How To Transfer Car Title In NJ- What You Should Know

Are you planning to move to New Jersey with your beloved four-wheeled friend? Do you live in this state and consider buying/selling/gifting a new car

Whichever case you are in, you are required to complete the title transfer process under regulations enacted in New Jersey.

However, this complex process will take more investment than you think as the vehicle title transfer fee and documents vary from case to case.

Scroll down for more information on how to transfer car title in NJ!

In Which Situations Should You Transfer Car Title In NJ?

how to transfer car title in nj
Transfer Car Title In NJ

Whenever you want to move to another state or change the car’s original owner, you must update the original vehicle title immediately.

A car must always have a title in all cases.

When changing title of car in NJ to a new owner, it will reflect the current owner’s information along with all the information about the vehicle’s history, such as origin, age, latest updates and upgrades, and more.

In New Jersey, the government has issued many specific property transfer regulations. Essential documents include the original title and transfer certificate (signed by the buyer and seller).

However, depending on the vehicle’s condition and the vehicle owner’s circumstances, the documents for each NJ transfer car title case have certain differences.

For example, if you are from another state, you must show your old title to your local motor vehicle department.

With a car coming from out of state, you must submit all documents proving the seller’s ownership and the transfer notice.

For a pre-owned vehicle, you must declare the lien holder’s information, ensuring that the debts are paid before the wheel is processed.

How To Transfer Car Title In NJ- Regular Process

Short answer: It is a complicated process as each case requires a different amount of documents to be prepared and a title transfer fee.

The ownership when transferring car title New Jersey cannot be done by post but must be handled directly at motor vehicle dealers.

Read the requirements below carefully to ensure you get this job done quickly without penalty fees.

The Seller Must

  • Remove the license plate and hand it to the full-service or motor vehicle dealer. You can ignore this requirement if the license plate is being transferred to another vehicle.
  • Give the certificate of ownership to the car buyer.
  • On the back of the title, please sign the full name of the birth and give it to the buyer. The vehicle sellers also need to transfer the sales invoice, including the date of sale, the name and address of the buyers, the sales price at that time, and the mileage odometer reading (it can be an estimate if it is impossible to accurately determine the exact distance).

The Buyer Must

On the back of the title, please sign your full birth name in the buyer’s section. Before visiting a motor vehicle dealership, prepare your Entity Identification Number (EIN) or driver’s license.

Besides, don’t forget the registered current title, the vehicle title transfer form (form BA-49), a power of attorney (if applicable), the buyer’s license/any other vehicle identification document, and the New Jersey state insurance document.

Complete a vehicle registration form (Form BA-49) and receive a license plate.

Note: All transfers within the state of Jersey must be completed within 10 days. You must pay a $25 penalty if you exceed this time limit.

How To Transfer A Car Title In NJ When NJ Dealer Goes Out Of Business?

changing car title in nj
Way To Transfer A Car Title In NJ If Dealer Goes Out Of Business

If the transfer cannot be completed directly due to the death of the deceased car’s legal owner, you can still do it! Here are two ways to transfer car ownership depending on whether there is a will.

Changing Car Title In NJ With A Will

Any vehicle registered in the decedent’s name should preferably be transferred within 30 days after the time of death.

If the person in the name includes both spouses, you must submit the original car title, Affidavit (notarized, form BA-62), and a copy of the certificate of death.

The required transfer title fee is $60; an additional $4.5 may sometimes be incurred.

If there is a will, the transfer of title will require an additional short certificate of the surrogate.

Transferring Car Title New Jersey Without A Will

In all cases where the total property value does not exceed $20,000, you must prepare an Affidavit of Surviving Spouse/Civil Union Partner/Domestic Partner (with the country surrogate embossed seal) and present the vehicle’s previous title.

If the net worth is between $20,000 and $50,000, the motor vehicle dealer will require a death certificate (original) and a notarized affidavit.

For property values of $50,000 or more, you must have the original title (assigned by the estate’s administrator) and a short certificate from the administrator (with the embossed seal of the Country Surrogate where its previous owner used to live).

How To Gift A Vehicle To Family In NJ?

transfer car title in nj

Good news! If you’re upgrading to a new car and want to give your old vehicle away to a decent family member, the process needs to be similar to a transfer.

You must prepare the sales invoice and title and fill in all the relevant information.

In the price section, you should leave a “gift” or “no” note to explain the transfer as a gift.

The gift recipient must complete NJ’s ownership transfer title process, then pay the necessary taxes and vehicle title fees for the gifted vehicle.


How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Car Title NJ?

After completing the proper transfer title process, you must pay a different fee depending on your situation.

Transferring a vehicle title to a standard vehicle is only $60. However, it will cost you about $85 for an active lien and $110 for two liens on your car.

How Long Do You Have To Transfer A Title In NJ?

New Jersey law requires you to submit documents related to the transfer of title and vehicle registration within 10 days if you do not want to pay additional fees.

Then, wait about 60 days (or longer in some unfortunate cases) to complete the procedures.

What Documents Are Required For Change Of Ownership Of Car?

You must first prepare at least 4 documents below:

  • Notice of traffic registration number (ANR)
  • Application for registration and licensing (RLV)
  • Notice of sale/transfer of motor vehicle (NCO)
  • Notice of change of particulars (NCP)

You must add other necessary transfer of documents, depending on each case. For more details, research state policy carefully and get advice from your local motor vehicle dealer.

Does A Title Transfer Need To Be Notarized In NJ?

Sure enough! Before going to a motor vehicle dealer, prepare a transfer statement, including the year of manufacture, date, and sale-purchase price with the same brand and VIN.

After signing both parties’ names, you must have your legal document notarized.

Some Last Words

After reading this article carefully, we are sure that you now know how to transfer car title in NJ under different circumstances.

Never ignore this mandatory process unless you risk losing vehicle ownership and huge fines!

And now, it’s time to complete this transfer title process quickly so you can update your original documents immediately without incurring late fees. Good luck with your vehicle ownership transfer!

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