What Is ECT Power Lexus? When and Why You Should Use It

Like any high-end car brand, Lexus introduces numerous driving modes and settings to help drivers maximize their road experience.

One such mode is ECT Power, which has reportedly confused many novices who just got their first-ever Lexus model.

So what is ECT Power Lexus, and does it really increase the car’s power – as the term “Power” seems to suggest? My guidelines will address this burning issue for you.

What Is ECT Power Lexus? Benefits and When to Use

what is ect power lexus
ECT Power Lexus

ECT Power is one of the most popular features in recent Lexus models.

Its system uses the gearbox’s hydraulics to move car clutches, which results in longer shift point maintenance and higher RPMs.

You will enjoy better performance, smoother runs, and more sensitive throttle response.

Nevertheless, note that the level of engine power doesn’t increase at all; ECT merely raises line pressures to foster a no-hassle downshift.

Though the benefits are wonderful, brace yourself for reduced fuel economy.

Where Is The ECT Power Button?

The ECT power function is installed below Entune interfaces in most Lexus cars. Once pressing it, your ECT power light will illuminate on the dashboard.

When Should We Use The Mode?

It would be best to utilize this function for trailer towing – or when you need more powerful muscles.

Nevertheless, using it for extended periods may reduce the car’s fuel efficiency rates, so choose the timing wisely.

Can We Leave It On All The Time? 

I do not recommend that (for the reasons mentioned above), but overall, leaving the mode on doesn’t cause any immediate complications.

Neither excessive emissions nor engine cracks are at play, so there’s no need to freak out yet if you accidentally forget to turn it off for 1 or 2 hours on a long trip.

How Can You Turn Off The ECT Power Lexus Mode? 

Turning the mode on is surely a piece of cake. However, drivers have complained about being unable to find its “switch-off” button.

The question is: is there even one in the first place? No. To turn your Power mode off, simply change to another drive mode by spotting the ECT switch and choose among three options:

  • PWR Mode: (Your current mode)
  • ECT Mode: The normal mode used for regular driving conditions
  • Snow Mode: The snow feature that assists you on slippery surfaces and icy road conditions (much like the snow button on Toyota Highlander).

For more info and instruction about each mode’s purpose, consult the manufacturer or turn to the owner manual.

What To Do If The Lexus ECT Power Button Gets Stuck?

power ect lexus
How To When Lexus ECT Power Button Gets Stuck

Gently press and release the PWR button a few times to see whether it gets unstuck.

Still not succeed? Well, then, you are left with only one rational choice: bringing the car to a qualified mechanic or Lexus dealership to diagnose the button.

More specifically, the technician might pull the button apart to observe it more closely and define the reasons behind its sticking.

Based on the specific issues, I usually applied one of the following solutions: 

  • Cleaning or lubricating its mechanism
  • Replacing the button/ its other components
  • Other extra repairs

And seriously, I strongly warn against repairing the button by yourself: the lack of technical and physical knowledge only worsens the damage.

Worse, your hand might even be injured during the process!

What to Do If The ECT Power Lexus Mode Does Not Work?

Press the button a thousand times and it still refuses to activate?

In that case, your best bet is to reconnect the battery, which resets the computer system and sends the Power ECT Lexus back to its normal condition.

The steps should be relatively easy, but here is a quick rundown for beginners: 

Step 1. Turn your Lexus off and remove its ignition key.

Step 2. Lift the car’s hood to spot the battery – usually in the trunk or engine compartment.

Step 3. Loosen the (-) terminal with a socket or wrench. Always start with negative terminals first, unless you want to invite electrical hazards.

Step 4. Once you have disconnected (-), move on to (+) (positive terminal) and repeat the steps.

Step 5. Leave the batteries disconnected for ten minutes. Your computer system should have more than enough time to reset.

Step 6. Reconnect the terminals (positive first, then negative).

Step 7. Start the engine and press ECT PWR Lexus to see whether it can work properly now.

And what if this method doesn’t work? Chances are your car is being plagued by severe, hidden issues that you have yet to discover.

Bring the car to Lexus dealerships or qualified mechanics for further repair and troubleshooting.

Other Than The ECT Power Lexus Mode, What Are Other Ways to Increase RPM? 

lexus ect power
Other Ways to Increase RPM

Upgrade The Valve Train

The valve trains play a critical role in sustaining high RPM (but not too high than normal RPMs). Possible modification tasks for them are:

  • Installing quality springs
  • Purchasing premium retainers
  • Setting up customized ground cams suitable for the new RPM.

Higher RPMs equate to higher frequencies of the valve opening and closing. Failure to upgrade them on time might lead to valve crashes, so watch out! 

Increase The Airflow

At high RPM, the amount of air exiting and entering the engine will inevitably increase. That’s why a smart driver should consider: 

  • Cooler running thermostats
  • Flow matched intercoolers
  • Better exhaust systems 

With decreased intake temperature, the airflow will get denser to boost the air/fuel burn, resulting in better engine output.

Upgrade The Drivetrain

No car can achieve impressive RPM without a capable drivetrain to handle increased horsepower. If possible, consider getting an update for all these features: 


What is ECT power Lexus? My guide has addressed all the most common inquiries – from its function and location to troubleshooting tips – to assist you with your driving experience.

Remember this add-on only assists you in a short time; don’t overuse it unless you wish for a drop in fuel efficiency.

Should there be any aspect about the PWR ECT Lexus that is not yet covered, feel free to reach out!

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