VDC Off Infiniti G35 – Why Does It Appear?

Are you confused when seeing the “VDC Off” on your Infiniti G35? If you’re seeking answers about this specific issue and its relevance to your vehicle, look no further.

I’ll delve into the details and provide valuable insights to help you understand this VDC Off Infiniti G35 sign and how to fix this problem.

What Is “VDC Off” On Infiniti G35?

vdc off infiniti g35

VDC, or Vehicle Dynamic Control, is a feature that works with your car’s anti-lock brake components and traction control system.

The “VDC off” light turns on when there is a problem in either of these systems.

When the VDC Infiniti G35 is activated, it improves traction by applying brakes to specific wheels to prevent them from slipping.

Although VDC doesn’t directly steer the car, it makes maneuvering easier. For instance, if the car isn’t turning as much as needed, VDC will brake the outer front wheel to help it turn correctly.

Why Does VDC Off Infiniti G35 Appear?

VDC Off Infiniti G35 appears because of malfunctioning ABS, damaged sensors, low brake fluid, and bad road quality.

Other problems related to ECU, steering rack, and camshaft are also the causes of this problem.

Malfunctioning ABS System

The ABS helps you maintain control and stability while braking.

If there is a problem with the ABS, like a malfunctioning sensor or an issue with hydraulic pressure, the VDC system may turn off to inform you that the ABS is not working properly.

This warning ensures your safety and alerts you that the ABS functionality is compromised.

Damaged Wheel/Steering Angle Sensor

The Infiniti cars & trucks rely on ABS wheel speed sensors and a steering angle sensor to provide data to the VDC system.

These sensors detect the rotational speed of each wheel and the angle at which the steering wheel is turned.

If any of these sensor connectors are damaged, faulty, or misaligned, the VDC system’s ability can be disrupted.

In this way, it can accurately monitor and control the vehicle’s stability, leading to the “VDC Off” warning.

Low Brake Fluid

Adequate brake fluid is important for properly functioning the ABS and other brake-related systems.

If the brake fluid level is low, it may indicate a leak or excessive wear in the car braking system.

Insufficient or dirty fluid can decrease hydraulic pressure, affecting the ABS operation and causing the “VDC Off” warning.

Bad Road Quality

Certain road conditions, such as rough or uneven surfaces, loose gravel, or slippery terrain, can temporarily disable the VDC system.

This allows the driver to maintain control and adapt to the challenging road conditions.

When the VDC system is deactivated due to poor road quality, the Infiniti VDC Off warning will appear.

Faulty ECU

The vehicle’s computer, known as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), continuously receives information from sensors in the car.

The ECU uses this data to make decisions and take appropriate actions. One of its tasks is to detect when the wheels start to slip.

When this happens, the ECU will reduce power to the affected wheel to regain traction.

However, when the ECU doesn’t receive accurate information from the sensors, it may mistakenly assume a problem with the vehicle’s stability and trigger the VDC warning light.

Poor Steering Rack

The steering rack relies on hydraulic fluid to support the steering process.

The fluid helps to turn the wheels smoothly and with less effort. If the steering rack fails or experiences a malfunction, it can affect the vehicle’s steering ability.

When this occurs, I can feel the difficulty steering my car, potentially causing the VDC light Infiniti to illuminate.

Worn-Out Rotor/Brake Pads

As you use your brake pedals over time, they can gradually wear out.

When the brake pads and rotors become excessively worn, it can affect the proper functioning of the vehicle’s dynamic control system and traction control systems.

It can activate warning lights such as “VDC Off” and G35 slip light, indicating that these systems are not operating correctly.

Camshaft Problems

The camshaft controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves in the engine cylinders, which is necessary for combustion and power generation.

The camshaft relies on sensors to function properly. If these camshaft sensors need to be reset due to their malfunction, it can cause the Infiniti G35 slip light warning lights to turn on.

How To Deal With VDC Off Light Turn On?

g35 slip light

Replace Faulty Sensor

If a camshaft sensor, crank sensor, fuel sensor, or ABS sensor is identified as faulty, it may need to be replaced. Visit an auto repair or a dealer service to have your problem solved.

Fill Brake Fluid

Check and refill the brake fluid to the recommended level if it’s at a low level. Low brake fluid can affect the proper functioning of the VDC system.

However, if the brake fluid is consistently low, it may indicate a leak or another underlying issue that a professional should inspect and repair.

Check Engine Codes

If the 2 ways above don’t work, I usually use a code scanner like the OBD-II scanner to retrieve stored engine codes and recognize engine issues.

The “VDC Off” light may be accompanied by other warning lights or trigger specific error codes related to the VDC system.

These applicable codes can provide valuable information about the nature of the problem and guide you to resolve the issue.


what is vdc on infiniti g35

How Much Does It Cost To Repair VDC Off Infiniti G35?

The cost to repair the “VDC Off” issue in an Infiniti G35 can vary depending on the specific cause of the problem and the extent of the repairs needed.

  • Switch replacement: If the issue is related to a faulty VDC switch, the cost for a replacement switch can be around $80.
  • System repair or replacement: If the problem lies with the entire VDC system, including sensors, modules, or other components, the cost can be $1600, including parts price and labor costs.

Is It Safe To Drive With VDC Off?

Yes, driving with the “VDC Off” light is safe. However, the Vehicle Dynamic Control system is deactivated, which may affect stability and traction control.

Drive with caution and adjust your driving behavior accordingly. Fixing the underlying issue is important to restore full system functionality and ensure optimal safety.


In conclusion, the Vehicle Dynamic Control system, or VDC Off Infiniti G35, is an important indicator of potential issues.

Understanding the hidden cause can help drivers identify and address the problem promptly. It also helps you avoid dollars in repair bills!

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