VW EPC Light Car Shaking: Get Full Information Right Here

When you’re driving at high speeds on the highway, your car begins to shake, and your EPC warning lights illuminate. “What is the cause of your VW EPC light car shaking?” you may be wondering.

First, We must know What does the EPC light mean on a car?

The EPC Volkswagen light (Electronic Power Control light) signals that the system in your Volkswagen is faulty.

That might be a sign of a problem with the throttle position, traction control, ABS control unit or cruise control system.

The EPC warning light also indicates other significant failures, such as Ess system failure, brake light switch failures,  flow of air sensor issue,  and so forth.

vw epc light car shaking
Electronic Power Control light

In this article, we will research why Volkswagen EPC light car shaking, how to deal with this problem, and explore other fascinating things you need to know! Let’s get started!

Can You Drive A VW EPC Light Car Shaking?

When the EPC light illuminates, is it safe to drive?

You can drive for a short period after the EPC light comes on.

Still, it will be a major issue if you continue to drive with your VW Jetta EPC light car shaking or VW tiguan EPC light car shaking, and the same goes with other Volkswagen models.


Like checking engine light, the severity of the issue differs greatly. An issue with the brake pedal or brake light, a faulty throttle body, or a loss of power steering can be more serious.

As a result, it is extremely unsafe for you to do while driving.

If this light turns on, you should get your automobile fixed as quickly as possible to minimize further damage.

When you bring your car to the VW service center, a skilled specialist will diagnose the problem promptly. This way, you can rest assured that the repair shop will get the job correctly, allowing you to continue driving with confidence.

How To Fix The EPC Light On A VW?

Diagnose With Scanner Tool

When the EPC light displays on your dashboard, you may use the OBD2 scanner to diagnose the problem. This smart gadget is the simplest and most efficient approach to complete the work.

The device reads your vehicle’s issue codes. One of your control systems  stores these codes such as the steering control unit, the anti-lock braking system , or the engine control unit.

It’s worth noting that while the OBD2 scanner is inexpensive, it may only scan the motor controller. We recommend investing in a more advanced scanner because the issue can manifest itself in various control devices.

Check The Throttle Body

Another method you can refer to is checking the throttle body’s power cables. You have to examine or look for dirt and carbons in this part. If this occurs, you need to do a short cleaning of the throttle.

After cleaning, you must double-check all connectors on the throttle body. That’s how the Volkswagen EPC light can go off.

Fixing Or Replacing

If any of the above methods don’t work, try to fix or replace the car’s damaged parts.

For example, to repair the EPC light on a VW, we recommend going to a local VW repair shop.

Even if your vehicle belongs to any following models with this issue: Epc light VW cc 2012, 2013 Jetta EPC light, or 2012 VW cc EPC light, place your trust in the mechanic.

Why Is Your Volkswagen Vehicle Shaking?

The Uneven Rear In Brake Pads

If your car starts trembling when driving, you might have got a problem with your brake pads.

A variety of factors can cause uneven rear brake pads. Friction, a lack of lubrication, unclean or rusted brake rotors, and a variety of other variables could be something to blame for.

Brake Pads
Brake Pads

Or, brake pads may wear down due to regular wear and tear. That’s also the reason why your brake pedal is squeaking.

Furthermore, when the steering wheel shakes at high speeds, the brake caliper is one of the parts that should be checked. This is because the vibration will get worse as you drive faster.

And, there will even be a burning smell when you stop.

How To Fix?

Brake pads will wear out more quickly if the thickness of your rotors varies. Thus, you have to ensure that your rotor is checked with excellent operating order.

When the rotors are out of order, you’ll need to either fix them or change a new brake pad throughout checking your brake control unit.

Faulty Ignition Coil

When the automobile is stationary or moving slowly, this type of shaking is noticeable. The engine will misfire or shake if the ignition coil is defective.

You’ll need an OBD2 scanner if you truly want to figure out why your check engine light is on.

Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil

How To Fix?

It’s worth noting that repairing a blown ignition coil isn’t viable. If your coils have genuinely failed, they’ll need to be repaired by a mechanic.

Damaged Engine Mount

The engine mount supports the Volkswagen engine. It improves vehicle balance and decreases engine vibration and torque motion.

When the engine swings wildly within the car while driving, this is the most evident and alarming indicator of a broken engine mount.

It’s pretty hefty, and any movement within the engine compartment should be obvious. When turning or coming to a halt, you’ll frequently notice it shaking from side to side.

Engine Mount
Engine Mount

How To Fix?

If you suspect the engine is moving while you’re driving, get it fixed as quickly as possible.

The problem can be solved by repairing or replacing the  engine damage mount. By doing this, you will recognize less vibration within the vehicle during a trip.

Unbalanced Tires

An unbalanced tire can cause steering wheel shake, which makes the steering wheel and, in rare cases, the entire vehicle to shake excessively. Misaligned, torn, or low-quality tires can also be the culprits.

The light suspension, which renders the wheels to be out of balance with the counterweights, is one example of a situation difficult to recognize.

If these problems are overlooked, they will cause damage to the struts, shocks, grooves, and other steering and suspension components.

But that’s not all. It’s considerably risky to drive on worn-out tires that have gotten under-inflated. They can’t grip the road well even in dry weather, making your car sound like a lawnmower and begin to shake.

Unbalanced Tires

How To Fix?

The best way is that you should take  your tires to a competent tire care shop for balancing, air pressure adjustments, and alignment improvements.

Keep in mind there should be a significant reduction in shaking during high speeds.

Faulty Fuel Injector

During burning, fuel injectors are in charge of delivering the needed fuel. When there isn’t enough gasoline to start the engine, it will break down.

You should use a vehicle scanner to examine the injection capacity.

When an injector becomes clogged, dirt may build up inside it, preventing gasoline from passing through it. The engine will not start when this happens, and the car will shake.

Fuel Injector
Fuel Injector Test

How To Fix?

If you find damage to the fuel injectors after inspecting them, you may need to replace them for appropriate functioning.

Take your car to a specialist to check for fuel leaks, fuel pressure, and appropriate fuel mixing, which may ask for pricey devices to ensure the blockage has been eliminated.

Worn Out/Tired Engines

Low air pressure, shaking, epc light,  tension, and engine failure are signs of worn-out engines.

Leaks in the gasket, worn pistons, damaged valves, and other factors can contribute to poor compression.

Engine Light

How To Fix?

Although a complete engine replacement may be necessary, repairing the damaged component of the engine is generally enough to solve the shaking in your VW.

Scan on your car to determine which component of the motor is malfunctioning and attempt to repair it or you can change modern engines.

Damaged Or Out Of Balance Driveshaft

The car will shake violently if the driveshaft is broken or imbalanced. When you accelerate, you’ll sense the shake the most. You’ll have to examine if the motor shaft is broken.

Driveshaft of the car
Driveshaft of the car

How To Fix?

Replacing the broken drive shaft portion is the best option for your vehicle. Doing this, you can take your Volkswagen to a VW service center to get it repaired.

Final Verdict

If you have a problem with VW EPC light car shaking, the steps and suggestions mentioned above should help you determine the reason and solution.

However, we recommend you drive your car to an auto expert to check it and repair any potential hard technical defects because they have profound knowledge, excellent skills, and full repair equipment.

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