2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Capacity – Revealing The Answer

You finally got yourself a 2010 Toyota Corolla, which is not so fancy but still manages to satisfy you with excellent durability and good oil economy.

However, a long life span always needs proper maintenance.

One of the first things you need to get right regarding good maintenance is 2010 Toyota Corolla oil capacity. Scroll down to know the ideal amount of oil for this vehicle!

What Is The 2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Type?

2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Capacity

Using the wrong oil type for your vehicle can lead to serious damage. Thus, it’s essential that you know what exactly your car needs to function.

In this case, the Toyota Corolla 2010 oil type is SAE 5W-20 grade synthetic motor oil.

Some of you might not understand what a 5W-20 grade synthetic motor oil means, so let’s break it down for clarity! The numbers stand for the oil’s viscosity (which is how thick the substance is).

The letter W indicates winter, which leads to 5W being the oil is pretty thick (high viscosity) at low temperature in the winter (about 0 degrees Fahrenheit).

Under other conditions, even when the temperature gets as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the substance stays thin, with the number indicating viscosity being 20.

Nothing better than using the thing designed specifically for your vehicle; thus, Toyota genuine motor oil is always the go-to choice.

However, if that is unavailable in your area, you can still check out the other products. You just have to ensure they satisfy the ILSAC guidelines in 5W-20.

Feeding your car the right 2010 Corolla oil type will help prolong its life span and prevent it from deteriorating quickly over time.

This improvement is thanks to the texture of the 5W-20 engine oil. It is made of synthetic chemical material, which is known for durability.

What Is The 2010 Toyota Corolla Oil Capacity?

The 2010 Toyota Corolla oil capacity is 13.2 gallons. Even if the trim or model varies, the 2010 Corolla oil capacity still remains that figure.

In other words, whatever you buy, which can be a 2-liter 4-cylinder XRS sedan, you need to give it 13.2 gallons.

Corolla 2010 oil capacity simply means the amount of oil the engine can hold and run on it normally. You shouldn’t mistake this with the engine’s displacement, which is a whole different thing.

When Is the 2010 Corolla Oil Change?

Knowing the frequency of changing oil for the vehicle is useful, as it keeps the car in good shape. However, the time to change this material is not always fixed.

Toyota said that you should change the oil after each 7,500 to 10,000 miles, given that you’ve been using synthetic oil from the start.

If, for some reason, you used the conventional formula oil to feed the car for a long time, it would be best when there is a oil change every 3,000 miles.

Don’t postpone this task beyond this ideal distance; it could harm your vehicle. After the change, you must switch to using the synthetic one.

Taking good care of the car is still a must. Your vehicle could call for a oil change out of nowhere; it does not necessarily have to happen at those milestones.

Thus, observe the condition of the oil level every month to make sure there are no problems. Check out these signs showing its time to change your oil:

  • Instead of being light brown, the oil color changed to black or dark brown.
  • Touch it, and the texture feels gritty.
  • Your car emits some strange sound that has never happened before.
  • The engine releases strange smells like burning smells, smoke, or pungent odor.
  • Less efficient performance of the vehicle.

How To Change Oil For A Toyota Corolla 2010?


The ideal place to carry out this task needs to be well-lit and clean. Also, get yourself sufficient tools, including a socket set and an oil filter tool. Following are the must-have ones for this session:

  • Rags or soft cloths
  • 4 quarts of oil
  • oil collection pan
  • Filter
  • Funnel


  • Get under the car and identify the drain plug.
  • Place the collection pan under the drain plug. Then, loosen the plug with a socket and a socket wrench.
    As you’re loosening the plug, the oil starts to leak. Remove the plug completely to speed up the process.
  • After that process finishes, identify the oil filter and use suitable removal tools to take it out.
  • Pour all the oil on the filter onto the pan and ensure no remaining oil.
  • Clean around the filter fitting with a soft cloth or a rag.
  • Grab another clean grab. Dip it in new oil and wipe it around the edges of the new filter.
  • Replace the old filter with the new one.
  • Put the plug back in and tighten it with a sensible force.
  • Open the hood and the oil cap. Then pour in the 4 quarts of oil you have prepared beforehand. Remember to be careful in this step. You won’t want the oil to spill everywhere.
  • After you’re done, look at the dipstick to ensure you’ve poured in the right amount. In case of bad or aged oil, the dipstick might be hard to read.
  • Finally, reset the maintenance light.

Is Regular Insurance Maintenance Necessary?

If you don’t have time or energy for this task, just take it to the regular factory insurance maintenance. 

This schedule is, in fact, pretty important. They provide a professional service team that will examine your car from the smallest part to the bigger system.

They’ll test your car’s critical system, where small issues easily escalate.

Using this service, you’ll also save yourself from more expensive repairs, as the small problems can develop into severe faulty parts if not addressed in time.


When Is the 2010 Corolla Oil Change?

Knowing the 2010 Toyota Corolla oil capacity means you will better take care of the vehicle. Make sure you use the right oil with the proper amount.

On top of that, don’t forget to check the engine frequently for problems.

Keep it that way, and your car will be as good as new for years to come.

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