Top 10 Chrysler 200 Oil Type – Ideal Solutions For Your Engine

Oils play an important role in increasing the engine life to keep it running smoothly and smoothly. But with the diversity of the market today, choosing a Chrysler 200 oil type becomes more difficult.

Which product would be the best choice for your car? Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular brands today.

What Kind Of Oils Does A Chrysler 200 Take?

chrysler 200 oil type

The Chrysler 200’s engine needs fully synthetic blends. The specific product depends on the engine size.

For example, if the engine is 2.4L, you should choose API SN certified for Chrysler MS-6395, viscosity 0W-20. For the 3.6L grade, the ideal choice is also products labeled API SN, but the viscosity is 5W-20.

You can find the viscosity API standard and product code in your Chrysler owner’s manual or your vehicle’s yellow motor oil cap.

The majority of oils are of good quality, but determining the right type is crucial to ensure the engine can operate continuously.

Top 10 Best Chrysler 200 Oil Type

10 Best Chrysler 200 Oil Type

Oil change services are critical services for cars. If the wrong type is used, your vehicle may experience symptoms of reduced performance, a burning smell, etc.

Thus, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s design, you need to choose this service with care.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil Signature 0W-20 is an option ideal for improving engine performance, helping to reduce maintenance issues – advanced fuel economy, and reduced engine wear.

The consistency makes it easy to penetrate tight spaces for lubrication, making it easier to start the car, especially in the morning or on cold days.

A small bottle of about 1l can serve middle mileage up to 25,000 miles (about 40,000km), equivalent to a year.

The service life can be reduced slightly to 15,000 miles (about 24,000km) for vehicles with a high frequency of operation and in harsh environments.

Amsoil XL 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

The next oil for Chrysler 200 that we recommend is Amsoil XL. This is a must-use prize for those who like driving and are looking for an excellent product to charge.

Like the Signature Series, this also uses a synthetic blend base with some other mileage additives to provide superior performance. It can keep the car running for about 12,000 miles for the 1st time.

This product code’s wear control and viscosity protection are also 64% greater than the base standard for engine issues.

Its economic value stands out compared to some conventional products because it helps limit engine heat.

Amsoil OE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

This type provides ultimate class protection for the high-performance motor. Thanks to its special formulation, it has a longer oil drain interval and 47% higher wear resistance than the standard.

The chemical compounds of this product code can help keep your engine clean, preventing the accumulation of dust particles.

With API (American Petroleum Institute) emission certification, OE has low emissions and helps control oil consumption.

Quaker State Advanced

Quaker State contains mileage additives to prevent acid-igniting vehicle engines. This type of Chrysler 200 oil meets the economy standards of multi-point inspection.

With its ability to maintain high viscosity, this type of engine oil is a great choice for extra maintenance items. In particular, this decent bottle helps save more costly repairs than full synthetic types.

Quaker State is a familiar choice for an oil change appointment at a service location. Its price can fluctuate several dollars at times.

Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil

Compared to company products, this is a more affordable oil, but it is still capable of cleaning 40% of the dirt in the engine the 1st time and continuing to clean the next.

The cleaning agents inside this oil continuously reduce dirt and waste, affecting engine performance.

Pennzoil’s warranty period is 10 years or the equivalent of 300,000 miles. This type of oil is ideal for low-budget Chrysler 200 owners.

Shell Helix Ultra SN

Shell Helix Ultra is a product line using advanced PurePlus technology from the reputable manufacturer – Shell. Company products help to produce higher-quality base oils in many aspects, such as:

  • Tight molecular structure for better oxidation resistance
  • Limit increased engine temperature and prevent thermal breakdown
  • Ready to work in all weather conditions
  • Good wear resistance, improve the efficiency of service change oil
  • Provides high performance, fuel efficiency
  • Good engine sludge resistance helps prolong engine life
  • Reduce pressure on items’ oil filter
  • Suitable type of vehicle: Jeep Liberty, cylinder passenger cars, etc.

Mobil Motor 5W30 Oil 

Mobil 1 5W30 (Mobil 1 Extended Performance, or Mobil motor GOLD) is an outstanding complete protection mixture with a life of up to 20,000 miles for the 1st time change.

This class protection is suitable for 4-Cylinder engines, 6-Cylinder engines, high-performance V-8 engines, and others.

More effective than many other blends, Mobil 1 quarts of motor oil extends equipment life, provides dirt cleaning, and provides excellent lubricity at all extreme temperatures.

Thermal stability and oxidation control also help protect your Chrysler 200 from unnecessary repairs.

AmazonBasics Oils

Although AmazonBasics is not a reputable manufacturer in the auto industry, this brand is still a good solution to your engine issue.

Licensed by approved API SN, AmazonBasics oils are highly effective in properly lubricating and limit unneeded auto repair.

Besides, it is intelligently designed to help reinforce preventative maintenance, prevent corrosion, reduce the friction of engine parts, limit excessive heat rise, and solve sludge issues.

This basic model also reduces pressure on items’ oil filters.

Valvoline Motor Oil

Using your oil change coupons for this band is something to consider because its products have many outstanding features, helping to clean and cool the engine.

At the same time, its compatible elements also reduce oxidation resistance, making engine acceleration easier.

Meeting many strict standards in the US and Japan, the mixture of Valvoline Motor also increases the coefficient of friction for the engine by more than 13%, effectively preventing maintenance, cleaning equipment, and lubricant, and advancing fuel economy.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 Motor Oil

In the list of types of oil that the Chrysler 200 uses, it would be remiss to ignore the class protection of the Pennzoil family.

Not only is it ideal for hot days, but Pennzoil Platinum is also an effective solution for those who have off-road driving habits.

Unlike Mobil 1, the warranty period of this excellent product is 800,000 km or 15 years for 15 key engine components.

Because the solutions in the flimsy bottle come from a mixture of natural gas, its cleaning level is more than 60% of the standard.

This also allows the filter combo to work easier, with the air filter causing fewer emissions.


Above are the Top 10 best Chrysler 200 oil types that are the most popular today.

Each suggestion will suit a certain audience, so you should consider your needs, market prices, and performance properties or consult service advisers when choosing a product.

Hope this article is useful to you. Thanks for reading.

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