Will Touching Battery Cables Together To Reset Computer? Detailed Guide

The battery is one of the parts that must work continuously, so it often degrades quickly over time. The electrical system’s complexity makes it difficult for many people to repair it.

Will touching battery cables together to reset computer?

Do not worry. Let’s explore this topic with us through the article below.

Will Touching Battery Cables Together To Reset Computer?

Will Touching Battery Cables Together To Reset Computer?

The computer system or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a combination of electronic circuits of most modern cars.

Its main task is to recognize and analyze signals to control and govern the entire operation of the engine.

Any problem with this part can seriously affect the entire engine system, even if the vehicle has to stop operating.

Thus, you need to quickly remove the fault codes and reset the ECU when it fails to ensure the vehicle’s operation.

Touching positive and negative cables together is the most used method, as it helps to drain the capacitor and clear the incorrect codes faster.

But remember that it will also lose the vehicle’s memory, and you’ll need to reset them after the repair.

Is Touching Car Battery Terminals Together Safe?

Touching two terminals causes the electric current to shift between the points, which heats the wiring. It can even create sparks and burn cables if the temperature is too high.

Be aware that this also poses a risk of damage due to a sudden increase in its temperature. The heat will damage the outer insulation.

No more insulation means an increased risk of electric shock when you try to repair it with bare hands.

However, depending on their strength, touching negative and positive battery cables is dangerous.

The higher the voltage, the higher the risk, for example, hybrid cars or electric models; Batteries around 12V are safe, just not very common.

It would help if you were very careful in all operations to ensure safety and should keep a few notes in mind:

  • Do not repair with wet hands
  • Do not bring flammable, explosive, or hydrogen-containing substances near
  • Do not self-repair when you see a strange problem
  • Wear tight clothing to prevent the acid from burning your skin
  • Use protective gloves

Do I Disconnect The Positive Or Negative To Reset ECU First?

Before removing the terminals, let’s try to operate in a safe environment by parking the vehicle in a location with flat terrain. Don’t forget the important protective gear to protect yourself.

To ensure that the steps take place in the correct process, you need to identify the terminals, the negative terminal (-), and the positive (+).

Then, we remove the cables: negative cable first, positive cable after. However, according to experts, resetting the ECU may be enough to remove the cathode.

Note: The above is just the sequence when removing, but when you want to reassemble it as it was, do it backward from the positive cable, then the negative cable.

Connecting the negative terminal first will make it won’t arc. This can turn you into an electrical transmitter if you carelessly touch certain metal parts of the vehicle.

How To Safely Disconnect Battery?

Car batteries are an extremely important electronic component of any vehicle.

Even a small problem with this part can cause your car to “die” in the middle of the road, but damage and wear and tear after a period of operation are inevitable.

Car owners need to disconnect to clean or repair/replace.

Manipulating the car’s electrical system is complicated, so bringing your car to a repair center for professional mechanics is better. If you don’t have the conditions, refer to the steps below:

Turn Off The Engine And Open The Hood

Turn Off The Engine And Open The Hood

First, you must ensure the car is turned off and wears safety gear.

Never disconnect or remove it while the vehicle is running or with the ignition switch on to power accessories. Don’t forget to take out the key when turning off the ignition.

Opening the driver’s door is also a good trick, as disconnection can cause them to lock. Please set it to first gear for those who own a manual vehicle. In case your car is automatic, set it to “Park”.

Do not forget to remember the security code of your electronic devices before removing them. This makes it more convenient for you to reset the information after installing the new one.

Next is access to the battery located in the hood. When opening the hood, you need to use the strut to secure the lid.

Some models on the market today have support for fixed rods, so you can work with peace of mind without having to worry about it suddenly collapsing.

If your vehicle does not put it in the hood, check its design in your owner’s manual to locate it.

Disconnect The Cables

Disconnect The Cables

As mentioned above, you need to find the correct position of the negative cable to proceed with the first removal.

After determining the correct polarity to look for, use a wrench to remove the old one in safe order.

You can also remove it by hand but let’s wear protective gloves.

Note: Please follow the entire process strictly, as removing the positive terminal first can cause the car to short-circuit.

Disassemble The Strap And Battery

Disassemble The Strap And Battery

While continuing, don’t forget to disassemble all the parts that connect the battery to the tray. They can range from 15 to 20kg for some product lines.

Completing this step means you’re ready to get the battery out of the hood, but be careful not to spill acid inside accidentally. Place it carefully.

Clean Contacts And Terminals

Clean Battery Terminals

After taking the battery out, you will see traces of corrosion on the terminals.

The good news for car owners is that you don’t need professional equipment to clean them; simple home cleaning tools can also help – for example, a mixture of baking soda and water.

To clean the inside of the connectors, you can use a brush to scrub until the corroded layer comes off.

Next, apply the detergent mixture to the meeting to wash the poles. This step can be laborious because dirt and corrosive substances have scabbed over time.

This is an extremely important step because corroded connectors will reduce electrical conductivity and make it difficult to start the motor.

Don’t forget to spray/apply anti-corrosion grease on their surfaces to prevent oxidation from reoccurring.



You can reuse the old one after cleaning it or replace it with a new one. You can find them at car component replacement stores.

Put the battery back in its place, tighten the nuts, and connect the cables in the sequence positive cable first, negative terminal later. Finally, adjust the digital clock to the correct time.

How Long To Leave Battery Disconnected To Reset Car Computer?

For some models, disconnecting the battery terminals can take up to 15 minutes, but this period is variable. Discharging processes in some models can take only about 3 minutes to trouble codes.

Others require a travel distance of up to 100 – 500 miles for the ECU to monitor the sensors and remember and reformat lost data during repair.

You can also use an OBD scanner to ensure its status. If the ECU is not ready, drive a little more to ensure your vehicle can pass the smoke test.


Above is information on the topic: will touching battery cables together to reset computer? This is a fairly simple method to help you fix errors at home.

Hope the above guide and some notes are useful to you.

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