How To Remove Lojack From My Car? [Answered]

Although LoJack is undeniably a helpful device that has great assistance in guarding against thieves, there are certain points people may not wish to carry it in their car all the time.

So how to remove Lojack from my car?

If that’s also your case, here is where you should land for the ultimate tips answering the question. Wait no longer but delve into and grasp further right now!

What Is LoJack And How Does It Work?

How To Remove LoJack From My Car?

What Is LoJack?

After hearing the term “LoJack” from time to time via various contexts, such as vehicle dealerships, TV shows, or law enforcement organizations, you must probably bear several questions in mind wondering about this mechanism.

What is a LoJack device exactly? How does it operate? And how do I know if my car has LoJack? These are among the most typical ones we have received.

A LoJack device is, in essence, a GPS-dependent tracking system that enables users to find stolen belongings or cars.

Owners of automobiles, dealerships, fleet owners, and law enforcement organizations all use this gadget in conjunction with its service.

That is why knowing about it is frequently useful if you have one on your vehicle, especially in the event that your automobile gets smuggled.

How Does It Work?

First off, you may find the original Lojack functions a bit differently.

This is because it is nothing like other contemporary stolen vehicle recovery alarm systems, which rely on GPS or other cellular network technology to relay its location.

The traditional LoJack instead communicates the spot to the closest police patrol vehicle report fitted with a LoJack transponder using radio frequency technology.

When engaged, the LoJack command center effectively acts as a sophisticated GPS application that benefits the business and, successively, law enforcement computers or law enforcement agencies to locate the precise location of your vehicle.

Now, let’s talk about the mission of the owner whose car was stolen. He or she must first report the circumstance to the police in order for them to add it to the National Crime Information Center.

This will instantly turn on the LockJack device in your car and send the position of it as well as warning alerts to a police officer with a LoJack Police Tracking Computer.

And that’s neatly how to track a car with LoJack!

Lojack – Pros & Cons


There are benefits and drawbacks to the RF method of vehicle location. Those which are advantageous could be named as follows:

  • There is no particular demand in terms of cellular range.
  • The LoJack device for car comes with a backup battery in case your battery is dead because of particular reasons or the burglar disconnects the car’s battery.
  • Satellite coverage is not necessary.
  • Extended warranty.


  • A LoJack Police Tracking Computer is not standard equipment on all police patrol cars.
  • This tracking device will be ineffective if the stolen car is driven to a remote or rural region.
  • Have no function to transmit GPS-based location information.
  • Stolen cars must be between 5 and 7 miles away from a police car with a receiver.

Where Is The LoJack Located On My Car?

For the reasons of safety, in the very first steps of manufacturing, there is a prep during the time of installation for preventing the thieves from addressing the device’s position.

As such, a qualified technician will install each LoJack randomly in one of the 20 locations on the car.

Needless to say, no tech will reveal or be allowed to reveal where the installed device is.

However, since the LoJack device is battery-powered, the following locations are typical on how to LoJack a car.

  • The area behind or below the glove box.
  • Beneath the under panel of the dash.
  • Near lights on the vehicle’s headliner.
  • Either behind or below the instrument cluster.
  • Behind the fabric trunk liner in the trunk.
  • Behind airbags.
  • Concealed inside door panel.
  • Back of a radio.
  • Throughout unibody gaps.

If you cannot detect the device, you can also check your vehicle identification number (VIN) to see whether your vehicle is equipped with one.

You can inquire by calling LoJack customer service at 1-877-563-0032 during business hours.

We would not advise you to expect much from this deed. Remember that they are not obligated to provide you with any information.

Such a privacy policy might be harsh somehow, but it is merely a safety measure that can aid a lot in case anything bad happens.

How To Remove LoJack From My Car?

Removing or disabling one of these devices won’t be simple unless you’re a trained LoJack installer.

Things will get challenging to locate the device in the first place because there isn’t a predefined area to install it.

As aforementioned, your installer or auto dealer will not disclose the LoJack location of the installation.

So if you want to get rid of such a gadget so badly, there are two possible ways that you can employ it.

The first is simply locating the LoJack and removing it. The second is to disable the device using some particular techniques.

For physically removing the LoJack:

Step 1: Check out the potential locations listed above to see whether your device is in one of them.

Step 2: Make sure you know what it looks like.

The LoJack should resemble a rectangular, black box with a battery-like shape. The device has no logo besides the FCC ID and some other fundamental details about the specific model.

Step 3: Detach all of its three cables, including the battery and the ground cable, along with an antenna line.

To disable LoJack using specialized techniques, the car owner could also use a GPS tracking jammer to override them to stop incoming signals from reaching the gadget.

Similarly, a GPS tracking jammer might overpower the outgoing signals and employ software to broadcast the GPS satellites to a bogus location.

Nevertheless, without the owner’s consent, performing these tasks is illegal and could interfere with nearby GPS-dependent equipment.


Where Is The LoJack Located On My Car

Above is all that you may wish to know about such a practical gadget. Now we have the guides on how to remove LoJack from my car.

It’s time to adopt these ultimate tips to make your way through and get exactly what you want.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our upcoming updates. See you then!

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