How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car – Beyond Your Expected Number

Can you paint a car with spray cans? Yes, of course. Spray paint is a dominant tendency that draws automobile lovers’ attention.

Maybe because this innovative method offers a wide range of conveniences, and it gives you a sense of excitement and free creation.

Nevertheless, a paint job requires several dedicated insights, especially regarding how many cans of spray paint to paint a car.

Besides, the tools and the right spraying style are crucial to paint a car with spray cans.

You have clicked on the right article to discover all related things about car spraying. Join us to solve your problem right now!

Spray Can – A Bright Idea To Paint A Car

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car

If you ask any DIYer whether rattle cans are ideal for repainting the car, they will not hesitate to say yes.

Compared to traditional methods, spray paint is easier and more affordable at home. Moreover, this way offers plenty of color choices that suit your interest.

Not to mention, the finished layer dries much quicker, which eases the post-cleaning.

The important point is that you get enough necessary tools and skills to conduct. Or else the final product may turn out a mess instead of an even and shiny coat.

Thus, we want to notify you of one thing below.

Avoid mistaking between automotive paint and house paint. They differ remarkably in quality and function. If you apply the wrong type of paint to your vehicle, the results may end up really terrible.

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car?

First, consider the spray brand, which offers a different thick formula. Second, decide on the intended layers of coats.

For an optimized result, 2-3 coats of paint are an ideal choice. Then plus another four cans for your bumper. By that, you need 20 rattle cans or more.

Those requirements are extremely important depending on different kinds of vehicles. So it would help if you considered what suits your vehicle best such as model, color, or exposure to the sun.

Suppose you don’t afford that whole bunch of cans. Feel free to lower the number to 10.

However, remember that you get what you pay. Sufficient coats will enable the paint to stick more firmly, lengthening its longevity.

How To Paint A Car With Spray Cans?

Here are 8 particular steps about how to spray paint a car with rattle cans.


Safety tools include a face mask, glasses, and đeicated strap suit.

Other essential tools you need to prepare are an orbital sander, rubbing compound, hand sandpaper (120 up to 1500 grit), primer, masking film, lacquer thinner – also used to clean the catalytic converter, cleat, coat, body filler, rust-oleum enamel, mineral spirit, acetone, tack cloth, and of course spray paints.

Scrape Off The Current Paint

Before this task, remember to put on protective gears such as glasses and masks.

Start sanding off the paint strongly until you see the bare metal. The ultimate tip is to follow the circular motion to sand down all paint quickly.

Next, detach the damaged surface like rust using sandpaper of 180 grit. Then use 400 or 600 grit paper to let the paint surface be available.

Mend The Dented Area

Apply the dented area with prepared body filler and hardener. Never stir the mixture, or you will encounter a bubbling hole on the surface.

It would be best to wait until the mix hardened before sanding it down.

Clean The Surface

Use mineral spirit to clean all the painted surfaces. This important step will detach the oil residue for better performance.

Cover The Unpainted Area

Cover the unpainted area using the masking tape and masking film. The window trip, for example, along with mirrors or grills.

Mist The Primer

Now it is time to apply paint. Put on three coats of primer first. Take an interval of 15 minutes, waiting for each layer to dry. Afterward, keep waiting around 24 hours until the primer has been cured.

Then, use the sand to detach the primer with sandpaper of 1200 grit.

Apply On The Paint

Before any usage, please read the directions clearly. Shake the rattle cans softly to increase the inside pressure.

Then, rotate it to the side, adjust the paint gun and begin spraying with an even side-to-side motion

Normally, you paint the first two coats in a few hours. Until they have dried, keep sanding and prepare to apply the last coat.

Apply The Clear Outer Coat

After that, spray on the last lacquer layer. Now you may take out the masking tape and wait until the cleat coat has dried completely.

Polish The Whole Post Surface

Polish the painted surface using rubbing compounds or rubbing alcohol instead. Remember to apply in circular motions.

How Long To Finish A Spray Can Process?

The entire process to paint a car with spray cans may take you several days to two weeks. To be more detailed, follow the expected schedule below.

The longest step lies in the preparing stage. It takes you three days or longer to remove the former paint. You must hardly sand, detach or even repair the dents and prime the surface.

Moving on to the painting period, you will feel much more relaxed as it takes less effort. Three coats require various time lengths.

If you apply the oil-based primer, you will spend half a day painting the primer and go right to the color layer. If not, please wait three or four hours for a better performance.

The total spraying and drying time of color coats takes at least 30 minutes. Depending on different paint types, it may last up to a whole day.

In addition, make sure to do some clear touch-ups before painting the last clear coat.


How Long Is The Longevity Of The Spray Can On The Car?

Paint longevity depends on two main factors. The first thing relates to how well you implement the process. You need to follow step by step in a proper and detailed way.

The other factor is about the way you preserve the pain layer. Especially, try to avoid too much exposure to UV rays or intense weather.

If you follow those two conditions well, the maintenance of paint could last up to a maximum of 15 years.

Is It Expensive To Paint A Car With Rattle-Cans?

It is indeed, but you could afford the price. A whole outside surface requires a lot of paint to cover for sure. And the tools, from the scraping step to the final, vary.

More specifically, you need four cans of primer and two or three cans of clear coat. All of them together may cost around $200 to $250.

Regarding the protective items, you must have safety glasses, a mask, masking tape, a paint masker, and a drop cloth. The total would be up to $300.

Other tools include sandpapers, air compressors, orbital sander, solvents, and body fillers. Another $300 will be required.

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Truck?

The paint needed is quite generous for a large vehicle like a truck. 6 to 7 quarts of paint would be enough. If you are a newbie, you need a little more paint for two primer coats.

How To Paint A Hood With A Spray Can?

First, put a thin primer layer on the hood. We hold the canister vertically above the hood. Then, rotate it to the side, point the spray gun at the hood, and start spray-painting.

Apply the same process on the reverse side. Repeat until you finish the entire hood.

Bottom Line

How To Paint A Car With Spray Cans?

As you see, it is predictable to know how many cans of spray paint to paint a car. All you need to do is to consider and estimate an approximate amount of rattle cans for your motor friend.

Now, let’s run to the nearby garage and purchase a sufficient amount of paint and get down to your business.

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