Kia Soul Transmission Problems – 7 Surprised Facts

Kia Soul vehicle is one of the most popular brands worldwide, widely used by numerous drivers.

However, Kia Soul transmission problems seem confusing to many, as they lack sufficient knowledge to handle them well. Our article will come in handy if you are in the same boat.

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What Are The Kia Soul Transmission Problems?

kia soul transmission problems
Kia Soul Transmission Problems

Here are some common transmission issues that you might face when driving a Kia Soul automobile: engine failures, delayed shifting, jerking and hesitation, lack of response, loud and clunking noise, transmission slippage, flimsy suspension.

Let’s take a closer look at each case.

Engine Failures

The transmission system is responsible for delivering signals from the powertrain control module to other motor parts of your vehicle.

If the car engine is out of order, they will block the signal flow and deteriorate transmission functions. Below are a few symptoms helping you detect this problem more easily:

  • White smoke comes out of the hood
  • Corroded wires
  • Abnormal noises
  • Sudden slowing down of a vehicle

Delayed Shifting

Given the faulty transmission, you might feel that your car shows a delay or lacks response when you switch from one velocity to another speed.

This practice is quite uncomfortable and even dangerous by confusing you a lot, which could lead to accidents in some cases. The primary sign of the problem lies in your car’s hesitation sensation.

Jerking And Hesitation 

Jerking and hesitation are present in the list. It means that your car, especially automatic transmission brands, does not give you a smoother driving experience than a manual vehicle.

Specifically, you can feel a delay in your automobile’s reaction when turning over in different directions or pressing the accelerator pedal (notice the humming noise when accelerating as well).

Lack Of Response

Lack of response also denotes your car’s delay, but in the transmission throttle.

For instance, when you are driving on the road and want to depress the throttle, the mechanism’s process could take a couple of seconds before completing.

Loud And Clunking Noise When Shifting

Every modern car is manufactured to limit excess noise with the purpose of bringing the most pleasant driving experience, and the Kia Soul model is not an exception.

If you hear some unpleasant sounds when shifting, particularly clunking noises, there is a high chance that your car may get into trouble, mostly stemming from a damping issue.

Transmission Slippage

The transmission system is not designed to slip, so when the slippage problem occurs, some damage must be rendered to it.

It is strongly recommended that you should check its mechanical components to detect wear and tear.

To do so, you can rely on a diagnostic tool and spray onto their surfaces. Wait a minute before the error code displays. The gear slip sound is also a clear indicator.

Flimsy Suspension

Drivers of Kia Soul vehicles with transmission issues have reported suspension faults. As mentioned earlier, transmission takes charge of sending signals among car devices.

So when it gets damaged, the signal delivery is blocked, affecting tires, springs, or shock absorbers, etc. and eventually triggering the loss in fuel efficiency.

How To Solve The Issue?

2021 kia soul transmission problems
The Way Of Solve The Problems?

Below are feasible remedies to the Kia Soul transmission issues that you should take close notice of:

  • The transmission system consists of a clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, wiring network, universal joints, etc. If one of them goes wrong, you should get transmission replacement immediately to avert the worst scenario of engine failures and failing suspension.
  • If your automobile displays a delayed shifting, you should check the gear ratio sensors or reactivate the software settings. It will be better to get them examined by qualified mechanics unless you are well-informed about the automobile field.
  • Suppose your car shows common warning signs of jerking and hesitation; you should investigate the problem’s roots, whether driving from bad dampers or other mechanical devices, and have them fixed promptly.
  • You can resolve the lack of response issue by addressing the worn throttle. Replacing it with a new one is a good idea. Remember to buy it from a reliable store to avoid bad-quality products.
  • If your vehicle emanates strange sounds, you should tow it to a service center so certified mechanics will check the assembly’s overall condition.
  • Replacing the solenoids is the best method to handle bad transmission slippage. This procedure is quite difficult, so it would help if you didn’t undertake it at home for the sake of your safety.

What Does It Cost To Fix The Kia Soul’s Car Transmission Problems?

2018 kia soul transmission problems
Is Expensive To Fix The Kia Soul’s Car Transmission Problems

The answer depends on various factors.

Indeed, if your automobile is suffering from serious manual transmission wear, the cost of repair could climb up a few thousand dollars, as the motor gears’ prices are quite high, and you also have to pay for the transmission services.

On average, the maintenance might cost you about 440 dollars, cheaper than other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kia Soul Years Should You Avoid?

Following is a list of Kia Soul models that you should not buy.

Kia Soul 2012

There are many complaints against the Kia Soul 2012 model regarding its body integrity, safety features, engine braking and other shortcomings.

Odd noises are a nagging problem, and many drivers frequently suffer from popping sounds when steering the wheels.

Kia Soul 2013

Engine blowout is an outstanding matter. Lots of vehicle owners even show anger by spending too much money on maintenance and expensive fixes.

Kia Soul 2014

The customers’ dissatisfaction with Kia Soul 2014 lies in the excessive oil consumption, and they regularly face a faulty fuel pump (which needs changing).

Its check engine light and engine block are frequently on the fritz as well.

Kia Soul 2015

Kia Soul 2015 is another name on the black list in terms of reliability due to various complaints about its engines and brake pedal.

The average cost of its gears is also higher than other types of different years.

Which Are Kia Soul Models Suitable To Purchase?

Kia Soul 2011

Although it is a previous model, Kia Soul 2011 still proves its great quality through its adaptable compact SUV, pleasant driving experiences, and least reported problems about its internal engines.

Kia Soul 2018

The 2018 model is famous for its spacious luggage area, upgraded pinion gear and swift turbocharged motor parts.

That’s why it always receives top-notch positive ratings about its reliability, widely trusted by a number of drivers.

Kia Soul 2019

Kia Soul 2019 is one of the latest released models, fully equipped with state-of-the-art devices and gears.

With the luxurious look and minimal sound-emitting features, it certainly attracts many people at first sight.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Kia Soul Automobile?


  • Adjustable and cozy sittings
  • A roomy and boxy shape
  • Great safety feedbacks
  • Modern equipment
  • Aesthetically pleasing information screen and dashboard
  • Noise production to a minimum (applied in modern Kia Soul vehicles)
  • Reliable turbocharged gears


  • A smaller gasoline mileage than other SUV cars because of its non-aerodynamic layout
  • Engines are sometimes too powerful due to many HP, at between 100 and 200. Weak drivers should be careful!
  • Rear seats can’t fold, occupying much space for loading stuff.

The Bottom Line

Our article has provided comprehensive details about the Kia Soul transmission problems and how to address them efficiently.

Besides, knowledge about the repair cost, along with the pros and cons of purchasing a Kia Soul, hopes to assist you.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!

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