F150 Windshield Wipers Won’t Stop – How To Fix

Ford F150 windshield wipers can clean the surrounding areas, keep water from building up on the screen, improve road visibility, and offer a variety of safe driving conditions in harsh weather.

But what if your F150 windshield wipers won’t stop? This post will show why this happens and what to do when encountering this situation.

How F150 Windshield Wipers Work

How F150 Windshield Wipers Work

The main job of the windshield wiper blades is to keep your windshield nice and clean.

They clean wiper fluid, snow, water, and other fluids or debris from the windshield in the same manner as a squeegee by moving back and forth.

You can also check out our tutorial on how to drain windshield washer fluid here.

Electric motors are used to drive the windshield wipers.

The wiper arms are moved by an electrical wiper motor that is connected to the worm gear, transferring the required force to a long rod.

The wipers can move as quickly as they can by using the force that the worm gear produces.

The arms move the blades on the windshield. To completely remove the moisture from the windshield without leaving any streaks, the rubber blades must exert sufficient pressure on it.

Every wiper blade contains arms that attach to the center of each blade, distributing pressure uniformly onto the windshield.

Also, the wipers come with two pivot points, one on the side of the driver and the other in the center of the windscreen, that cooperate to drain moisture.

This system is referred to as the tandem system, which offers the most coverage for cleaning the portion of the windshield that the driver sees through.

Why F150 Windshield Wipers Won’t Stop? How To Fix It?

When your F150 windshield wipers won’t shut off, the culprits might be the malfunction in the park switch, wiring, windshield wiper switch, wiper relay, and steering control stalk.

A constant electric supply can also be the root.

Malfunctioning Park Switch

Malfunctioning Park Switch

Your park switch could have some problems if the windshield wipers have been in use for a while.

Typically, the wiper motor is activated and deactivated by the park switch, which is usually conspicuous.


If you wish to solve the issue, the wiper switch module should be changed as soon as feasible.

You must remove the broken wiper motor park switch in order to install the new one. As there are numerous wires attached to the switch, take care not to pull too firmly.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty Wiring

The faulty cables might be to blame when the 2017 F150 windshield wipers won’t turn off. The cables cut off the electrical connection between the motor and the wiper linkage.


You should inspect and replace the cables if the wires leading to the faulty wiper switch and damaged wiper motor.

More frequently, the wires may also be loosely connected. If you find a wiring issue, bring your vehicle to get it fixed.

Defective Windshield Wiper Switch

Defective Windshield Wiper Switch

If the Ford F150 wipers won’t turn off, it might be due to the wiper switch failures. In order to make controlling the wipers easy, the switch is kept next to the steering wheel.

Additionally, a few choices allow you to control the windscreen wiper more obviously.

The faulty multifunction  switch needs to be changed or replaced since you don’t want the windshield to operate continuously even in the blazing sun.


You must remove the wiper switch before replacing it with a new one.

Just below the steering wheel are three 5.5-millimeter screws that are attached to a kind of plastic box. Pull those screws out with a screwdriver.

It’s time to attach the new one after you remove the damaged one. Make sure that the wiper switch is properly positioned and the connector position is matched.

You must now replace each screw that you previously removed.

Faulty Wiper Relay

An electric switch supports the motions of your windshield wipers, and the mechanism works with plastic insulation to provide the desired effects.

Still, the relay is susceptible to several faults because of heavy use, electrical surges, and aging. Usually, a bad wiper relay causes them to move continuously for several hours.


If you find yourself in this situation, it would be best to go to your local repair service shop and get the relay replaced.

The process will only take between 15 and 25 minutes, and the cost will be around 23 to 27 dollars, which is quite affordable.

Constant Electric Supply

A reliable wiper fuse is necessary for the intermittent power supply to the windshield wipers on the Ford F150, and it delivers signals as needed for the driver.

On the other hand, a malfunctioning fuse causes a steady stream of electrical signals to flow and stays on for extended periods of time.

Additionally, improper tool movements cause an overheating problem that may blow the fuse.


Changing the fuse is the sole solution for F150 wipers won’t turn off. This will inactivate your wipers, reduce resistance, and stop the production of heat.

The price for this replacement is from 12 to 65 dollars in labor assistance.

Damage Steering Control Stalk

Damage Steering Control Stalk

The windshield wipers are operated by a steering wheel stalk, which maintains the proper pattern and allows for on-demand stopping.

On the other hand, the input signals are reduced by the damaged internal wiring and stalk switches.

A connection failure maintains them connected even for several days after the detachment occurs.

Additionally, it is impossible to switch them off manually because of their speed conditions.


Repair your steering wheel stalk and keep the wipers and switch connected to fix this problem.

You might have to spend between 34 and 75 dollars installing the new wiper controls.

How To Manually Switch Off The Windshield Wipers On A Ford F150

In case your F150 windshield wipers won’t turn off, you can try to switch it off manually.

Push the car’s stalk button for two to four seconds to bring the wipers to the off position and switch off the rain-sensing function.

Avoid handling them directly since malfunctioning wipers are common, and the razor blades could sever your fingers.

You can turn the wipers off by pushing the stalk downward and turn them on by pushing the stalk upward.

Therefore, having control over the wipers, being able to use them whenever you want, and limiting their mobility for a set period of time are among the most important benefits of manipulation.

Automatic controls, on the other hand, frequently encounter difficulties because the system exceeds many drivers’ boundaries.

How To Maintain F150 Windshield Wipers

Deactivate Your Wipers Prior To Turning Off The Vehicle

The first step to maintaining your windshield wipers is deactivating them prior to turning off your vehicle.

Failure to do so increases the likelihood that they may resume when the car is started.

This could damage the wiper blades and subject them to unnecessary wear and strain that renders the wipers ineffective.

Clean The Wipers With Sandpaper

Your wiper blades may eventually stop contacting the windscreen as a result of the gradual buildup of dirt and debris on them.

They can be cleaned with sandpaper twice every year to remove any buildup and reboot the blade’s capacity to clean and wash the windscreen.

The blades losing touch with the windscreen can be caused by environmental factors such as the natural accumulation of dirt and debris, among many others.

The ability of the blades can be maintained by sandpaper cleaning every two years, keeping them in constant touch with the glass.

Avoid Using Your Wipers While There Is Still Dirt On The Windshield

Using the wipers when there is still dirt on your windscreen makes it difficult for the wiper blades to adequately clear it and dry the windshield of any moisture without being hampered by any material left over from prior wiper passes or other road debris.

Thus, suppose this happens to you; it would be best to clean your windshield of any debris or film before wiping it clean with a dry cloth.

Click here if the film on the windshield doesn’t come off.

If you don’t do so, there’s a potential that debris will get caught in your blades and cause them to lose their effectiveness eventually.

Also, don’t forget to check the windshield washer fluid level and top it off.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the answer to the question of why your F150 windshield wipers won’t stop.

The wipers frequently fail to switch off when you turn the power off due to a malfunctioning wire or poor connection.

No matter what the reason is, you should go to a repair shop as soon as possible to get it diagnosed and fixed by an expert.

If you have other issues with your windscreen, visit our website to learn how to solve the problems.

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