What Does RS Mean On A Camaro- What You Might Not Ever Know

The first Chevrolet Camaro sports coupes appeared in the 1960s.

Over the generations, the new RS models of this sample have increasingly undergone spectacular upgrades and changes, both in appearance and performance, to give passengers the best travel experience.

So, what does RS mean on a Camaro?

If you’re starting to learn about this vehicle, you’ve come to the right place! Our article gives you all the information regarding this powerful and luxurious vehicle. Scroll down and explore!

What Does Rs Mean On A Camaro?

what does rs mean on a camaro

RS stands for “Rally sport,” a term used to refer to a type of package available on every current generation of Camaro as a trim level, function, or design pack.

Its original intended use was to describe the exterior packages of the first generation, such as different trims and retractable hoods.

To better understand the Camaro RS model, you should explore it meticulously on the following aspects: features, changes, RS trim, and packages.


The “Rally Sport” appearance package has been around since the first generation Chevy Camaro and includes 335 hp and special trims, such as retractable under-cap headlights.

In the second generation RS, you can see the unique grille system and separate front bumper.

The third generation RS version using the powerful V6 engine appeared for the first time in California.

By 1989, it quickly overtook the Sport Coupe and became the most popular sports car model.

The RS variant also officially became an appearance pack and was discontinued shortly after the third generation.

The RS appearance package goes back into its fifth-generation Camaro. However, “Rally Sport” has become so popular that it is used for other sports cars, not just the Chevy Camaro.

Changes And Updates

Compared to the 3rd generation, the 5th generation RS Camaro has some more improvements in appearance and performance, specifically:

  • Two additional colors (Vivid Orange Metallic and Rapid Blue) added
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) headlights
  • Unique tail lights and rear spoiler system
  • Removed two old color options (Crush and Shock)
  • Remove two convertible color options (Blue and Kalahari)
  • Added Copper-Free Brake System
  • Remove two 20-inch wheel options
  • Remove Red Stinger Stripe and Kalahari knee pads.

Rs Trim

Until now, Chevrolet manufacturer has produced a total of 6 Camaro RS trim versions below:

RS trimFeatures
LS2.0L turbocharged 4V engine18-inch wheels
LT3.6L V6 engine18-inch wheels
LT16.2L V8 DI engine20-inch wheels
1SS6.2L LT1 V820-inch tires
2SS6.2L LT1 V8 20-inch tires
ZL16.2L LT4 V8 supercharged engine20-inch wheels 

Looking closely at recent racing cars, you’ll notice that the RS is less focused on physical rigidity. Instead, it favors luxury, higher performance while ensuring smoothness.

Interior features have been significantly improved to provide a better experience for passengers, especially the soft leather seats.

Besides, the decorative details are also increasingly diverse and much higher quality than the SS version. Chevy Camaro RS badging can be found on the standard exterior and interior.

Camaro RS Package

Before considering a Chevy Camaro RS, what will be inside an RS performance package? The RS option is not available on any of the LS Coupe models.

The Convertible and Coupe only appear on the 1LT, 2LT, 3LT, and LT1 versions.

The sixth generation Camaro RS package includes the following features:

  • The grille is exclusive to the RS version
  • Luxury dark-tone LED tail lights
  • Spoke 20 inches 5-split
  • Machine-faced, machine-faced gray painted wheels made of aluminum
  • The lip spoiler is fixed on the decklid
  • Black front and rear “Bow Tie” logos
  • One of 5 upgraded wheels, including RQ9, RTJ, RTH, WR1 and 5K9)

The SS performance package also includes some of the same standard content as the Rally Sport.

However, the biggest difference is the front design, spoiler, wheel, and different cooling treatments.

What Is The Difference Between Camaro Rs Vs Ss?

rs vs ss

You can find two packages, SS and RS, available on most modern Camaro models today.

Let’s dig deeper through their specific appearance and features to know more about the differences between these two potential competitors.


SS focused on developing powerful engine performance, including more horsepower and larger engine options.

With an optional V8 (6.2L) engine and up to 445hp, it can hit 60 miles in about 4 seconds, much quicker than its RS rival.

The Chevy Camaro RS is considered a street version, offering a 3.6L V6 powerful engine and a maximum of 335 horsepower.

Besides two gearbox options (6-speed or 8-speed), it is also equipped with Brembo brakes for better speed control.

Because of this dramatic difference in performance, the SS will be more suitable for drivers looking for a car with breakthrough speed.


The RS version offers a unique aesthetic feature – hidden lights, position lights, and light covers. It has a much more sporty and youthful appearance than the competition.

You will find impressive updates such as air vents and superchargers in its more modern models.

Its exterior also adds the appearance of project headlights, leather interior RS badging, and 20-inch wheels.

Meanwhile, the SS version focuses more on improving engine performance than appearance. It has roof vents, LED daytime running lights, project headlights, a leather interior, and SS badging.

2022 Camaro Trims: What’s New?

difference between camaro rs and ss

While the SS and RS packages are no longer available on the latest Camaro, you can choose between eight trim levels, body styles (convertible or coupe), and performance options.

Along with the outstanding development of the Chevrolet generation, the Camaro RS remains one of the most popular choices today.

The 2022 1LS version offers a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine (2.0L) with a standard capacity of 275 horsepower. Besides the coupe style, even its lowest trim packages are wrapped in luxurious leather.

For the 1LT version, body options become more diverse, including electric passenger seats, electric sunroof, and other amenities.

Some of the most impressive racing versions you should try include the ZL1 and 2SS.

The ZL1 version offers an extremely powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine with a capacity of up to 650 HP.

Its 1.7L turbocharger has a suspension that can be adjusted through performance. Its interior is made of microfiber suede and features bucket seats up front, providing ultimate passenger comfort.


How Can You Tell If A Camaro Is An RS?

If you own an older Camaro model, you can check the RS package via trim tag codes, RPO codes, or VIN.

For more modern models, check some physical features, and you will easily distinguish the SS and RS versions.

One of the simplest methods is to inspect the hood and wheels. SS models offer a hood with a vented design, while the RS does not.

The modified RS can integrate more vents and superchargers. Meanwhile, the Camaro SS version is quite recognizable by the Brembo brakes visible from the outside.

Which Is Faster, SS Or RS?

As analyzed above, the SS emphasizes improving performance, while the RS focuses on aesthetics.

With a 6.2L V8 engine, the Camaro SS can produce up to 455 horsepower, resulting in a much faster speed than the 355 horsepower engine of the RS Camaro.

What Is The Fastest Camaro?

The answer is the Chevy Camaro ZL1!

This powerful model has a top speed of 298 mph and is the fastest Camaro model to date. It can break out from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds!

Besides, ZL1 can conquer 1/4 mile in just 11.5 seconds with a breakthrough speed of 125 mph.

What Was The Slowest Camaro?

Early Camaro models are slowly lagging behind modern versions in terms of speed. The 5 slowest products to be aggregated include:

  • 1975 Camaro (3.8L inline-six engine, 105 horsepower)
  • 1985 Camaro (2.8Lr V6, 135 horsepower)
  • 1982 Camaro (5.0L V8, 165 horsepower)
  • 1994 Camaro (3.4L V6, 160 horsepower)
  • 1977 Camaro (5.7L V8, 185 horsepower)

Final Verdict

The Chevy RS Camaro is an iconic release that means a lot to the evolution of the Chevy brand.

Although it contributes less to performance, it does offer a distinctive upgrade in the vehicle’s overall styling and aesthetics.

So, what does RS mean on a Camaro, and what is the difference between Camaro RS and SS? Hopefully, through this article, you have gained useful knowledge before deciding your upcoming companion. Good luck!

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