Volkswagen Passat Wrench Symbol – Meaning And Solutions

Sometimes, while driving, you may see some messages suddenly come up, such as the Volkswagen coolant warning light or Volkswagen Passat wrench symbol

As you may guess, it indicates you need to do something with service and maintenance. However, to understand your exact problem, follow along with our article.

We’ll explain what a wrench means on your dashboard and what you need to do in the situation.

What Is Volkswagen Passat Wrench Symbol?

volkswagen passat wrench symbol
Volkswagen Passat Wrench Symbol

The Volkswagen wrench symbol illuminated on the instrumental panel is a reminder of scheduled maintenance. According to a set up of time or kilometer, your revision date is coming soon.

Though the warning light can be reset, it’s advisable not to ignore it but to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

What Does A Wrench On The Dashboard Mean?

All warning symbols on the dashboard have their own meaning. And the Volkswagen Jetta wrench light is not an exception.

VW wrench light is a sign that you’ve come to your period of carrying out a service.

Remember that maintenance services always play an important role, as details and components can degrade after a period of operation.

Thus, regularly scheduling an appointment with the auto repair shop is highly recommended.

Normally, you should proceed to diagnosis every year or when your car reaches the mileage of around 9,300, depending on what condition comes first.

Whenever your service interval is due, do it immediately.

Notice that the closer you are to the prescribed mileage, the longer and the more often the little wrench on the dash will be bright.

In this case, you should conduct a service inspection and possibly a motor oil change.

So, paying attention to the illumination is vital as you don’t want any serious problems to occur, causing you to lose money and safety.

What Can You Do?

volkswagen wrench symbol
You Need To Do

Don’t Panic

Now you know what the wrench means on a Volkswagen Jetta.

Thus, any time the scenario happens to you, remember the first rule: don’t panic, and don’t skip the 2015 VW Passat inspection light meaning.

Though it’s recommended not to take the wheels again, it doesn’t mean your vehicle is immobile.

If you’re close to your destination, you can drive your car there, calm down and think about where you can get assistance.

However, consider stopping and calling the service if you have many kilometers to go. It helps avoid pushing the situation further than just a simple diagnosis.

Check The Date Of Your Last Service

The VW Jetta wrench warning light has connections with service performance; thus, you should remember or have some ways to keep track of your last service, such as having a look at the mileage or checking with the service center.

It’s possible that the mechanic forgot to reset the service counter since your recent checkup, leading to the flashing wrench on the dashboard.

In this case, you can learn how to reset it yourself in the next section. However, if you’re not confident, have a professional do it for you.

Observe For Any Malfunction

What does the wrench icon indicate? Besides a regular checkup requirement, it may be a warning of malfunction.

The thing is, the symbol can’t be enough to conclude what you need to check exactly. It might be the faulty EGR valve, clogged filters, bad spark plugs, etc.

Therefore, whenever you see the signal and spot some breakdown, bring your vehicle to the repair shop for a precise diagnosis of malfunctioning details.

How To Reset The Maintenance Reminder Light?

vw wrench light
Fix The Maintenance Reminder Light

Reminders Before Resetting

  • You shouldn’t reset without conducting the scheduled service.
  • It’s better to have a certified mechanic consult you while performing the process.
  • Once reset, prepare a backup method to remember when the next maintenance will be.

2014 – 2020 Models

 1. Shut off the vehicle.

 2. Locate and hold the 0.0/SET button to the right of the cluster. 

 3. Switch the car to the On position and release the above button.

 4. Find the ❏ button on the left of the cluster and press it.

 5. Switch the car off and restart, and you’re good to go.

2010 – 2013 Models

If you own a 2010 – 2013 model, you can reset your car with a wrench symbol by using the dashboard buttons, the wiper level, or the steering wheel controls.

Using the dashboard buttons

The same with the 2014 – 2020 models.

Using the wiper lever

 1. Turn on the vehicle.

 2. You’ll see a down Trip button on the end of the wiper level. Use it to open the main menu.

 3. Press the down button to reach the Setting option, and press Ok to enter.

 4. Find the Reset option and press Ok to complete the procedure. 

Using the steering wheel controls

 1. Turn the vehicle On without stating the ignition.

 2. Press the control button on the steering wheel to open the setting.

 3. Scroll down and choose the Service option.

 4. Find the Reset option and press Ok.

 5. Turn off and restart the car.

2005 – 2009 Models

 1. Turn off the vehicle.

 2. Find the Volkswagen wrench button on the right of the dash.

 3. Hold down the button and turn the vehicle to the On position without starting the engine.

 4. Press the Min button on the left-hand of the dash.

 5. Release the button, and you’ve done the job.

2000 – 2004 Models

 1. Turn off the car.

 2. On the right side of the dash, find the Trip button and keep pressing it.

 3. Turn the ignition on, and release the button.

 4. Turn the Clock button on the left of the dashboard to the right. The light should now go off.


The Volkswagen Passat wrench symbol is equal to the message Service Now. Thus, you should book a service for your vehicle as soon as possible.

After the inspection process, depending on your model, you can follow the above steps to reset the light so that the mileage can be recalculated. And always be mindful when the next one comes!

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