What Is Full Bolt Ons? Top 10 Full Bolts-on Parts List

As an avid automobile enthusiast, you might have heard the phrase “full bolts-on cars” at least once – either at well-known auto racing events or in a small repair shop near your neighborhood.

But what is full bolt ons exactly, and why do people show such great fascination for them? Do these cars possess any competitive advantages over your current automobile?

Slow down with your bombarding questions; all your needed information is here!

Our comprehensive guides will break down this intriguing subject from all perspectives, lending critical insights to facilitate your understanding. Put on your seat belts, buckle up and dive in right away!

What Is Full Bolt Ons?

what is full bolt ons

Full bolt-on infers simple modifications for the vehicles, involving removals of standard components to reinstall (or bolt-on) other replacement features.

The full bolt on meaning seemingly refers to voluntary and deliberate upgrades – mostly for aesthetic and visual purposes.

Indeed, it seldom entails compulsory installations stemming from maintenance necessities or technical issues.

Drivers even have to remove all bolt-on parts before bringing their cars to mechanical shops for regular upkeep, which indicates that these bolts are only needless visual modifications.

Since they mostly cater to the car’s exterior adjustments, such updates require little mechanic expertise, equipment, or time.

And yet, it is not an exaggeration to declare that bolts-on remain the most controversial automobile topic of all time, despite its seemingly unimportant role in the car’s overall performance.

Some laud its functionalities, while others claim the feature is “redundant” and “ingenious”, neglecting all the artistry and labor pooled into its creations.

To make matters more complicated, degrees of “bolt-on” vary and have no official definitions.

Such ambiguity has led to numerous dramas and controversies: car owners claim to have complete bolt-on vehicles when, in fact, their automobiles are only partially modified.

To sum it up, people have spent decades fighting each other over the full bolts on meaning. These heated debates are unlikely to stop for the foreseeable future.

What Is The Full Bolt Ons List?

Though some drivers only prefer to focus on appearances, it does not hurt to purchase accessories that can improve functionalities at the same time. Check out these ten full-bolt-on (FBO) options!

  • Shocks
  • Specialized Tires and Aluminum-Alloy Rims
  • Steel-Braided Brake Lines
  • Seats
  • Anti-Roll Bars
  • Turbos
  • Headers for Exhaust Systems
  • Throttling Devices
  • Cold Air Intake Mechanisms
  • Mass Air Meter Enclosure

As established, the lack of an official definition for full bolt on meaning cars do not have to adhere to any strict upgrade regulations.

Thus, our full bolt on list here is only a mere suggestion; you can always choose to personalize your car in other compartments.

1. Shocks

FBO cars tend to apply some improvements to shock absorption. These advancements lend more stable tire-to-road contacts and solidify the vehicle’s suspension.

As a result, your driving experience on lumpy and uneven roads will be more comfortable, particularly at high speeds!

2. Specialized Tires and Aluminum-Alloy Rims

Even for non-FBO cars, alloy wheels play a critical role in their overall physical appeal.

Why don’t you make another revolutionary step to separate your precious cars from tons of customized vehicles out there? After all, these updates are not for naught; wide tires help enhance traction to a great extent, too.

Remember that extra bodywork might be necessary if you choose rims and tires as your bolt-on additions.

Suppose your chosen wheels are too large for the arches; you will have to enlarge them in such cases, which calls for certain redesigns.

3. Steel-Braided Brake Lines

They are a much better version of standard rubber brake lines.

Upon foot pressure, these robust linkages facilitate a greater force transmission to the caliper, enhancing the brake’s flexibility and responsiveness.

The only downside, as expected, lies in the demanding price tag. Budget customers should tread with more caution.

4. Seats

Most bolt-on modifications add extra charm to the exterior shell; hence, standard (and seemingly ordinary) features like seatings are sometimes forgotten.

Specialists suggest you include them in your car changeovers as well. Yes, we cannot deny that they have nothing to do with designs, speed, or engine power.

Nevertheless, a good seat will offer superior lateral support while you are busy tackling tight corners and executing difficult maneuvers on the road.

Also, don’t forget to clean them regularly for more comfort and hygiene. It shouldn’t cost you much; even Magic Eraser can work on leather seats.

5. Anti-Roll Bars

Here is a tip for high-speed turns: the fewer body rolls there are, the better. And fortunately, anti-roll bars could be a terrific assistant in roll reduction!

Some vehicles, such as the BMW 3 Series, already have this feature installed. But for those that do not, then bolt-on improvements are a perfect fit for the enhancements of future performance.

6. Turbos

Standard turbos often fail to cut off lag time or deliver impressive boosts to the drag strip.

It is time to turn to a replacement turbo! These products have undergone incredible technological advancements over the years, meaning thousands of options are available.

Assess what you want to pick for optimal solutions! If properly installed, they will offer unimaginable edges to the automobile velocity.

7. Headers for Exhaust Systems

How to give your car an eye-pleasing cover and still manage to revolutionize its torque and horsepower? Performance headers for the exhaust system are your ultimate answer.

Exhaust will reach the car manifold upon its exit from the engine. Once done, it will build up to heavy momentum, bearing immense influences on the incoming gases from the next cylinder.

As an unfortunate consequence, the motor’s efficiency might be compromised.

Here is where our performance headers shine best! They supply each cylinder with a separate exhaust pipe, lifting a great deal of pressure from the car’s back.

Your motor can enjoy a much more streamlined exhaust expulsion and support a remarkable surge in the entire engine performance.

Even better, the setup process is also a breeze. Though it is not any simpler than common accessories like doors or windows, the requirements are still low-key enough, perfect for even a beginner.

8. Throttling Devices

Snugly fit between the air intake system and motor manifolds, the throttle body regulates airflow into your car’s engines for combustion.

With their large-sized blades and bores, such throttles welcome more air to enter the pipes, powering all vehicles.

Of course, this feature is not a compulsory element (which is why we call it “bolt-on” in the first place).

Still, its presence can be the key to top-notch automobile performance, a great pick for devoted car enthusiasts.

9. Cold Air Intake Mechanisms

A cold-air intake system is another potent method to boost the car’s quality.

It conveniently relocates the air purifier from engine chambers to the engine compartment, enabling more cold air to sneak into the cylinder for future combustion.

These chilly air gushes pose a direct contrast to the engine’s hot gases, bringing in more oxygen for better systemic executions!

Still, another issue arises: what would be the best replacements for our standard intake components? Experts concur that a CAD-designed intake pipe with DRYFLOW air filters will be pretty efficient.

10. Mass Air Meter Enclosure

Who says air intake compartments are the only way to upgrade airflow? Take a look at mass air flow (or MAF) meter sensors.

A standard MAF sensor calculates the air quantity that invades your automobile. To lend your car major fuel pumps, you might want to remove this regular sensor from its container – before inserting a substantially larger housing.

Such layouts provide more spaces for air circulation without any bothersome obstacles.

Aside from airflow streamlining, these sensors also offer better support for MAF and DTE readings, and sustain the engines in constant idles (even amid technical problems).


What does full bolt ons mean? This headache-inducing dilemma has been tackled. Let’s wrap up with our discussions about other common trivial issues!

1. How Can I Make My Car Go Full Bolt-On?

Again, we cannot stress enough that a clear-cut definition does not exist; what it entails varies for different people.

In essence, automobiles undergoing basic modifications are all considered bolt-on.

They involve consistent support from replacement features such as air intakes, exhausts, et cetera (please refer to the previous section for a complete list).

Still, except for avid automobile fans, no one cares much about all these terminologies and name-calling. So instead of pouring your energy on that, why don’t you focus on your own preferences and demands?

After all, self-expression and styles are more important than anything else when it comes to personal automobiles.

2. What Bolt-on Parts Should I Set Up First? 

Similarly, no cars are 100% similar – and thus, no one-size-fits-all answers are available. But in general, you might want to kickstart this process with the vehicle’s weakest point.

Suppose it lacks horsepower; then cool-air inlets or exhaust pipes will be the best.

On the other hand, speed sway bars are terrific if you think the vehicle suffers from excessive body rolls or gives off way too mushy feels.

The end goal here is to magnify both the car’s functionality and your personal driving experience. So listen to your intuitions first before turning to any third-party help.


What Is The Full Bolt Ons List?

This article has explored all nooks and corners of the popular issue, What is full bolt ons? Though some in-depth suggestions are provided, keep in mind that there are no cut-and-dry rules for FBO cars.

Feel free to experiment and customize the vehicle to your heart’s content!

For other concerns regarding the question, What are full bolt ons?, do not hesitate to reach out via the comment section.

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