Why Does My Trunk Keep Popping Open Over Time?

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Why Does My Trunk Keep Popping Open While Use? 

why does my trunk keep popping open
Why Is My Trunk Opening By Itself

The trunk keeps popping open, which can be attributed to many possible reasons.

Car drivers should note both trunk release signals and cues of the trunk not opening to adopt correct solutions and maintain longevity better.

Please do remember that only one tiny accidental user error can lead to serious consequences for both the users and their vehicles over time.

Broken Cases Of Trunk Latch

This part is important in ensuring that the trunk latch mechanism occurs constantly. Any trunk latch issue can seriously impact the engine’s operation efficiency and lead to trunk harness problems over time.

The trunk latch system is created by an open unit connected directly to the vehicle frame and the trunk lid.

The total parts of the trunk can be sealed securely when closing the lid correctly by letting the latch pieces get together.

Bad trunk switches also appear over plenty of time due to continuous and extreme operation, damaging the trunk release feature.

This phenomenon dramatically increases if the vehicle engine system absorbs impact around the trunk. The car drivers can not completely open the trunk if the latch gets broken signals.

Malfunctional Lock Actuator Of Engine

The engine lock actuator is designed to control the lock installed on the vehicle trunk. Each motor belonging to this component takes responsibility for closing and opening the operated boot.

The transmission of the engines is impossible if the whole operation process of the trunk is locked. This is why the trunk mechanism will be interrupted when there is one default in trunk actuators.

Damaged Trunk Cable

Most vehicles depend on the lever installed inside the cabin to promote the opening process. The car drivers normally lift a lever lying nearby the driver seat when they start to release the latch to fix it.

This case requires the support of a cable; therefore, if the cable is damaged in operation, people cannot open the trunk correctly.

Broken-down Locking Mechanism

People can press the lock button or lift the lever directly to open the trunk in cars or vehicles.

If the buttons do not work or lock the doors, it is mostly because the battery has run out of energy, or there can be a trunk release button situation.

The car drivers should try to press the button on the dash to check its operation status again, then seek appropriate solutions for this problem.

This can better protect the locking mechanism’s operation quality and trunk latch.

How To Fix The Trunk Not Working Correctly 

trunk keeps opening by itself
Repair To Trunk Not Working Correctly

The trunk keeps opening by itself can result in several serious problems. People catch some essential information to adopt reasonable methods when coming across this phenomenon.

Putting Latch Striker In the Correct Position 

The wrong position of the trunk striker installed in the car trunk is considered one main reason for the trunk opening by itself.

The trunk is designed with the perfect combination of a trunk striker and a latch. While the striker is arranged on the car frame, the truck latch is put in the lid.

However, any changes relating to the latch (ex., its height) because of the operation process, the trunk striker is also at risk of losing the balance from the initial place.

People must prepare a torque wrench to lose the bolts attached to the striker and continuously increase its total height.

After finishing these steps, the car drivers should try to close the hood lid, check why the trunk keeps opening by itself, and finally modify the striker height again to solve the issue immediately.

Remove The Latch Away From Locked Place 

trunk keeps popping open
Remove The Latch Away

When people can not adjust the striker height, they should choose the method of fixing or removing the latch away from the locked position.

This problem is normally attributed to rusting from the external environment, even when the trunk is kept in open status.

Car drivers should start to fix this issue by arranging a screwdriver, then pushing the wide-open trunk lock on the latch to unlock it completely. 

You must seek the right way to restrict the trunk latch from returning to the locked situation by lubricating the latch part properly.

Then continuously pull the lever of the latch in the vehicle and check if the lock is good or bad.

When any mistakes occur after fixing this problem, people should remove the old latch cable and replace it with a new one.

Remember that there are several differences in the replacement process for changing the latch cable. Therefore, please read more information about this topic or hire a professional engineer.


Why Does The Trunk Button Open Even When The Vehicle Is Locked?

There are several common reasons explaining this problem.

The first one can be the vehicle equipped with a smart lock; therefore, people only stand nearby the car, and they have the trunk button open without pressing the open button of their vehicles.

The common other reason is the system of locking the trunk getting damaged over time.

Which Way To Replace The Trunk Latch Right?

People must prepare enough essential tools, remove the trunk latch and replace it with a new one. People must ensure the new trunk latch matches the total system of the car engine.


This article has provided much useful information for the “Why does my trunk keep popping open over time?“.

Car drivers should note some tips or suggestions for fixing the trunk latch or striker to restrict the phenomenon of the trunk keeping open constantly.

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