Why Won’t My Sunroof Close? Top Reasons And How To Fix!

A sunroof is a great car feature since it lets in more light and fresh air.

Sunroofs come in a variety of models, with the most common being an automated one that opens and closes at the push of a button.

Yet someday, you may wonder: Why won’t my sunroof close?

It’s a big problem if the sunroof gets stuck open when it starts raining or becomes chilly outdoors.

Failure to provide sufficient power or the debris in your sunroof’s tracks are the two most common factors for a malfunctioning sunroof.

Eager for in-depth discoveries and how to fix them all? We got your back!

What Is A Sunroof?

Why Won't My Sunroof Close All The Way

Sunroofs that came to life in the 19th century are relatively common. It is a removable roof panel that can slide backward or upward to allow natural light and fresh air inside a car.

When opening, they let fresh air inside the cabin and help remove the vehicle’s scent.

While closing, the translucent panel works like a window to let sunshine inside, offering backseat passengers a nice view.

Electric sunroofs just use a button to control the sunroofs’ status. Beyond that, the market also provides manual-controlled sunroofs.

The names “sunroof” and “moonroof” are sometimes used interchangeably, despite their distinctions. The only similarity is that they let natural light and air in.

Moonroofs have a tinted glass panel on top of the automobile, like an extra window. Unlike sunroofs, they aren’t removable though they often slide or tilt open.

4 types of sunroofs:


Usually, at least one panel can open up with a panoramic sunroof or moonroof with glass covering outside.


The tilt sunroof design has a flexible panel that may be opened in the car. You have complete control over how big of an opening there is.

Because it lets hot air escape and fresh air enter, it’s an excellent addition for drivers in arid climates.


Large automobiles often have a built-in sunroof with sliding panels that can open easily.


An extendable panel is part of the spoiler sunroof design. When fully extended, its shape has certain aerodynamic qualities. If you shut it, your automobile seems to look prettier.

Why Won’t My Sunroof Close All The Way

What causes a sunroof to stop working? The root cause can be electronic or mechanical problems, lousy lift arms, twisting, sticking, or popping sunroofs. A too-old sunroof also encounters this issue.

Mechanical Problems

The most prevalent issues include glass panels shattering or being loosened and causing dislodged panels. Still, you can make things normal with the basic tools for fixing.

Repairing or replacing them is as simple as tightening a few screws and bolts. Only urethane-adhesive sunroofs are a specialized roofing material requiring experts to address this.

Twisting, Popping, Or Sticking Sunroofs

These matters need expert assistance to deal with. Lack of lubrication might potentially be the root cause.

Conventional measures can be heavy silicon grease to lubricate its tracks or mitigate sticking and wear. Still, if you frequently miss these, worse difficulties in opening the sunroof may form later.

Beyond that, wrong cables may also lead to binding or sticking. Flexible wires mesh with the motor’s gear, yet a sticky track may ruin them.

Age Also Matters

There will gradually be a lessening of the sunroof’s responsiveness to your controls as it ages. Still, there is no set age when such a breakdown becomes more likely to occur.

It may not reply to your prompts if you have a history of indiscriminately pressing the sunroof button. It’s possible to break the sunroof’s control by pushing on it too hard or too often.

Lift Arms

Sunroofs can slide into the path of lift arms or guides, making them jammed.

If you want to know how to deal with this matter, check out the next section.

Electrical Problem

Something similar to a blown fuse might happen to the sunroof. Lack of lubrication is another common culprit behind this issue, highlighting the need for regular maintenance.

A dead motor, damaged switch, or snagged cable might also render it useless.

In most cases, fuses will be your first point of call. However, visiting a mechanic is safer if the issues are out of your ability.

Also, check for damaged wiring if the sunroof can’t function. In particular, inspect whether the cables are for a short circuit.

A multi-meter will test the sunroof wiring and switch. No resistance means the wires aren’t broken.

Thus, it’s probably your motor to blame. Otherwise, resistance indicates bad wiring that you must fix or replace.

How Do You Manually Close A Sunroof?

After sliding the locking tabs to your windshield, pull down on the housing to remove the roof light assembly’s inside.

Then you connect the wires. In the left motor hole, insert the S-shaped Allen wrench. Turn it clockwise to shut your sunroof.

Most sunroofs close and open using a button. Yet, users often get in trouble if their sunroof sticks open while it’s raining or freezing.

As stated above, the lack of power and debris in the tracks cause jammed sunroofs. So don’t forget to maintain your sunroof properly.

How Do I Know If My Sunroof Switch Is Bad?

Close the sunroof for 3 seconds till you see the test lamp light up. Bad motors create a regular noise that grows louder and quieter as they spin or do nothing.

Also, the sure sign of damage is the roof opens but can not shut. Here are 4 more sure signs of faulty sunroofs:

Glass Scratch Or Cracks

Sunroof glasses are strong, durable, and won’t break easily, but they’re still glass. No glass is indestructible, however harsh. Then, it’s another issue to set your eyes on.

Broken sunroof glass lacks tint, making the vehicle hotter in summer and colder in winter. Not to mention, cracked, or shattered glass affects your car’s aerodynamics operation, increasing fuel consumption.

Rattling While Driving

This is a rare condition. You’re cruising peacefully when the sunroof starts rattling suddenly.

This is more irritating than problematic. To this end, lubricate the sunroof end to repair it.

On the other hand, if it is in vain, it might be an out-of-alignment sunroof glass. Get your car to the repair shop.

Sunroof Explosion Or Shattering

It’s as horrible as it sounds, but it’s pretty uncommon, like the above. Most point to a problem with the glass as the cause. Even tiny cracks may make the glass shatter spontaneously.

It seems ludicrous and unbelievable, yet this has occurred in multiple countries and regions.

Sunroof Leaks

Never look down on leaking signs, whether sunroof or gas leaks while running! Sunroof drain clogs or rubber seals wearing out might be the root cause of sunroof leaks.

Both scenarios aren’t expensive to remedy, but water may damage your car’s interior or vital spots.

How Do I Reset My Sunroof?

Step 1

You can get to the lift arms by taking the sunroof glass out. The sunroof serves as a guide for the lift arms. Find out whether the guidelines are stuck open by checking them.

If the guides block the lift arms from closing, you may use a screwdriver to move them forward and shut the doors. Put the glass back on the sunroof once you’ve fixed the lift arms, so they work correctly.

Step 2

Verify whether the sunroof cable has jammed in the lift arm or guides. You must take off the J plate on the sunroof to access the cables if that’s right.

Remove the line from the guides and raise the lift to realign it. If the lift arms aren’t moving as they should, try replacing the J plate and seeing if it helps.

Step 3

Check the sunroof motor to ensure that it is running correctly. Should the motor not get power, the sunroof will remain open. Insert a screwdriver into the nylon brushing at the engine’s center.

Turn and push the screwdriver to operate the motor manually. Everyone favors a new automatic control over a manual one for their convenience.

Step 4

You may test whether or not the sunroof switch and cables are receiving electricity by using a multimeter. The good news if the wiring is secure is the absence of resistance.

Otherwise, once the resistance is too high, the wires must be changed.

Step 5

It’s vital to keep the debris off the sunroof track. Therefore, do it regularly.

The sunroof cables easily get damaged by too much dirt on the way and are challenging to fix. Remove any dirt or debris from the track to prevent the sunroof from becoming stuck.

Why My Sunroof Won’t Close: Other Handy Tips

Handling Wiring Issues

Wiring issues demand a professional. To check for disconnected or broken wiring, the technician may need to disassemble the control.

Depending on the technician’s expertise, how to address the issue might vary.

Proper Sunroof Calibration

Here comes a list of steps to deal with a calibration problem. Press and hold the close button for roughly 30 seconds.

This step will spare it time to seal the part by speciation till closed. After that, hold the close button for 20 seconds.

In response, the sunroof will open and shut automatically. While doing so, the sunroof relearns the resistance.

Your button start can work wonders to run and shut all the sunroofs. Tap the vent switch after that.

Once the sunroof is in place, hold the vent button for 5 seconds. It will assist in recalibrating the sunroof position.

Lubrication Can Help

Lubricate the sunroof rail for smooth sliding. White lithium grease will fix the track.

Set your eyes on the rear sunroofs as they often get issues more than the front ones. Most importantly, never let your sunroof open in the rain.

Wrapping Up

How Do You Manually Close A Sunroof?

Now that you have the in-depth answer to “why won’t my sunroof close?” If you are not confident about DIY methods, ask a professional automotive repair shop to troubleshoot and fix the sunroof.

That’s the best way to secure the stable status of this part. Share this article with others if they’re seeking the same measures.

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