Will A Dryer Fit In An SUV? Dimensions Of Dryers And SUV

“Will a dryer fit in an SUV?” is one of the most common questions drivers normally get when they intend to put any dryer line in the position of SUVs.

This helps them to restrict some unexpected damage during the transport of dryers or washing machines by their cars.

Please take note of important information from this article to adopt the right way of moving a dryer into an SUV.

Will A Dryer Fit In An SUV In The Car?

will a dryer fit in an suv
A Dryer Fit In An SUV

The answer to the problem of ” Will a dryer fit in an SUV in the car?” is clear from the past.

Most dryer manufacturers try to create product lines according to standard sizes (not having significant differences) to ensure that all of them match various car lines of different brands worldwide.

There are, in reality, small and medium dryers distributed on the market, which easily satisfy the customers’ demand to use their cars as means of transport.

People should consider the inches wide before deciding the best way to move washer and dryer to put them in an upright standing position or back/side because their heights are wider than their width.

Always take the exact measurement for both the dryer and the SUV to ensure that their inches tall and deep fit each other.

It would be time-consuming and money-wasting if there were no fit between the two items after lifting the dryer to put them into the car’s SUV.

Drivers only need to start their cars right to move the dryer anywhere and anytime after ensuring all essential conditions above.

How To Move A Dryer Into A SUV Of The Car

can you transport a dryer on its back
Ways To Move A Dryer Into A SUV

Transporting washer and dryer right into the car requires the drivers to follow some important steps listed below.

This is one of the common suggestions for people when they want to take plenty of space from their cars to move the compact machines effectively. Including:

  • Unplug the power cord for the dryers and make sure that it can not get caught on anything surrounding it by taping it to the dryer’s side carefully.
  • Place the electronic dryer on the dolly (people can do similarly when transporting larger items in their cars), then get it outside correctly. Additionally, people can select a suitable blanket and cardboard, nextly putting them between the dolly and dryer to restrict any scratched incidents.
  • Leave the dryer at the back of the car’s SUV and ensure all the extra space storage in the back seat is being laid down completely. Lift the dryer up gently, then get in into the SUV slowly. Please read all manufacturers’ dryer-moving instructions, especially information on how to fit the full-sized dryer and dryer models. People would easily prevent external damage during transport.
  • Be careful when transporting the dryer because some compact dryers are so heavy that they can hurt people unexpectedly. Catching the exact weight of the dryer is the first priority solution to enhance the safety level for the users.

Kinds Of Common Dryers Currently

Depending on the feet tall or square feet standards, dryers are normally categorized into three different types, including dryer full size, compact, and mega capacity dryers. Detailed technical information about the kinds of common dryers is: 

 Height Width Depth
Full-sized dryers39″27″32-34″
Mega capacity dryers40-42″28-30″32-34″
Compact dryers34″24″34″

Current manufacturers tend to create new lines of dryers, meeting different demands from the customers, from size to color.

Therefore, there would be some particular differences in the technical information listed above, but not too much.

Correct Dimensions Of A Dryer And An SUV – 300w

can a washer fit in a suv
Dimensions Of A Dryer And An SUV

Will a dryer fit in an SUV?” would be “yes” when people catch the average dimensions of a dryer and an SUV.

This is important because the dryer’s size strongly impacts whether “can you transport a dryer on its back?” or not.

Remember that if you install/put anything into the cars, please select the right size, including the license plate screw.  Check new data about a dryer and an SUV in the two parts below:

Dimensions Of A Dryer

The standard size for dryer reviews will have a width of 27 inches, a tall of 39 inches, and a depth of 32 inches.

People can come across this size popularly on the market, from normal to well-known brands.

For the other dryers, the dimensions can range from 24 inches at the minimum level to 42 inches at the maximum level.

These standards for the size of dryers are similar to the dimensions for cargo space that can be put in the SUV when transported. 

Dimensions Of An SUV

People should lift the seats from the normal position to provide more cargo dimensions in the cars. This also occurs when transporting and putting the dryer in the car’s SUV.

Some full-sized machines can support laying the dryers by giving double space after removing unnecessary items in the cars.

The average technical information for an SUV is 34 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 33 inches tall. Nevertheless, drivers can freely choose cars that have other better dimensions.


Will A Dryer Match A Ford Escape Line?

A dryer can match the 2020 Ford Escape line with 33.5 cubic feet of space if the seats are upright and 65.4 cubic feet if the total parts of the seat are folded down completely.

These numbers are also right for the cubic cargo volume that the 2020 Ford Escape line owns.

Which Car Lines Fitting A Dryer?

There are a lot of car lines that can fit dryers all time.

However, six common SUVs from car brands listed below are preferred the best, including Honda CRV, Chevrolet Equinox, Jeep Cherokee, Honda Pilot, Subaru Outback, and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Consider the maximum cargo space or carefully read the cargo capacity guide to choose the most suitable product.

Can Drivers Transport A Dryer On Its Back And The SUV?

Definitely yes. Ensuring the sizes of dryers and SUVs are matched with each other, people can easily transport any dryer line on their cars anywhere.


“Will a dryer fit in an SUV?” depends on the technical information of dryers and SUVs.

Try to remember commercial storage and standard-size dryer to save time and cost for the process of transporting a dryer into the car’s SUV.

Follow the dryer-moving instructions collected above to restrict unexpected incidents during loading on the cars.

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