Auto High Beam Problem: Ultimate Tips To Indicate And Resolve

It depends on your dealing methods that the auto high beam problem can be seen as tricky or easy-going.

And as long as you grasp thoroughly what’s what, how to fix it may also not be as touchy as you might think.

Read on for further helpful information on this internal car part mechanism!

How Does Auto High Beam Work?

In short, the auto high beam is what regulates the operation of the headlights and illuminates the road ahead using both high and low beams. 

Such an idea’s fundamental purpose is to autonomously activate high beams, for example, when traveling over a specific speed in low-light circumstances.

Is there any chance this luminescence will be too bright to blind other drivers? Glad that you’ve asked!

This is where such a system works brilliantly. Once the sensor senses another vehicle in front of it or approaching from the other direction, the highlights will be turned off and allows only the low beam light to be on.

Such a system’s operating premise is comparable to that of an Auto Headlight function, but it’s significantly more complex.

In both scenarios, the driver has to activate it by pressing a button or turning a knob on the dashboard.

Saying so doesn’t mean they don’t have any considerable difference.

For instance, the auto headlight automatically changes the high beams into low ones and vice versa as required, whilst Auto Headlight just has manual modes that turns the low beam light on and off based on the outside situations.

Young couple in car blinded by high beam lights

What Is The Auto High Beam Problem?

It is just fine but not at all a good plan to drive without your high beam.

Take the 2018 honda crv auto high beam problem message as an instance.

Once behold the discomfort drawing closer with all the unreasonable on and off of the system, no matter if there are or are not other vehicles at night or obstacles accessing, you know the detection system is in trouble.

Worse yet, it can even suddenly be out of order and generate no bright light such as a 2017 Honda CRV auto high beam problem alert while your car is right on the road.

Then the picture is not only about your car’s part malfunctioning anymore but also relates to the safety issue. 

4 Reasons The High Beams Aren’t Working On Your Car

Bad Automatic High Beam Sensor

The Automatic High Beam sensor system is one of the topmost car parts you should no way overlook.

Thanks to the usage of smart sensors, your automobile is able to detect incoming traffic and analyze ambient light levels.

The mechanic goes as we’ve already mentioned before.

It will automatically turn on your lights to maximum viewing potential when needed, then shut them off, so you don’t dazzle vehicles coming the other way.

Especially when your honda civic drives in snow or rain, clear vision is always in high demand.

So what happens if these sensors quit working, even if it’s just one of them? Then, the automatic high beams may cease operating as well. 

No longer automatic switching or turning; if you needed them to be on, then it’s now your job to enable them yourself.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for incoming traffic so you can deactivate them when you notice oncoming drivers approaching from the opposite direction on freeway to ensure driving safety at night.

Burned Out Headlamp Bulbs

Rarely anything on Earth can last to eternity. So do your headlight bulbs. The fact is they only have a bounded lifespan of 450 to 1,000 hours. That’s why sooner or later, they’ll burn out eventually.

Burned out headlamp bulb is the most typical reason for a single high beam headlight not progressing and the 2018 CRV auto high beam problem.

However, it is uncommon if both of your high beams fail to implement, as there is a meager chance that both bulbs are likely to blow simultaneously.

Bad Headlight Switch

What else to do when your bulbs are all in excellent working courses? Then electrical attributes such as the high beam light switch are perhaps where you should check for.

You don’t mishear it. Even the hardware switch that activates your high beams might go astray and prevent you from turning on your brights at some points.

light control of headlights

Blown Fuses Or Bad Replays

Here goes the straightforward explanation: A fuse is what safeguards your wiring to be free of damage if there’s too much of it going through the system’s circuit. 

Once a short circuit appears, it will lead to this component turning into a blown fuse.

The same consequence happens with an accessory being drawn off it and the bulb accompanying the faulty wattage.

What about replays? Rather than directly controlling the headlight bulbs, the headlight switch normally manages them through one relay or so. 

It’s like a chain of the auto high beam problem honda crv 2017. The headlight switch strengthens a relay. A relay then enables the lamp.

That way, this procedure will offer the headlight switch protection to be out of danger of the excessive current utilized by the high beam headlights.

White Car Honda

How To Fix The Auto High Beam Problem?

Our recommendation to resolve beam issues is always for customers to head off to the nearest garage and consult an expert for diagnosis and an appropriate repairing approach.

Yet, don’t take it wrong. This doesn’t mean you cannot fix it at home with your own automobile wisdom.

Let’s say your auto high beam problem honda CRV has been serious lately. Just take the plunge by checking your owners manual handbook to see the type of high beam bulb your vehicle requires.

Then, get acquainted with the fuse box in case your high beams fail one.

If there’s any component in demand for replacement, we’re sure that you won’t have any trouble finding what you need at your local auto parts store.

Also, bear in mind to try a digital multimeter before changing the mandatory elements so you can rule out unlikely electrical issues.

And that’s all it takes to get a re-new well-operating auto high beam yourself.

How To Maintain An Auto High Beam?

For the auto high beam function to operate correctly, prolong lastingly and stay away from troubles such as the 2017 honda civic auto high beam problem, here are what you should do:

  • Keep the windshield surrounding the camera neat and tidy. Also, when doing the sanitary, avoid getting windshield cleaner on the camera lens.
  • Keep the camera’s lens steer clear of being touched.
  • Do not install a reflective object on the dashboard.
  • Do not place an item, sticker, or film in the camera’s vicinity.
Central night street lights cars

Ways To Turn The Auto High Beam System On Or Off

To Deactivate The Auto Setting:

The first step is to let your vehicle be on and in its parked state. Then target the headlight switch and draw its lever toward your side, holding it for about half a minute.

Don’t let it go until your auto-high beam symbol flashes to the 2nd time.

To Temporarily Halt The System, Do One Of The Guides Below:

Move the light control near you to flash the high beams. If you want the auto high beam functionality to reinstate, flash it one more time, and there you nail it!

To Reactivate The System:

It’s actually quite the same as when you deactivate this operation. All to get done is merely pull the headlight lever toward your side and hold it for about half a minute.

You’ll know the system is on once you behold the beam indicator blinking once.

Headlight lamp of new cars


Mending the auto high beam problem such as the honda accord auto high beam problem is not only beneficial for your vehicle running system, but it is also vital for your and others people’s safety when traveling on the road.

Hopefully, you’re now tuned in on how to fix such an occasional issue after going through this article. Good luck to you then!

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