What Are Different Types Of Fiberglass Dune Buggy Bodies?

There are different types of fiberglass dune buggy bodies that have distinctive features and functions.

Yet, they also share several similarities such as the building process, using purpose, and some benefits.

Most dune buggy bodies made from fiberglass come with wide wheels and the necessary bodywork and are lightweight to run on various terrains, including soft surfaces.

Apart from knowing the common types of fiberglass dune buggy bodies, you’d better learn how to use them properly. Keep reading this article to get more information!

What Are Dune Buggy Bodies? 

different types of fiberglass dune buggy bodies

They are off-road motor vehicles that are recreational and designed to drive over beaches and dunes in the desert or other dirt terrains.

In some cases, they can be legal to run on the roads.

These motor vehicles are ideal for traveling on soft terrains on the beach or sandy surfaces, featuring a lightweight, small size, and open structure with low-pressure and oversized tires.

What Are Different Types Of Fiberglass Dune Buggy Bodies?

The fiberglass dune buggy bodies include 6 different types with superior benefits and standard design.

They consist of Berrien Body, Dune Buggies Canada, Meyers Manx, Mini T, 4-Seater, and 2-Seater Dune Buggy.

Berrien Body

Berrien manufactures half-body models of fiberglass for off-road terrains to meet the market’s demand.

Based on “sand rails,” they create this ideal style with outstanding features, from functions to design.

While traditional fiberglass dune buggies offer a body kit that sits on a Volkswagen chassis, this type of sand rail comes with a custom-made tubular frame.

Therefore, these dune bodies are very distinctive from the shape of the original dune body kits.

Dune Buggies Canada

This is one of the traditional fiberglass dune buggy bodies from a Canadian producer with the standard style and eye-catching design.

This buggy body style with its accessories has also been tailored to the Volkswagen aftermarket, offering many accessories.

You can consider the features of this dune buggy body to use if you’re seeking a conventional fiberglass dune body to move on soft terrains.

Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx manufacturer also introduces to the market quality products of fiberglass buggy bodies with lightweight designs for off-road terrains.

Meyers Manx body styles and design are an evolution of traditional dune buggy body shapes, allowing them to be quickly integrated into the interaction with the excellent Volkswagen chassis.

4-Seater Dune Buggy

dune buggy body

The body of the 4-seater design fits straight into the standard-sized VW Beetle chassis.

The VW dune buggy body includes a 94 1/2″ wheelbase, accommodating 2 adults in the front and 2 adults in the rear.

Also, the model comes with a bench seat that is small and appropriate for luggage and children.

One of the typical examples of a 4-passenger dune body is the Berrien Genesis fiberglass body, easy to move through the dunes or sandy beaches.

2-Seater Dune Buggy

This fiberglass body dune buggy type fits the short VW Beetle chassis, shortened by 14 1/2 inches, resulting in an overall wheelbase of 80 inches.

This design gives room for 2 adults in the front, with a small bench-shaped rear seat in the back for small luggage and children.

Cases in point of two-seater dune buggy bodies are the Lancer or Berrien Nostalgia.

Mini T

This type is a typical example of a 2-seater dune body, such as the Berrien Roadster with a ‘T’ model dune buggy style made of fiberglass.

The body of this two-seater type is the same as a miniature ‘T’ model or ‘T-type’ truck.

Like the 2-seater above, this fiberglass dune buggy body boasts a 80-inch wheelbase after being reduced by 14 1/2 inches.

How To Use Fiberglass Dune Buggies? 

fiberglass body dune buggy

Building good-quality types of dune buggies is important to best support your use purposes.

To use this motor vehicle effectively and safely, you must choose the right kind and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Due to the excellent power-to-weight ratio, you can use your buggy body as a very sporty small two-seater convertible and a four-seater family car. 

Besides, using it to travel on off-road terrains such as beaches or dunes is amazing, too.

Make sure all tires are properly inflated to optimize their traction. Bring the vehicle to a repair shop promptly if your tires don’t take air.


Is Dune Buggy Body Dangerous?

No, it is not. Driving this body is fairly secure. Yet, using it for extreme activities or sports such as dune bashing will be risky.

Remember that the steeper dunes will result in an unstable ride. Plus, dune buggy body driving is unsafe for kids, pregnant women, or anyone with heart disease.

How to Make Dune Buggy Fiberglass Body Street Legal?

To legally drive a fiberglass dune buggy body on public roads, you must comply with state or national vehicle laws and follow common regulations.

You can take some simple steps below to make driving the dune buggy legal on the street.

  1. Learn about the regulations and laws of the vehicle’s operation in your area. Then, you must register your fiberglass dune buggy body with the relevant authorities.
  2. Check and set up the safety features for your dune buggy, depending on your nation’s laws.

These features include the vehicle’s headlights, seat belts, turn signals, or taillights (tinted taillights are not recommended).

  1. The last step is ensuring your dune body passes the safety test before running on the public streets.

This inspection will check your dune body’s lights, brake system, and safety features. It’s best to buy insurance to confirm the safety and legality of your dune buggy body.


I’ve covered useful information about different types of fiberglass dune buggy bodies suitable for off-road terrains, including soft surfaces on the beach or in the desert.

They feature a lightweight, open style, with specialized tires to run on the dunes without difficulty.

Many types of fiberglass dune buggies have great innovations and upgrades with superior utilities and functions.

Consider the typical features of each fiberglass dune buggy body to opt for the right model and use it for any purpose!

Thank you for reading this article, I hope this post will help you get rid of your issues. See you in the next post.

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