624 SBC Heads: All Things Need To Know

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In this post, I will pass through five key sections to clarify some key ideas about the SBC heads, including the definition of 624 Chevy heads and comparing them with Chinese versions. 

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What Are 624 SBC Heads?

624 sbc heads

SBC 624 heads (or Chevy 624 heads) are lightweight models of 882s from GM. These heads belong to the D chamber and produce decent torque power.

Thanks to specific designs, they generate better flow and run a greater lift cam if their springs are taken care of and upgraded frequently.

In addition, the SBC head is well-known for affordable services compared to other aftermarket SBC heads.

Everything cuts both ways. The 624 head is not an exception. On the credit side, the head has some negative reviews.

Many users shared the 462624 heads run very smoothly for a long time and meet their needs.

However, some of them also unveiled one of the flaws they don’t like: that these heads might get worse anytime without any warning or spells before.

When using it on their car, some reported that it was super susceptible to cracking with a subpar combustion chamber. In the end, they had to install it on my boat, which was quite decent then.

Chinese Heads Vs 624

I own a 55 wagon with 624 heads. Until now, I find its performance is still very nice. I am experiencing more to get some reviews.

Actually, before choosing this head, I read loads of comments about 624, good ones as well as bad ones.

Yet, I was on a tight budget, so I compared this head with others in terms of different aspects to make up my mind.

Many recommended Chinese (Promaxx type) heads to me, which fit in my pocket.

From my personal experience, you can pick either of the two heads, but if you choose Chinese heads to accompany you, you should think twice.

The optimal choice for this option is bare castings – the 624 SBC. This idea stems from assembly produced in China, which is referred to as careless.

In addition, I heard many drivers who shared Chinese heads had valve guides that did not suit their stems properly, and both valve seats and valves were badly machined.

Is 624 SBC Heads Worth It?

gm 624 heads

It depends on your needs.

In fact, the 624 heads are equipped with bigger valves and open chambers than other ones.

Many experienced drivers said that instead of purchasing a lot of small stuff, we just need to order one with a big valve and a short block cam, which are enough for a smooth run.

From my standpoint, I suggest you should consider how frequently you will use your car with this installed. Also, learn how it works each time by scouring reviews on many specific forums.

Many, who looked for a head on a tight budget, will confirm that 462624 heads are completely worth it because these SBC heads are at half the price of most other peers.

However, in case you are a big fan of speed or racing and are willing to pay more for your passion, 462624 SBC heads might not be your option.

As mentioned, it’s prone to crack if you use it in demanding conditions.

993 Chevy Heads And Chevy 882 Head Specs Comparison

It isn’t hard to notice 882 heads are 400ci small blocks with a pretty consistent 200 CFM rating in a sports car.

If you’re a stranger to these block engines, read my summary on 400 and 350 small blocks.

Regarding 993 Chevy heads, these castings with valve sizes were either 1.94 or 2.02. They get a consistent 205 CFM.

Both are used as truck heads, and you probably need to bore the steam holes on the Chevy 993s.

Many users with 993 Chevy heads claimed that if they had to compare, they would be declined to pick 993 because of its impressive specs.

I am clear that the 882 head is a smog-period performance head, as seen on Camaros and L82 Vettes.

These heads are well-known for upgrading threads to convert or change to bolts (in the rocker arms/ stud), which can help them to operate cams and springs better.


chevy 624 heads

Are All SBC Heads Interchangeable?

No. It’s worth noting that it isn’t easy for all SBC heads to be interchangeable; for instance, LT-specific and Gen-1 heads don’t swap over at ease.

What Degree Are Factory SBC Heads?

The head from the Chevy brand shows the port angle estimated vertically.

That small block angle is around 23 degrees; still, once the angle gets close to the true vertical, the valve flow improves.

This is also a reason why the old version of LS heads applied 16 degrees for their valve angle.

Are Bigger Cylinder Heads Better?

It depends on which vehicles you drive.

Bigger cylinder heads allow your engine to run at greater RPM than normal, which offers ideal conditions for race applications or highly modified cars.

Smaller ones, on the other hand, can generate higher air intake manifold speed at smaller rpm, which is pretty suitable for street applications or daily drivers.

Bottom Lines

Have you reached pieces of thoughtful information for 624 SBC heads? I bet your answer is yes.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to drop your query related to the topic here; I will unclog your interest as soon as possible.

By and large, 624 heads belong to the middle-class market segment, which suits those on a budget and not interested in racing.

If you feel this content is practical, you should bring it to your friends who are seeking some information about the good SBC head.

Now, it is the right time to say thank you and see you in the coming useful posts.

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