Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter: How To Tell If It Is Bad?

If you own a Cherokee, you probably love its versatility. The Jeep Cherokee has many features making it stand out, yet some may need to pay attention to a vital part called the Jeep Cherokee service shifter

It makes driving even more comfortable and safer, but it sometimes drives you insane by being on unnecessarily.

You can’t help but keep wondering what to do if this light is on and can’t be turned off. This issue makes you neglect your driving on the go, putting you at risk somehow.

This article will explain how to check the service shifter on your Jeep and what to do if this section goes wrong. Get the ball rolling!

Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter: What Does It Mean?

Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter

What does service shifter mean on a Jeep Cherokee? A service shifter light on implies your car’s entire shifter needs professional maintenance.

Lucky you, a service shifter usually entails a simple repair at the Jeep dealership. The professional mechanic will check and replace the fuses, software, and shifter if required.

The lights’ root causes can be one of the following:

  • The fault electronic shift module service or harness connectors.
  • Poor shifter bezel assembly.

Can You Drive The Jeep Cherokee With The Service Shifter Light On?

Depending on your car’s model, the true answer may vary.

In most cases, you can continue to drive your car with the gearshift light on even when it’s brought on by a security software update or poor wiring if there are no other persistent car’s issue symptoms.

A service shifter warning frequently means nothing is wrong and there is no major issue, except for the 2014–2015 model cars.

Think twice should you be a 2014 or 2015 Jeep Cherokee KL driver. Driving the car without the recall fixes is not advised. It would be better not to drive in it and to contact the tow truck instead.

Additionally, once your Jeep Cherokee has a “Service Shifter” notice and you’re not sure of the year or model, you should get in touch with a repair shop to have the shifter looked at.

Until the Jeep is fixed, long-distance driving should be avoided and taken as quickly as possible to an auto service.

Is There A Recall For The Service Shifter On Jeep Cherokee?

As mentioned above, the recall for service shifters can occur based on the car model.

While the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter light keeping on can be a severe problem in the model years 2014 and 2015, other models do not require a recall regarding this part.

A recall will have the following details:

  • NHTSA Campaign Number: a specific number given to a recall.
  • Summary: Details on the recall, including the models affected, the locations where they were purchased or registered, and the problem or component that may be dangerous or not up to minimal safety standards.
  • Consequences: how the recall may jeopardize the vehicle’s operation and safety issue.
  • Remedy: The problem’s possible solutions (repair, replacement, or refund), along with information on how to get in touch with Jeep customer service for support.

More information regarding recall-related repairs:

  • Jeep Recall Hotline: (800) 853-1403
  • NHTSA Hotline: 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236)

You will receive a notification if your vehicle is subject to recall. Make a servicing appointment with your Jeep dealership mechanic immediately if your car is subject to a recall.

On the Jeep Recall Information website, you can also learn if the recall affects your car.

To determine whether your Jeep Cherokee is under a recall effort, you’ll need to enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Owners and lessees are typically given free recall repairs.

How To Switch Off A Service Light?

How To Switch Off A Service Light

Restart Your Engine

First, to switch off your service shifter Jeep Cherokee light, just stop and restart if you’re driving. This way can clear any service shifter message.

When you shift from automatic to manual on steep and rocky terrain, restarting the engine often performs better than in other conditions.

If no results can be yielded, try other measures to deactivate your light as below.

Unplug Your Battery

Disconnecting the Jeep’s battery helps the service shifter light disappear. Wait 30 mins after unplugging your battery’s negative and positive ends.

Reverse all previous steps to reconnect, and the light will vanish for a while.

After that, warning lights like the service air suspicion, vehicle display, and 4WD drive usually turn on.

Low voltage makes the ECU malfunction, so it’s flashing warning lights. Battery unplugging can restore the computer’s precise voltage.

You may need a diagnostics code reader to erase your warning lights after disconnecting the battery.

Change The Oil

Your Jeep may require oil replacement. Low engine oil results in engine parts overheating due to a lack of lubrication.

The automatic transmission system can utilize the cooling section to assist, triggering your service light.

This way will restore regular operation, and the service light will go off.

Replace The Bad Shifter’s Wiring

The Jeep shifter service’s faulty wiring can cause several symptoms. These concerns affect your car’s fuel economy and performance.

Some sure signs of a bad cable shifting:

These cables are fixed in two points to keep all sleeves cables in place.

Once the shifter moves, it renders the sleeve move, adjusts the control arm of the gear, and permits gear changes (from the first to the third position, for example).

That’s why poor shift cables can cause uncommon gear shifting.

What to do:

  • Eliminate the bezel shifter assembly.
  • Press the push tab to unplug your cable. The new bezel would have one cable’s end getting inside your module while the other is deep down your engine control arm.
  • After disconnecting all cables from your shifter and engine control arm, plug in a new cable. Afterward, check the shifter’s operation and hardness.
  • The light will turn off once you replace your trim bezel.

Change Your Shifter

Whether the service shifter 2017 Jeep Cherokee or theservice shifter 2018 Jeep Cherokee, replace it if the light is still on after doing all steps above.

This may indicate a more severe and real issue with the gear shifter. After turning off your engine, the car can’t go back to “PARK” automatically.

Occasionally, your parking brake doesn’t work while you leave the driver’s door open and the car on.

Replace your gear shifter and reboot the engine. Then, the shifter service warning light no longer turns on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Fix The Service Shifter Light At Home?

In short, yes. But we don’t recommend doing so.

In essence, it is possible to figure out why the service light illuminates and solve the problem independently.

You will need to utilize an OBD2 scanner to read the Diagnostic trouble codes and make the necessary adjustments (as stated).

Once you spot the causes of the light error, replace the shifter and other components accordingly.

Even after following the steps to repair the issue, the shifter light may remain on in some cases. At that time, your best bet is to consult a mechanic.

But keep in mind that this procedure is not at all an easy feat, which calls for great insights into automobiles and a lot of time.

There will be some parts that are not readily available and you have to order.

If you are lucky that the car is still under warranty, bring it to your dealership for repairs to save money.

Is The Service Shifter Covered By Basic Warranty?

A Jeep dealership mechanic may not cover service shifter issues under factory warranty. So you’ll likely pay all the repair cost yourself.

However, you can contact your nearest dealership for a diagnosis.

The mechanics can aid you in evaluating repairs or replacements’ average cost and examining the warranty’s application based on a 100,000-mile or 5-year Powertrain warranty on the Jeep’s model year.

They will provide you with the best deals for reliable and affordable services.

What Is The Service Shifter Jeep Cherokee Cost For Replacement?

Repairing or replacing the shifter service warning light in your Jeep Grand Cherokee will typically cost you between $400 and $1,000, including the labor costs inside.

The difference in the cost is due to whether you have to fix or invest in a new one.

It’s best to call your dealership ahead to verify whether this repair is covered by the warranty so that it won’t dig deeper in your pocket.

The Bottom Line

As you see, your Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter might quickly receive a warning light when there is trouble, or there may be no cause.

Only a 2014 or 2015 model that was not repaired from safety recall should be hauled (not driven) and taken to a service department to address likely broken parts.

Also, you can go to the dealership for repairs for all other models.

We’ve rounded up the quick answers and DIY solutions for repairing your Jeep Cherokee service shifter and getting everything back up for running smoothly again.

Share the good read with other Jeep Cherokee owners as well.

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