Where Is Chrysler 200 Battery And How To Replace It- Solved!

Good control of the physical condition of the Chrysler 200’s energy supply is the key to getting the best driving experience without interruptions in the middle of the road.

However, determining its exact location is a challenging task for newcomers.

Then, where is Chrysler 200 battery?

This post not only gives you the answer needed but also provides a lot of useful information related to this issue. Scroll down, and you’ll learn how to take care of the energy supply best!

Where Is Chrysler 200 Battery?

Where Is Chrysler 200 Battery

The battery in Chrysler 200 is usually located in the under-hood battery compartment on the right-hand side (driver’s side).

You’ll find it between the headlights, front driver fender, or wheel splash guard.

Determining the correct Chrysler 200 battery location plays an extremely important role in monitoring the physical state of the vehicle.

When deterioration is detected, you will be able to promptly fix and repair the problem before the problem becomes serious.

How Do You Know If Your Car Needs A New Battery?

When the battery degrades, it will show recognizable signs whether you are an experienced driver. Scroll down to learn about the symptoms of a bad battery!

Slow Engine Crank

The battery plays a role in powering the successful starting Chrysler 200 engine.

If the current battery is not charged enough, the engine’s performance will weaken, causing a slow engine crank. It is also one of the first symptoms of a faulty battery.

Clicking Noise

Sometimes, the battery is charged enough to activate the solenoid but needs to provide more power to start the engine.

Irregular rotation will cause an even clicking sound coming from the engine compartment.

Engine Noises And Flashing Dash Lights

When the engine makes a loud noise or the dashboard light flashes when starting the engine, the battery power is below the allowable level.

The power source is not enough to maintain the equipment on the vehicle (such as warning lights), causing the relay/starter solenoid to malfunction, causing annoying noises.

How To Do Chrysler 200 Battery Replacement?

Changing the power supply for the Chrysler 200 at home will require you to be careful at every step in periods of time.

Make sure not to miss any step in our detailed guide to get the fastest battery replacement below:

Step 1: Collect Required Tools

The following tools are indispensable for replacing a new power supply for your vehicle:

Step 2: Open The Hood And Locate The Battery Placement

You’ll need to open the hood, then turn your attention to the right side of the engine bay. You need to find the 12-volt battery neatly located in front of the power fuse and behind the headlights.

Step 3: Remove The Battery

You will first need to loosen the nut at the cathode (then the anode) by turning it counterclockwise.

Carefully wrap it with a towel to avoid electrification. Then, remove the cloth heat shield and move the battery box to a safe location.

Once you get the silver pin and black retaining clip on the front bottom of the tray, use the ratchet and 10mm socket to secure the long extension bar.

Loosen it by rotating the pin in the clamp’s center counterclockwise.

After moving all the plastic clamps and 10mm bolts to the side, carefully lift the old power supply out of the engine compartment.

Step 4: Preserve The Old Battery And Clean Up The Tray

Wipe down the plastic tray again and make sure you have removed all the dirt or metal objects on it. Please avoid friction and impact so that the acid inside the old battery does not escape.

We recommend taking it to your local auto parts store so that the old power supply receives a professional treatment with no “recycling fees”.

Step 5: Install New Power Supply

Place the new power supplies on top of the plastic tray, then carefully put them inside the engine compartment so that the anode is on the left and the cathode is on the right.

You must screw the pin retaining pin clockwise to fit snugly on the ratchet and extension rod. If there is still movement (slip, shake), it is best to tighten the 10mm retainer for about two more turns.

Suppose you detect any battery posts corrosion (blue or white powder) appearing on battery terminals.

In that case, you should install additional anti-corrosion washers and use a wire brush (with proper battery cleaning solution) to remove all of the troubles.

You must install the anode to the battery “+” post first, then continue with the battery post “-“, then tighten the nut until everything fits snugly.

Step 6: Test The New Battery

After wet battery installation, try to start the vehicle engine, turn it on, and flash the headlights. If all functions are working properly, you have completed the task of battery replacement.

How Can I Take Care Of The Chrysler 200’s Battery?

How Can I Take Care of the Chrysler 200's Battery?

Although it’s hard to prevent a dead battery in the future, you can still refer to the methods below to extend its life as much as possible:

Avoid Short Rides

The Chrysler 200 battery products are responsible for providing power for the start-up and operation of the electronics inside the vehicle.

During the journey, the wet battery transmits energy throughout the vehicle’s components and is fully “charged” by the vehicle for subsequent use.

On short trips, you will spend a lot of energy starting and maintaining the sound system, engine light, air conditioner, and dozens of other devices.

Meanwhile, they need to meet the required charging time, decreasing the original battery life.

Fixed The Cell In Its Position

Long-term travel (especially on off-rain terrain) will cause vibrations that significantly affect the energy source.

Besides the risk of cracking and battery accessories damage, it can make a poor battery connection with the fixed position, resulting in a short circuit or fire.

Therefore, regularly check and replace the battery tray and belt when they show deterioration.

When tightening the nuts around the power supply, please do not over-tighten it, or you will cause fluid leaks and potential battery damages.

In addition, you can also refer to the cycle batteries labeled “vibration resistant,” which are increasingly popular thanks to their superior vibration tolerance.

Regularly Check And Clean

Any electronic device will work best in a clean and dry environment.

If you ignore this requirement, unchecked battery corrosion will quickly leak electrical energy and shorten your conventional battery life.

Therefore, regularly remove dirt and objects from the top of the battery. If corrosion is required, take adequate safety measures to prevent direct contact with your skin.

In addition, a regular complimentary battery check is the perfect opportunity to detect if the power supply has a crack, facilitating early repair.

Reduce Heat Exposure

Power supplies tend to fail more in the winter, leaving drivers skeptical whether cold weather will seriously affect them.

Most battery failures during the winter are the result of damage they suffer from extreme summer temperatures.

Battery components (including sealed products) will evaporate when operating at excessively high temperatures, causing fire or loss of energy.

Therefore, no matter the weather in your locality, always avoid extreme swings in temperature by parking in the garage or shade.

If you live in cities in the southern region, it is best to consult products designed specifically for the hot season.

Although the price is higher than conventional batteries, their special insulation panels will surely serve you above your expectations.

Check the Voltage Frequently

Regularly checking the Voltage will help you detect if the performance of vehicles is going down. For example, lead acid batteries require 12.7 volts or more.

When your power supply’s readings are below 12.5, it’s best to charge the battery as soon as possible.

According to the battery maker, you should perform the check-up at least once a month.

Using a voltmeter is easy and does not require a lot of expertise, so you can do this task yourself at home instead of getting customer service in the local auto shop.

Do Routine Car Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance at the service center will keep the power supply in an ideal state.

Besides, all non-OEM components receive care, helping to blend more smoothly without requiring additional energy consumption.


Having the right answer to “Where is Chrysler 200 battery,” and its associated problems will help you stay calm and clear-headed when something goes wrong with your power supply.

Remember that getting automotive service is the key to early detection of deterioration signs, prolonging product life, and ensuring safety throughout your driving journey.

Through this article, we hope you have accumulated enough experience to take care of your power supply.

See you in the next articles!

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