What Are Dual Power Seats? What Cars Have Power Seats?

With dual power seats, the driver and passenger can enjoy the convenience of a power seat while still having the manual control of a standard seat.

Even better, they can help to alleviate fatigue on a long trip distance. But what are dual power seats in the first place? Scroll down to grasp the ins and outs of such exciting auto parts!

What Are Dual Power Seats & Their Operations?

What are dual power seats

What are power seats in cars?  

Dual power seats are a type of automobile seat that combine the benefits of manual and power adjustments.

The power seats for cars use the electric power seat motor — rather than cranks, knobs, or manual levers— to change the seat recline and position.

It’s easier for the drivers to quickly seek a position allowing them to observe the road best and also for passengers to get comfortable seats in the cabin.

Some autos have power seats that include cooling, heating, and massage options. You can add power seats if your car doesn’t have them.

How They Work

Depending on the adjustment degree, the car power seats are responsible for carrying out the essential operation of electrically adjustable chairs.

The ability to swivel the seats is a feature seen in some vehicles. The driver or passenger can electrically adjust the rake.

The quantity of motors is growing together with the degree of movement.

Underneath the powered seats, each of these motors is camouflaged and unnoticeable.

The switches are also connected to these motors, which are placed in an ergonomic location. The chairs can be controlled easily by making contact with the controls.

Seat Adjustment

To make you aware, standard manually adjusted seats only offer two-way movement, rake adjustment, driver height adjustment, and, in some cases, the seat with power lumbar.

Still, motorized chairs can have up to 22 motions, standing out at large. The drivers may rapidly and accurately locate a comfortable posture in this way.

The powered seats in car that offer such a high degree of movement also support seat massaging features:

  • Under thigh support.
  • Height of the front seat portion.
  • Seat cushioning level.
  • Side bolsters.
  • Headrests.
  • Upper back.
  • Lower back.

Are Powered Seats Any Good?

Yes. Electronically adjustable chairs are a blessing, especially for grannies and grandpas, because you don’t need to exert any force or weight to modify the seats.

Additionally, the vehicle seats’ padding may be altered.

Memory seats are a feature that is included in many autos.

Here, two or three persons can press a button to return to their pre-programmed position once they discover that the power driver seat has been altered.

The seats are simple to adjust while driving. Granted, it might be tricky to do it manually when the car is moving.

Numerous seat adjustments sometimes include massage functions. Well, you could receive a massage while traveling to your business. How cool!

The co-driver seat adjustment from the rear seat is another option available with mechanical seats but is more practical with powered seats. You know, for extra legroom!

Lastly, changing the seat to floor height aids in optimizing transfers and enjoying the cabin’s space better.

Moreover, this power elevate can be handy with children. Kids can have comfortable seats with their parents.

Like how the captain seats on some Highlanders delight you, it’s time for a step-up in your driving experience with high-rated dual power seats.

Albeit visible upsides, these are high in price. Thus, customers should consider and shop around to get the best deals.

What Cars Have Power Seats?

If you plan to get a car with electric seats, this list is for you:  

  • Hyundai Creta
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Kia Seltos
  • Jeep Compass
  • Hyundai Alcazar
  • Mahindra XUV500
  • Mahindra XUV700
  • Tata Harrier
  • MG Hector/Hector Plus
  • Tata Safari

What Is A 6 Way Power Passenger Seat?


Wheelchair users may transfer from the back of a vehicle into one of the front seats using six-way motorized seats.

They move backward or forward, lower and rise, spin towards the car’s center and back facing your front freely to your liking. The 6-way seat operates entirely electrically.

How To Use

This is how the front 6-way seat (driver or passenger side) usually works: the wheelchair user uses a lift to access the car’s rear. It also enables the user to transfer onto any position easily.

After transferring, the user turns the seat around to face the car’s front and raises it into the driving or standard passenger position. It’s possible to change the seat’s height as necessary.


The six-way power seat installation will vary somewhat from case to case, but the general process is outlined here.

  • Uninstall the original seat and its base from the vehicle.
  • In the location where the original seat base was found, bolt a 6-way power seat base.
  • Complete the electrical connections between the seat base and the car system.
  • On the rebuilt power base, reinstall the original equipment car seat.
  • Check again if everything is OK for your everyday riding.

Take note: Have a seasoned mechanic help you with these procedures if you can’t DIY or lack the tools to conduct the task.

How About The Cost Of An Aftermarket Power Seat?

It’s unable to locate any aftermarket suppliers of power seats. However, aftermarket cushions and seat risers can help you achieve a more comfortable driving position.

Due to the potential danger they pose in the case of an accident, though, we do not endorse their use.

These aftermarket cushions, as opposed to those sold with the vehicle, are not tethered to the car.

So, in accidents, you may slide forward. The airbags may deploy and strike you in the face and chest, which is a severe safety issue.

It’s hard to know whether or not a set of seat risers will last as long because the metal utilized in their fabrication is likely inferior.

Depending on the quality and features, a powered seat made to OEM standards might cost you between $245 and $365.

Though it’s expensive, invest in cars that have these seats available rather than getting the aftermarket alternatives.

Or else, it can compromise your safety. It’s worth noting that they are way cheaper than cooled seats.

How Complex Or Easy Is It To Install A Power Driver Seat?

It’s complex.

We advise against installing an electric power seat on your own as it may cause long-term dependability issues.

Furthermore, this complex process is hard to do when you’re not an expert and lack the specific tools. Have a professional mechanic swap out the old driver’s seat for the new one and connect the wiring.

Also, consider the customization settings or configuration settings before mounting such auto parts. It’s better to seek mechanical support or service to help you mount such auto parts.

Wrapping Up

power seats

What are dual power seats? Overall, they are a type of automobile seat blending the benefits of manual and power adjustments.

With them, the driver and passenger can customize their seating position and gain better control over the vehicle.

In addition, they provide extra support and comfort, particularly for those who experience lower back pain.

All in all, this part is a stand-out to upgrade your vehicle’s comfort. We also appreciate your sharing this post with other guys to get the best power seat switches!

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