Forward Camera System Unavailable: Top Reasons & Measures

Automotive safety is always part and parcel of driving. The car world witnesses tons of epic technological advances, including the forward camera system application.

Indeed, it is one of the top safety features of many state-of-the-art vehicles.

However, sometimes, users may catch sight of the forward camera system unavailable warning.

In this article, we’ll discuss the error’s prime causes and the soundest measures you can take to sort it out.

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What Does Camera System Unavailable Mean?

forward camera system unavailable
Camera System Unavailable

In many more recent models, the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) includes the front camera necessary for obstacle- or traffic-aware cruise control.

Still, on occasion, Toyota’s dashboards may pop up message that the forward camera system is unavailable with lost communication, leading to the front camera fault service required.

This communication error is pretty common in Toyota vehicles.

This safety feature continuously scans the path ahead, notifies the driver of possible risks. As such, it helps you stay safe and focus on the current drive or planned drive.

Beyond that, several Toyota Safety Sense systems might not work once the camera is unavailable Ford, posing a collision possibility.

Locating the root causes of the problem can be nerve-racking, even for an expert, due to its intricacy and sensitivity.

We’ll review the most popular reasons and potential measures for such an issue to assist you.

Forward Camera System Unavailable: Why?

rav4 front camera unavailable
The Reasons Of Forward Camera System Unavailable

Why do you receive the notification of the front camera temporarily not available

Here comes a list of 6 proven culprits: high temperatures, debris or dust on your lenses, mud or snow on the windshield, misaligned windscreen, wiring matters, and lousy system design.

Mud Or Snow On Your Windshield

The front camera is housed on the windshield’s top, and it is partially cleaned by the wipers.

Still, ice and snow accumulation during the harsh winter months may limit the cameras’ range of vision, emitting the warning of the front camera not working.

You will face the same once this region is covered with muck or dust. Try to clear the snow and wash the dirt utterly. Beyond that, using a towel to protect the windshield from ice and snow is advisable.

Front Camera Out Of Temperature Range

The active vehicle alerts of Ford front camera malfunction service required can stem from the hot weather or high temperature.

According to some Toyota C HR owners, the front camera’s exposure to out-of-range temperature can link to poor front-camera signals.

Typically, an alert can appear after the vehicle is parked in the scorching sun. Still, even though Toyota Motor Corporation is conscious of the matter, no recalls have been issued yet.

To prevent this from happening, just pick another parking spot without the intense heat.

Build-up Dust Or Debris On Lenses

Although the rearview mirror housing tightly encloses your front camera, occasional microscopic dust or humidity from the environmental conditions might still find its way inside.

These specks will amass the current setting camera’s lens with time, obscuring the vision with the error messages of Toyota front camera unavailable or even other car models.

In this case, test your vehicle’s temporary condition, uninstall your rearview housing, and clear the lenses of particles to be back to normal operation.

Misaligned Windscreen

Sometimes, the front camera problem can pop up after a wrong windscreen replacement.

This is prevalent in today’s vehicles when a new windscreen’s tiny alignment error offsets the camera’s view area and the visual information it transmits toward the car.

As such, it will impact other safety system elements due to the faulty readings and data it transmits.

Just carrying out a particular calibration procedure to get the component back to normal.

Still, this technique is typically beyond the capabilities of DIY automobile repair due to the specialized required equipment. Thus, visit a licensed dealer or a scheduling service if this is the case.

Wiring Problems

The wiring securing the cameras to the matching harness in Toyota vehicles is probably damaged, resulting in the front camera malfunction service required.

Humidity and physical damage during repair can also worsen this situation. This interferes with the camera signals and may even interrupt it whatsoever.

Not to mention, wiring faults, and the ensuing electrical shorts often result in blown fuses, making electrical systems stop functioning.

Wiring faults will also end up with power supply disturbances, a lousy electrical power grid, charge port inlet obstruction, and fluctuated voltage battery charge level.

Beyond that, blown fuses and electrical shorts can wreak havoc on the power distribution box, control box connection, charging speed, charge current, maximum charge level, charge cable connector, control box housing, charge port latch, maximum charge rate, connector handle, power sources, and even the backup power source, thermal sensor, to name a few.

Inspect your device settings to pinpoint the software or hardware component issues for effective communication and better vehicle conditions. Have the schedule service if needed.

Defensive System Design

Pre – collision systems are standard equipment in most new cars and are intended to lessen the impact of collisions.

These technologies may use parking sensors, a valid control pilot signal, and headlight technology to detect potential collisions and take appropriate action, such as showing an emergency brake light, alerting the driver, or involving the parking brake pedal.

These technologies, however, do not always work correctly in your car. Having a dirty sensor is one frequent cause.

Also, sometimes a software update that has yet to be deployed will also make the camera and the entire pre-collision system unavailable.

How To Fix The Forward Camera System (Pre-collision) Unavailable?

toyota corolla front camera unavailable
Repair To Forward Camera System Unavailable

You can solve the hurdles with the Pre Collision System unavailable error (PCS) using the repair manual.

Inspect the engine compartment’s Orange Pre-collision system (PCS) fuse. Change it for a fresh one once it gets blown.

Next, examine the PCS sensor behind your front bumper for frayed connections or wires. Any that you find should be tightened or replaced as necessary.

Once everything else fails, reset the PCS system by removing and replacing the battery to restore PCS functionality.

If you’re not confident in the DIY approaches, take your auto to a certified mechanic or supplier for additional diagnostics and suitable measures.


What Is Toyota Front Camera Used For?

As stated, Toyota automobiles’ TSS function, including a front camera, uses several sensors for environmental monitoring and taking the proper preventive measures to keep you safe while driving.

This allows Pre-Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control to function seamlessly with the microwave radar hidden beneath the front grille.

Not to mention, this feature will help assure the vehicle is within the lines and figure out the road signs to inform the drivers of the local road regulations. 

Where Are Toyota Forward Cameras Located?

Typically, a front camera is permanently housed inside the rear view mirror casing.


It’s irritating once you encounter the forward camera system unavailable error code.

Whether due to a malfunction, a lack of maintenance, or a faulty relevant component, you must have the software or hardware issue handled timely to navigate your vehicle safely.

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