About me!

About me Bryan Mark

Hi! My name is Bryan Mark – Founder of Bryan’s Garage. Let’s getting to know about me and enjoy my journey on the way to achieve my goal!

I have to admit that I used to be a normal car owner or even worse. Back then, I was not a person who was really into automobiles. 

Just like you guys, I did not have a deep useful automatic knowledge or tips, so there were some unexpected accidents and trouble with cars that cost me a lot. And most of them were unworthy and wasteless, which I realized later. 

I also assumed myself as a person who had bad luck with my buddy as I had a few auto-related problems that might not happen to any others’. Needless to say, how upset I was about the money I had spent repairing and fixing them. 

After that, I headed on researching and reading some thorough car problem-solving, maintenance, and a few usual auto issues that you can avoid. I have invested a lot of effort to apply it to most of my car problems, such as how to replace a car’s tire by myself. Luckily, all of them worked out so well, and it helped me a lot for convenience as well as money- and time-saving. 

I consider that these tips might benefit you, and some of you might be looking for them. Then I created this blog to share with you all I know about car trouble-fixing. For that, you will not have to make the same mistakes as me and be so mad with your automobile.

Hope you like my stories and enjoy with me on my journey. Keep in touch with me via contact page.

My co-worker: Robert Walker – Editor

Robert Walker

Hi! My name is Robert Walker – I worked as a co-worker at Bryan’s Garage 3 years ago. I have a big dream to become an auto garage owner like Bryan. I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.

Last month, after joining an auto exhibition on IOWA, I met Bryan – my co-worker in the past. We hang out for a while in a coffee shop. We talk a lot about automotive.

Suddenly, Bryan asks me to become an editor for Bryan’s Garage. He said he need my knowledge about car care and fixing to share with his audience.

I have thought for a week about this offer. Then, I decided to quit the office job to become Bryan’s partner.

I know the next challenges will be harder than an office job, yet I will be thrilled because we only live once.

Please contact me for any inquires via robertwalkerbryansgarage(at)gmail(dot)com

Join our journey with Bryan’s Garage.