Why Is Your Car Making Womp Womp Tire Noise When Driving ?

Some sound floated up from your car might push you to tighten your grip on the steering wheel. Among various noises, a womp womp tire noise catches my attention a lot. This is one of the most shared issues across the car forums recently.

If you are stuck in a problem and wonder about tires making noise while driving, this content is written for you. Let’s dive in with me to reach a thoughtful answer.

Why Is A Car Making Womp Womp Tire Noise When Driving?

The wump wump sound created when your car is moving might be derived from the tire and wheel. The culprit could be a wrong-inflated tire, rough tire treads, tire-belt separation, or wheel misalignment.

Inflation Problem in Tires

Some improper inflation in tires is likely to become a root of uneven balance, causing different troubles to your car. Over or under-inflated or poor tires might result in womp womp or wump wump sound from tires.

Driving an automobile with under-inflation in tires will make these components wear out faster, specifically on their edges.

The remaining case is also not encouraged as they might cause wear and tear in the middle section of the treads faster.

Under-inflated tires represent dropped pressure in the components, resulting in the tire’s exterior face touching roads more often than normal.

This means that too much frictional force exists, which could increase the heat to the part. Once your car overheats, which leads to burst tires, this indeed puts all eggs in one packet.

Even when your poor tires do not blow out, the under-inflated component might still let this tire treads separate. You can give away control of your car with some such knotty tires.

So be sure that these components are properly inflated. Check the tire pressure every day before they accompany you on some trip.

Checking Car Tyre Pressure
Checking Car Tyre Pressure

Tire-Belt Separation

A belt separation or broken belt in your tires might provoke tire making humming noise. Faulty tire belts might also induce shakes or vibrations on the steering wheel. Aged tires have a good chance of causing this type of trouble as well.

When you assume a belt separation or defective tire belt, replace a tire so soon so better. If left unchecked, your tires can have a flat any time on the pavement, which can render the car to turn over.

Inappropriate Wheel Alignment

Alignment problems with the steering wheels might also cause some bad tire noise. Your car’s air chamber will create a humming noise from tires when you take your car with misaligned wheels or tires.

Driving an automobile with inappropriate wheel alignment will force the components to corrode away much faster.

This might substantially shorten the average lifespan of tires. In addition, you are unintentionally increasing the risk of harming the automobile’s suspension parts if you keep using it with irregular wheel alignment.

Moreover, wheel misalignment would put you in a hard situation to manage as you increase the speed up. This might require you to get out of control and be in trouble. So, regularly inspect the wheels at your earliest convenience if you consider having some alignment issue on your car.

Wheel alignment
Wheel alignment

Rough Tire Treads

Various tires entail various patterns of treads on tires. This might lead to some different sorts of humming sound from tires.

The treads’ air is compactly compressed at various extents, subject to their designs. Yet, if the sound becomes too loud to the point that it can burst out while driving, this might be troublesome if you keep using these tires.

Uneven wearing defective tire would result in road noise as there is fluctuating frictional force between these parts and roads. That friction created by corrosion in treads generates some sound like wind noise when you drive.

In order to address this issue, you can consider getting the tire changed. In addition, attempting to use tires with tread designs that generate the least sound is a wise option.

SUV on a rocky beach
SUV on a rocky beach

How Can I Address This Womp Womp Tire Noise?

We have just walked through some causes to answer the common query “why does my tires make a humming noise“. Now we will dig into some basic and effective ways to solve the issue.

Replacing Car Tires

If a car’s tires have rough treads, you will have to change them as soon as possible. You can choose some new ones to stand in for those wear-and-tear tires in a full set or one at a time.

Please don’t forget to choose the model produced by a brand with a long-standing and high reputation.

In addition, when you feel a belt separation or broken tire belt, allow your car to have new tires with all haste.

If they are not taken care of immediately, your tires might blow out on roads at any time, which becomes one of the key roots of a car turning over.

Correct Wheels and Tires Alignment

When your wheels and tires are out of order, just ask for help from mechanics to fix them properly. In case you don’t have enough knowledge of cars, it is not advisable to carry out this task alone.

Even so, balancing tires at home is not too difficult, you just need to learn a little. Otherwise, you could push the problem to become worse.

Inflate Tires Correctly

Please ensure that your tires are accurately inflated. Both under-inflation and over-inflation in tires put your car’s tires at risk of damage.

Apart from producing womp womp noise when driving, they might even have a leak on your journeys.

Inflate Tires
Inflate Tires

FAQs About Womp Womp Noise

How Much Does It Cost to Repair the Womp Womp Noise?

To lessen the womp womp noise, you can replace the tires or repair their wheel alignment. With the first option, it might cost you at least $200, and how pricey it is depends on which kind of tire you pick. For the other, you might need to spend from $65 to $100.

How Long Can You Drive On Uneven Tires?

In fact, driving on unbalanced tires isn’t a hard feast. Actually, you can keep driving on unbalanced tires till these components experience wear and tear after all.

Yet, it would be inevitable that you have to cope with off-putting rattling or some annoying lawn-mower-like sounds with the steering wheel while you drive.

Do I Need To Ask a Mechanic to Fix Womp Womp Noise, Or Can I Fix It By Myself ?

Acting as the most feasible method, changing new tires is a matter of general concern. Especially for new drivers, it is suggested to ask the aid of a skilled mechanic.

If you have enough confidence in your own insight about cars, you can replace them by yourself. Yet, since you will have to drop by the car repair shop to purchase some new tires, it will be better to have them changed at that auto shop rather than carrying them home for a DIY.

How Do I Know My Car Has Wheel Bearings Issues Or Tire Issues? 

If you get trapped in any trouble with tires, having a close check might help you find the essence of matter; from that, you can come up with an appropriate solution.

In case you encounter some grinning or humming sound coming from tires when driving, then it’s most likely an issue with the tires.

Furthermore, there is a tip to inspect these components properly: attempt to steer the automobile from the left side to the right side while driving and pay attention to see whether the sound changes.

If yes, it is indeed vital to get the bearings inspected.

How Can You Know Your Automobile Tire Tread Is Breaking Up To Prevent The Noise?

Once your vehicle tire tread has the stamp of separating, you can feel some small and slight vibrating sounds from the automobile.

When you increase the speed, there is a high chance that the vehicle will be vibrating, and the sound might be getting louder.

In case the trouble becomes worse, it will be difficult to avoid a sense of the wheel bearing, shaking or even wobbling from one side to the other while you travel.

Ford Ranger Close Up Sunset With Mountains
Ford Ranger Close Up Sunset With Mountains

In A Nutshell

Once you still accompany us to these bottom lines, we bet that you have got a satisfactory answer for the culprits of womp womp tire noise when driving.

You don’t only reach the key roots of this trouble but also get hold of some tips to tackle this issue wisely and properly.

After passing through this blog, we hope that you will put more consideration into having a close inspection of your vehicle, especially its tires. This step will enhance your safety in your every journey.

Don’t skip even the smallest or slightest abnormal sounds stemming from your automobile while it is in motion.

Lastly, thank you for your company and see you soon in some next handy articles.

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