Full Accessory Power Active: Is It Worth Using?

Sometimes, your car will pop up the accessory power active message, so what does it mean? New accessories, new power!

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If you’ve ever wondered what the acronyms on your automobile’s dashboard signify, you’re not the only one. Now, let’s take a closer look at this to identify whether it suits your style.

This blog article will break down FAP and explain its implications for drivers. Scroll down for quick answers from our qualified professionals!

What Is Full Accessory Power Active?

Full Accessory Power Active

What does full accessory power active mean? Full accessory power, also known as “FAP,” is among the most perplexing mechanical terms.

It’s a technology that enables your car to function even after the ignition has been shut off.

Though you can’t look down on this handy feature, it will cause the power drain of the battery, so individual users should only turn to it when essential.

Which Accessories Are Active With The FAP?


Even after you have turned off the vehicle, you can leave the headlights on. This can be beneficial if you need to replace a tire at night or park your car in a dark area.

Climate Control

The accessory power is active to keep running the climate control system, heating, or air conditioner after the car is off.

It makes sense to maintain your vehicle at a comfortable temperature while sitting in a hot or cold place.


Specific models allow the windows to stay rolled up or down when a car is shut off.

This can be handy if you wish to keep the sun out of your auto while parked in a shaded area or let some fresh air inside the cabin.


Some car models have trunks remaining open even when the engine is off. Anyone wishing to load or unload goods while not wanting to keep the car running will thank this feature.


You can continue listening to your favorite tunes on some radios even after you power off the vehicle.

However, some highly-rated, verified experts advise you to deactivate the radio when not in use, as doing so will cause the battery to deplete rapidly.

How To Turn Off Full Accessory Power Active?

You can push the start button 2 times with no brake engaged to shut off the FAP feature, just like when you want to activate it.

Otherwise, follow the directions in your owner’s manual or from an auto service technician/auto manufacturer for professional advice.

Effectively Using The Full Accessory Power Feature: Tips & Tricks

Effectively Using The Full Accessory Power Feature

Switch Off Any Unnecessary Accessory

Turn off any accessories you aren’t using. This will assist in preserving the power of your auto battery and avoid several bad experiences on the go.

Set Your Eyes On The Battery Level

When utilizing the Accessory Power Override Active technology, keep a close watch on the state of your vehicle’s battery.

Turn off the function and let the battery charge if it starts to get low. It also makes sense to refer to tips for charging the battery properly.

Adopt FAP After A Long Drive

Your battery will have a full charge after a long trip. Thus, it is the perfect moment to use the Accessory Power option if you need to.

Utilize FPA For A Short Period

Back again, the Accessory Power Active warning system will quickly deplete your car’s battery if it is left on for an extended period. Use it only when you require it.


Where Can I Find The FAP Feature?

The Ford Explorer full accessory power active feature is typically found on the dash or close to the ignition switch. Also, to see exactly where to look for this feature, read the owner’s manual of your car.

Should You Use The FAP Feature?

It’s up to your demand. Nonetheless, as stated, it consumes so much voltage battery power when you leave many accessories running in the background.

FAP offers multiple benefits, though: aiding you in enjoying your radio time and monitoring the climate control system, headlights, and trunk, if needed, when your car turns off.

Whenever you ever have any doubts regarding whether or not to use the FAP, turn to the owner’s manual of your vehicle.

They will have more detailed instructions on how to utilize it securely and efficiently.

Full Accessory Power Active Car Won’t Start – What To Do?

This situation indicates that you have ignited the vehicle and switched the Full Accessory Power function on but not started the vehicle yet.

It’s because you press the ignition button without the brake pedal impact.

However, once you see the message on the center screen, even when you are hitting the brake, the automobile likely has an issue.

In reality, a Ford dealer identifies the Ford full accessory power active car won’t start due to a defective onboard battery module.

This is a complex situation in general. You must consult professionals or contact customer service in the Ford service department or a Ford dealer to handle this hurdle instead of DIY.

Full Accessory Power Active Ford F150: What Does It Mean?

In fact, some 2015 Ford F-150 state “Full accessory power active” on the center screen while the engine turned on after making a strange noise and vibrating.

Then, they stalled and were even unable to put the car in reverse.

Should you not detect any other abnormal sign along with the message, it’s just an announcement that the FAP is on, and you are good to go.

Take your car to the Ford dealer or Ford Motor Company for professional advice. A battery replacement and code reset will likely help the car run well.

The Bottom Line

Many accessories will keep running if the full accessory power active is engaged, even if the ignition is turned off.

No one can undermine the upsides of the full power accessory active, yet it often drains the battery in your automobile remarkably.

In other words, it is best to use this capability only when necessary for your safety issue.

We hope this tutorial about “Accessary Power is active” has been helpful.

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