What Does SVC 4WD Mean? Undated Answer In 2023

What does SVC 4WD mean when this warning light is blinking? Is it an indicator to warn of jeopardy in your engine or merely a technical error that can bring no harm?

This article below will discuss in detail what you should know as well as what to do in such a situation. Let’s find out more!

What Does SVC 4WD Mean?

what does svc 4wd mean

What does SERV 4WD mean?

When your SVC 4WD happens to illuminate, this means your car is sending a message indicating that the 4WD system has been into some trouble, which could either be mechanical or electrical.

First of all, 4WD is short for four-wheel drive, one of three categories of drivetrain including four-wheel, rear-wheel , and front-wheel (best fuel economy).

You can check whether your car is 4WD by VIN.

This type of information will let you know the distribution of the wheel power in an automobile.

So if a car features 4WD, that implies the engine sends power equally to all of your wheels when moving.

It is beyond no doubt that this popular configuration would not be your best bet if you are into something more fuel-efficient.

This is because there will be more fuel needed to assign all of your wheels.

Yet, if you are searching for a good aide to drive you through any harsh terrain and weather condition, I say seeking no further but the SVC 4WD.

When it flickers, a problem with your 4WD system arises.

The 4WD system then will no longer be capable of activating and functioning properly.

Another quick question here comes: With such a malfunctioning complex, is it safe for you to drive your vehicle?

The answer is a big old yes, but do not rush anywhere until you hear my heads-up below.

Common SVC 4WD Problem Symptoms

What does SERV 4WD light mean? Aside from the SVC 4WD light, what else can help us determine the exact problem that your car is having?

The following prevalent symptoms are what I have suffered, which are somehow helpful to your checking process!

My engine making a rattling sound when engaging was the first sign to give heed to.

It’s not just the problem with the 4WC system, but whenever I hear your automobile creating odd noises, there is no time for hesitating but to check it immediately.

As mentioned earlier, 4WD means wheel power train is distributed to all four wheels and helps your car have a better handle in rough conditions. 

So as soon as I see the engine starting to lose control in snow and mud, that’s the second sign of these problems coming or even happening in the system.

Deactivating the 4WD system suddenly becoming a tricky task is another significant one I would like to refer to.

It is not yet a halt. The list also goes on with your vehicle demanding more gasoline than normal.

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee Service 4WD light remained still without blinking, the front tire commonly experiencing wear, and insufficient power going to the wheels are other red flags.

What Will Happen If You Leave The SVC 4WD Unchecked?

service 4wd light jeep cherokee

There are a wide range of consequences you may not want to hear of, but they are still unavoidable if you neglect the Service 4WD light Jeep Cherokee coming on over and over again.

As such, poor handling, increased wear and tear, reduced traction, fuel efficiency drop, and further electrical and/ or mechanical issues are what is expected to arrive.

Poor Handling

As the 4WD raises electrical issues, these 4 wheels will no longer be capable of working in sync.

Such a poor coordinated wheel movement will result in the response of your vehicle being slow or unstable.

One thing led to another. Eventually, it was challenging for me to maintain control while driving on a curvy route or in inclement weather.

Increased Wear And Tear

This automobile issue not getting fixed can also cause certain wheels to carry more weight than they should, putting them under more stress over time and perhaps causing damage.

Reduced Traction

The worse your four wheels perform, the poorer the car’s traction maintains on slick terrains like ice or mud. This may result in a hazardous loss of control when braking or turning.

Fuel Efficiency Drop

Without enough wheels being active, fuel efficiency may deteriorate as the weight of the automobile changes out of balance.

In due course, increased fuel expenditures and decreased performance will have no other way but bound to happen.

Further Electrical and/or Mechanical Issues

Aside from these listed above, the consequences keep counting with numerous other risks that may threaten our wheel drive vehicles in the long term.

Some potential electrical and mechanical problems consist of electronic parts’ failure and failing gearbox or damaged suspension electrical components.

How To Conduct DIY 4-Wheel Drive Check?

Heading to the dealer service all just because of a blinking 2016 Jeep Cherokee Service 4WD light on the dashboard may sound like a bit of overdoing thing.

If that’s the case, my guide on checking the 4WD system on your own will be of great help.

Step 1: Park your car. A spacious and less congested parking lot will help you to do the task easier without disturbing other people.

Step 2: Switch on the 4WD system. Remember to keep your car neutral as you do so. Noise will appear as a sign of your system activating successfully.

Step 3: Move your automobile about 10 to 12 feet in front of where it was before. The front hub will be able to turn as a result.

Step 4: Rotate the wheels and feel for resistance. Turn the wheels in that direction (toward either side would do) and proceed to drive.

The 4WD system works well if you experience resistance when driving rather than smooth movement. There is a problem, though, if you do not sense any resistance.

How To Turn Off SVC 4WD Light?

svc 4wd light

If there is nothing wrong with your system, but the SVC 4WD light Jeep Cherokee is still blinking, then here is your way out: Turn off the SVC 4WD warning light. Click here for more detailed instructions!

Step 1: Examine the owner’s guide.

Step 2: Examine the system for 4WD.

Step 3: Get the battery and TCCM detached.

Step 4: Get the Knee Bolster and Dash Bezel removed.

Step 5: Verify the bad 4-wheel drive switch and wiring assembly.

Step 6: Verify the TCCM and the Transfer Case.

Step 7: Investigate the 4WD Drive Control Module.

Step 8: Replace the inside panels.

Step 9: Restart your system.


What does SVC 4WD mean? Now you’ve got your answer; it must no longer be burdensome to handle this signal your car is sending on your own.

Though you can clear the light, it’s best to track down to root cause to remedy it first.

Hopefully, my post can help you out of your dilemma. See you then!

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