the slippage issue still remains. No need to panic. It will turn off as soon as you drive out of this road.
  2. If the slip light cannot be disabled, you should check your ABS sensor, ABS ring, and the angle steering sensor. They can be damaged due to some external factors, such as weather or curvy road surface. All you need to do is to invest in new components at once to avoid serious problems.

Replacing them is easy, and even amateur mechanics can perform this task. The cost may range from $200 to $250, which is pretty reasonable.

If this replacement cost exceeds your budget, you can reach our website, where all automotive details and tips are clearly explained.

  1. If the issue is rooted in the wiring harness, replace it with a new one to ensure that the connection and integrity remain intact. Afterward, it would help if you also used electrical cord sleeves as a protective measure to avert wires from fraying and corroding.
  2. The worst scenario is that your PCM is broken due to a crash or old versions of software.
  3. Replacement is the sole solution to this matter, but the computer parts can be pretty expensive. Good luck!
  4. It is best to take your car to the automobile maintenance workshop. Mechanics will have a comprehensive picture of your car and its related problems, then know how to repair it properly.  

The Bottom Line

This article has informed you of all the needed information for the VDC off and slip light on.

Hopefully, after reading our guide, you can reap the fruits by successfully finding out your VDC light system’s core problems.

If you take interest in our post and want to dive more deeply into this automotive aspect, look forward to our next posts.

We won’t let you down. Thank you for reading!

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