5×112 Wheels Fit What Cars: The Models List

The bolt pattern of the wheel comes in many different sizes. Depending on the model and the manufacturer’s intentions, your vehicle can use small, medium, or large ones.

In this article, we will reveal that 5×112 wheels fit what cars.

It will be useful for those who regularly fix their own cars or want to learn more about them. Without wasting any more of your time, get started now!

What Should You Know About the 5×112 Bolt Pattern?

5x112 Wheels Fit What Cars

What Is It?

The tire’s bolt pattern indicates the number of bolts or wheel lugs required to attach a wheel to your car and the PCD.

In it, there are two parts you need to notice; for instance, with 5×112, you will question the numbers 5 and 112.

There are five wheel lugs or bolts on the wheel indicated by the first number.

When your wheel’s center boltholes create an abstract circle, the second value is the size of the immaginary circle surrounding the holes.

Therefore, our wheel’s 5×112 bolt pattern is the same as a notional circle with five evenly spaced boltholes around it, with a bolt circle measurement being 112 mm in diameter.

Common Types of Bolt Pattern

Although they are very diverse, there are four most common and used types on the market:

  • 4-lug bolt pattern
  • 5-lug bolt pattern
  • 6-lug bolt pattern
  • 8-lug bolt pattern

How To Measure Bolt Pattern

A two-number classification system is used for measurement.

The first number represents the number of bolt holes in the wheel, while the second is the size of the fictitious circle those holes form.

Below are examples of the most precise methods for measuring the dimension.

  • 4-bolt patterns are calculated by drawing a straight line from the center of two opposite bolt holes directly across from each other.
  • The 5-bolt type is more difficult to measure accurately because there are no two holes that are opposite to a tee. A straight line from one lug hole’s center position to the middle point of the two holes in the opposite side can be used to estimate the measurement.
  • 6-bolt and 8-bolt patterns are measured the same way as the 4-bolt type.

5×112 Wheels Fit What Cars

So, a 5×112 bolt pattern fits what cars? Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Chrysler, McLaren, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

For each vehicle brand, this size can be compatible with one or several product lines or even none at all.

You can take a look at the detailed 5×112 bolt pattern car list below: 


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes is one of the brands that own the most 5×112 stud pattern cars on this list of vehicle makes:

  • 190
  •  A-Class AMG
  •  A-Class
  •  AMG GT
  •  AMG GT 4
  •  B-Class
  •  C-Class AMG
  •  C-Class
  •  CL-Class AMG
  •  CL-Class
  •  CLA-Class AMG
  •  CLA-Class
  •  CLC-Class
  •  CLK-Class AMG
  •  CLK-Class
  •  CLS-Class AMG
  •  CLS-Class
  •  E-Class AMG
  •  E-Class
  •  E-Class Coupe
  •  E-Class Cabriolet
  •  EQC
  •  GL-Class AMG
  •  GL-Class
  •  GLA-Class AMG
  •  GLA-Class
  •  GLC-Class AMG
  •  GLC-Class
  •  GLC-Class Coupe AMG
  •  GLC-Class Coupe
  •  GLE-Class AMG
  •  GLE-Class
  •  GLE-Class Coupe AMG
  •  GLE-Class Coupe
  •  GLK-Class
  •  GLS-Class AMG
  •  GLS-Class
  •  M-Class AMG
  •  M-Class
  •  Metris
  •  Marco Polo
  •  R-Class AMG
  •  R-Class
  •  S-Class AMG
  •  S-Class
  •  S-Class Cabrio AMG
  •  S-Class Cabrio
  •  S-Class Coupe AMG
  •  S-Class Coupe
  •  SL-Class AMG
  •  SL-Class
  •  SLC-Class AMG
  •  SLC-Class
  •  SLK-Class AMG
  •  SLK-Class
  •  SLS-Class AMG
  •  SLR-Class
  •  V-Class
  •  Viano
  •  Vito
  • Vaneo
  •  W123
  •  W124


The Audi car models that fit a 5 by 112 bolt pattern

  • 100
  •  A3
  •  A4
  •  A4 Allroad
  •  A5
  •  A6
  •  A6 Allroad
  •  A7
  •  A8
  •  Allroad
  •  e-tron
  •  Q2
  •  Q3
  •  Q5
  •  Q7
  •  Q8
  •  R8
  •  RS Q3
  •  RS3
  •  RS4
  •  RS5
  •  RS6
  •  RS7
  •  S2
  •  S3
  •  S4
  •  S5
  •  S6
  •  S7
  •  S8
  •  SQ2
  •  SQ5
  •  SQ7
  •  TT
  •  TT RS
  •  TT S
  •  V8


With Bentley cars with 5×112, we can list down the following:

  • Azure
  •  Continental Flying Spur
  •  Continental GT
  •  Continental GTC
  •  Continental Supersports
  •  Flying Spur


The 5 on 112 bolt pattern can be suitable for BMW:

  • 1 Series
  •  2 Series Active Tourer
  •  2 Series Gran Tourer
  •  3 Series
  •  5 Series
  •  6 Series Gran Turismo
  •  7 Series
  •  8 Series
  •  i3
  •  i8
  •  M5
  •  X1
  •  X2
  •  X3
  •  X4
  •  X5
  •  X6
  •  X7
  •  Z4


There are only two Infiniti models with 5 on 112 bolt pattern:

  • Q30
  • QX30 


A 5 112 bolt pattern is not popular with Chrysler as its only model compatible with this size is:

  • Crossfire



Lamborghini cars with 5×112 bolt patterns, including the models:

  • Aventador
  • Centenario
  • Gallardo
  • Gallardo LP560-4
  • Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder
  • Gallardo Spyder
  • Huracan
  • Reventon


  • 12C
  • 12C Spider 
  • 540C 
  • 570GT
  • 570S 
  • 570S Spider
  • 600LT 
  • 600LT Spider
  • 620R 
  • 650S
  • 675LT 
  • 675LT Spider 
  • 720S 
  • 720S Spider 
  • 765LT  
  • 765LT Spider 
  • Elva 
  • GT 
  • P1
  • Senna


You can find eight models of MINI that work well with 5 by 112 lug pattern sizes: 

  • Cabrio
  • Clubman
  • Convertible
  • Cooper
  • Countryman
  • Hardtop
  • Hatch
  • One


The 5x112 bolt pattern just fits only one model of Porsche:

  • Macan


5×112 fits what cars of Toyota? Similar to Chrysler or Porsche, Toyota also has only 1 model suitable for this bolt pattern size:

  • Supra


Volkswagen has produced many cars with a 5×112 bolt pattern, and this size is popular with this car brand:

  •  Arteon
  •  Atlas
  •  Beetle
  •  Bora
  •  Bora SportWagen
  •  Caddy
  •  CC
  •  CrossGolf
  •  Cross Touran
  •  e-Golf
  •  Eos
  •  Eurovan
  •  Fusca
  •  Golf
  • Golf Cabriolet
  •  Golf Alltrack
  •  Golf Plus
  •  Golf GTI
  •  Golf R
  •  Golf R Variant
  •  Golf SportWagen
  •  Golf Sportsvan
  •  Golf Touran
  •  Golf SV
  •  Golf Variant Alltrack
  •  Golf Variant
  •  GTI
  •  Jetta
  •  Jetta Variant
  •  Kombi
  •  Lamando GTS
  •  Lamando
  •  Magotan
  •  Multivan
  • Passat Alltrack
  •  Passat
  •  Passat Variant
  •  Passat CC
  •  Phaeton
  •  Phideon
  •  R32
  •  Rabbit
  •  Scirocco
  •  Sagitar
  •  Tayron
  •  T-Roc
  • Teramont X
  •  Teramont
  •  Tiguan
  •  Tiguan L
  •  Tiguan Allspace
  •  Touran
  •  Touran L
  •  Touareg
  •  Transporter
  •  Tharu
  •  Vanagon
  •  Vento


What If I Use The Wrong Wheel Size?

Sometimes we keep driving with the wrong wheel size and think it doesn’t matter, but many problems can arise when you drive with improperly sized wheels.

Some worth noting include the following:

When You Use The Larger Size

If you have replaced your original wheels with a set that is larger than it should be, you may have to face many issues over time.

When you let these bigger tires get going, your car will operate less efficiently since it will need more power to drive them.

Over time, you also make the tires more worn out. More fuel may be burned as a result, which may potentially cause more damage.

Your vehicle’s fuel economy will suffer, and you’ll ultimately pay more for fuel.

When You Use The Smaller Size

The reverse situation, where you chose smaller-than-average in the replacement process, even when they’re premium wheels, may result in an entirely separate set of issues.

The rims won’t be big enough to enclose the tire’s arches entirely. The frequent busts or rubbing noise can be caused by the situation.

Do The Larger Wheel Use More Fuel? 

Due to their weight, larger tires reduce fuel efficiency, whereas smaller tires do the opposite. Additionally, larger tires take more resistance and have greater rolling resistance.

Therefore, the smaller one would be preferable in stop-start traffic because it requires less power and will thus provide better mileage.

However, having larger ones can assist the vehicle’s fuel efficiency when traveling at high speeds on the freeway.

Therefore, the larger tire would work wonders for improved fuel economy when cruising.


You’ve had the answers for 5×112 wheels fit what cars. To sum up, we’ve provided you with 12 car brands and their models that use this bolt pattern size as above.

Remember to check your wheel size and use the right ones for the utmost performance and safety.

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