Phenomenon Vibration When Braking At High Speed: Causes And Solutions

Parts such as the engine, axle, brake system, wheel bearings, tires, etc., when problems occur, can cause your vehicle vibration when braking at high speed.

Therefore, to find the exact reason and fix it thoroughly, it is necessary to check where the source causes the engine to vibrate.

This will help find the problems more quickly.

The Explanation Of Brake Shudder

vibration when braking at high speed

When stopping the brake shudder at high speeds, brake vibration is felt through the steering wheel, brake pedal, and suspension system. The vibrations might be light to strong.

A broken rotor, faulty brake calipers, or new brake pads not being installed properly after repair can all produce vibrating brakes.

The source of the shiver might indicate whether the front or rear brakes cause the shaking.

Vibration in the form of the steering wheel is generally caused by a problem with the front axle, whereas a problem with the rear axle damage causes vibration in the brake pedal.

The Cause Of The Vehicle Shaking

rumbling when braking at high speed

Tires Problem

Unbalanced tires or uneven tire wear tension can cause steering wheel brakes. Specifically, when it happens, it causes excessive shaking of the steering wheel and sometimes the entire vehicle.

Tires that are misaligned, damaged, or bad tires are also the culprits. In addition, light-to-light acceleration and sudden braking can wear out the brakes much faster than an average driver.

Brake Rotors Is Slanted

When you step on the brake pedal and feel a bit of vibration, and it is more pronounced when you are driving at high speed, it could be a problem with the warped rotor, also known as the “off-turn” rotor.

It shows up quite often. At such times, you will feel the rumbling when braking at high speed.

Don’t forget that warping of the brake rotor usually occurs due to corroding. Because the rotors are subject to large heat, they will be deformed during constant braking.

Axles Problem

Loose or damaged wheel bearings can cause the brakes shaking at high speeds. This is also the cause of the car steering wheel vibration.

Bearings are usually very durable, but if they are hit hard, they can break, causing the car to vibrate, which makes it dangerous for a long time.

Brake Disc Is Misaligned

Bad brake discs, damaged shocks, worn brake pads, and loose connections are all possible causes of steering wheel vibration, and it usually happens when you are slowing down.

In addition, the brake caliper is also one of the parts that should be checked when shuddering when braking at high speeds because every time you drive fast, the vibration will get worse.

There will even be a burning smell at the time of stopping.

Dry Guide Pin Problem

Some people usually think that the problems with dry pins are simple. However, they can cause your prestige vehicle to vibrate, and the brakes vibrate when braking at high speed.

Since they are the main part of the brake calipers, you can assume that they will cause problems if they’re too dusty or dry.

Engine Problem

Typically, spark plugs and wind turbines can cause issues. Please inspect and replace them on a regular basis to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Flat Brake Pads

Your barking pads suffer from brake pressure and intense heat whenever you step on the brake. Due to tear and wear, you will need to change the new brake pads.

Otherwise, you will hear a high-pitched sound and feel the shaking. If your gasket is ΒΌ of the regular size, it is time to buy a new one.

Bent Rim

A bent rim is indicated by the bottom of your saddle vibrating. Non-round tires restrict the pieces from making complete contact with the road surface.

Wheel Bearing And Helm

The wheel and helm are both critical components of the vehicle. As a result, if you experience vibration or noise issues, you should inspect these components.

Suspension Issues

The braking system is a highly sophisticated component of the vehicle. In fact, tie rods, wheel bearings, and ball joints will cause the car to shake if they do not work properly.

If you have a suspension problem, you have a problem with many other components.

Calliper Problems

Sometimes you can see the steering wheel shake, which worsens as you speed up. As a result, you should examine the source of the problem. Perhaps it is caused by your brake caliper.

It may be simpler for you to recognize that you have an issue with this part if you drive with a burning smell.

How To Fix Vibration When Braking At High Speed

How To Fix Vibration When Braking At High Speed

Use High-Quality Brake Parts

Brake parts of lower quality, such as brake pads, can cause vibration issues.

Investing in high-quality components that are more resilient and heat tolerant is a good idea. It will prevent concerns with rapid wear and overheating.

Don’t Overuse Brakes

Because of the friction, brakes produce a lot of heat. So, to protect the braking system, try to avoid applying the brake parts excessively.

Brake designs can withstand high temperatures, but they must cool down in between usage. The brake systems cannot cool down when the brakes are applied repeatedly.

Regular Car Maintenance

The best way to resolve this problem is to bring your car to a maintenance site so that the technicians can check.

The certified mechanics are enough to see whether there is a problem with the tripod and rubber feet or not.

Moreover, they have quality equipment to identify the tripod and related parts that need to be replaced or repaired.

Replace The New Pads And Rotors

Over time, the pads inside the tripod will wear out, causing the vehicle to stall and impact the engine, causing a small influence on the chassis. Moreover, rotors play a vital role in the steering system.

Damaged rotors can cause non-standard driving problems, steering wheel vibration while braking at high speeds, or more dangerous situations.

Therefore, it is best to take your car to a professional garage to have them checked.

Some Way To Avoid Vibrating When Braking At High Speed

Excessively vibrating when braking at high speed can be caused by driving habits, overuse, or poor-quality brake components. There are some methods that you can apply to avoid this problem:

  • Driving at an appropriate speed helps your car increase its durability for peak performance.
  • As we referred to above, overusing the braking system can degrade your car quickly. Therefore, make sure that you use your car with a fine level.
  • You should be in the habit of maintaining your car on a regular basis. This is the most important difference between a good and a bad car.
  • Contact automotive shops immediately if your braking system has serious issues. Because the brake parts act as an essential component keeping you safe.
  • Do not be careless about your problems related to the braking system.
  • Many people do not take notice of maintaining their car and consider these problems when a car shudders when braking at high speeds, so they suffer some serious risks that can be avoided if they care a lot about their prestige vehicles.


The phenomenon vibration when braking at high speed or normal when driving can stem from many different causes.

For your car to be durable and safe when participating in traffic, you need to check and maintain your vehicle regularly.

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