Best Shorty Spark Plugs SBC 350 – Top 5 Revealed

SBC short spark plugs, or Small Block Chevy 350 plugs, are produced to suit the tighter spaces of the bay engine.

It is used in high-performance or modified applications that have issues with plug clearance. Below are the 5 best shorty spark plugs SBC 350. Let’s read on!

What Is A Shorty Spark Plug?

best shorty spark plugs sbc 350
A Shorty Spark Plug

A shorty spark plug is a type of sparking plug designed with a shorter body than a conventional plug.

Located in the chamber of the combustion engine, they are made to fit into engines with limited space around the plug, such as those with tight-fitting valve covers or other parts that limit access to the spark plug.

They offer a stronger and more consistent spark by reducing the distance that the spark has to move between the ignition coil and the electrode.

In other words, it helps improve combustion efficiency and engine performance.

Shorty plugs are manufactured in various sizes, and heat ranges to suit several engines and running conditions.

If you want a suitable one for your engine, check with the manufacturer or a skilled mechanic. This can ensure it is compatible with your engine and will not trigger any problems or damage.

Best Shorty Spark Plugs SBC 350 Options

5 best shorty spark plugs SBC 350 include:

  • ACDelco GM Original Equipment R45TS Conventional spark plug
  • NGK V-Power spark plug TR5
  • ACDelco Gold 10 RAPIDFIRE spark plug
  • NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum spark plug TR5GP – 8 PCSNEW

ACDelco GM Original Equipment R45TS Conventional

sbc short spark plugs
ACDelco GM Original Equipment R45TS Conventional spark plug

The manufacturers design spark plugs for use in various General Motors vehicles. It features a copper core electrode for superior conductivity.

It also provides a nickel alloy sheathing and tip for durability and longer life.

The manufacturer has armed it with a heat range optimized for various running conditions. The spark plug’s resistor design helps to reduce electromagnetic interference.

It is compatible with various GM vehicles. They can be named by many models such as Chevrolet Laguna, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn.

NGK V-Power TR5

NGK V-Power TR5 can promise a better ignition source and performance for engines. This colder plug features a V-groove in the center electrode that can boost engine ignitability.

The TR5 model is specifically designed for several late-model cars and trucks that demand a copper core sparking plug with a heat range of 5.

The hotter heat range plug allows adequate heat dissipation from the plug tip. Meanwhile, the copper core ensures a high thermal conductivity.

Its V-Power design and anti-fouling features also increase fuel efficiency. They also help reduce emissions and boost engine power.

Its tapered seat plugs, including a tapered cut electrode to ground, deliver better ignitability for the colder plug.

NGK V-Power TR5 is a popular choice for those who want to get a rise in performance and fuel efficiency while also reducing emissions.


These SBC shorty spark plugs are high-end aftermarket substitutes made by ACDelco, a division of General Motors. Its structure comprises a copper core and triple seals.

It can prevent heat and combustion gas leaks, reduce oil fouling, and offer long-lasting resilience.

The ACDelco Gold 10 RAPIDFIRE features a ribbed insulator design. This can prevent misfires and allows for better ignition.

NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum TR5GP – 8 PCSNEW

These short spark plugs for SBC are a part of NGK’s G-Power Platinum series. Platinum is a durable and long-lasting material.

It enables the TR5GP to serve reliable performance over an extended period. It means you don’t need to change it regularly like other kinds.

Its hotter heat range plug number is a plus for handling more heat.

In addition, you will less likely see the plug not coming out, as the design prevents carbon build-up and pre-ignition, ensuring proper sparking plug performance.

A triple gasket sealing method eliminates the potential for combustion gas leakage.

Finally, like the NGK V-Power, this tapered seat plug with a tapered cut ground electrode.

It requires less maintenance than other types because it’s hard to become fouled with deposits from the combustion process.

ACCEL HP Copper Shorty Spark Plug

shorty spark plugs for chevy 350 with headers
ACCEL HP Copper Spark Plug – Shorty

The ACCEL HP Copper Shorty plug is a high-performance plug.

Instead of Platinum or IridiumIt, its core is made of copper. This is a good conductor that enhances conductivity and heat dissipation. Thus, it can extend longer life compared to standard ones.

ACCEL HP Copper’s shorty design shortens the spark plug’s overall length, which can help prevent it from protruding too far into the combustion chamber and causing interference with the boot or header tube.

Additionally, the copper core of this shorty spark plugs SBC also equals better thermal conductivity than other materials, which can help dissipate heat more effectively and potentially lower the risk of burning the boot or tube.


Are Shorter Plugs Better?

No, they are not necessarily better, especially the shortest plugs.

If it is too short, it may not reach the optimal location for creating a spark, resulting in incomplete combustion, misfires, and reduced engine performance.

On the other hand, when it is too long, it may extend too far into the combustion chamber, which could lead to pre-ignition and damage to the engine.

Thus, it’s important to use the correct sparking plug length and heat range for the specific make and model of the engine. This ensures optimal engine performance and prevents damage.

Which Spark Plugs Are Best For Small Engines?

There are two basic types: copper and platinum. Copper ones are typically cheaper but necessitate more frequent replacement than the others.

Platinum ones are more durable and can last longer but are more costly.

Another thing to consider is their heat range. It refers to how quickly the spark plug dissipates heat, and choosing the one with the right heat range for your engine is important.

It’s best to consult a trusted mechanic or the manufacturer to determine the exact plug product for your specific small engine.


Above are the 5 best shorty spark plugs SBC 350 and their detailed features. You can consider them before buying to choose the correct spark plug design for your vehicle.

A proper shorty plug will deliver more consistent sparks for a smoother start-up.

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