P0354 Ignition Coil D Location – Causes And Warning Signs

While there are many services for repairing vehicles, knowing some common faults is essential for drivers.

This article will mention the P0354 ignition coil D location, one of the most-seen OBD2 trouble codes. Your vehicle may experience operational problems if this error code is encountered.

In case you try to drive a car with this code, you can be in danger. As a result, you should learn more about its causes, symptoms, and how to check.

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What Is The P0354 Ignition Coil D Location?

P0354 Ignition Coil D Location

A P0354 code indicates that the coils or ignition coils are not working correctly and have an electrical fault.

The ignition coils are in charge of correctly igniting the air-fuel combination in the combustion chambers of the car engine.

P0354 is a storage code and will appear when your car faults the “D” circuit of the ignition coil (on the secondary or primary side).

But where is ignition coil D located? It’s on the spark plug’s top.

The ignition coil must function properly to run smoothly and without suddenly stalling.

If they are not, an engine code P0354 will be saved, and the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) or Check Engine will illuminate.

If a car stores a P0354 code, it will be unable to ignite that combination with the proper timing, causing the engine to operate rough or stall.

Main Causes Of The P0354 Error Code

A P0354 code can be stored by a vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) due to various faults.

Among the most common causes are vacuum leakage, faulty ignition coils, broken air control valves, and one or more faulty spark plugs.

A manifold vacuum leak

This is most likely caused by a broken intake hose or a break in one of the many rubber tubes linked to the intake manifold (though sometimes due to bad valve cover gasket).

These components degrade and become brittle over time. It is not difficult to locate the flaw. Thus, you should repair it as soon as possible, or it can affect the ignition coil efficiency.

Faulty ignition coils

The P0354 code will pop up, if an ignition coil gets into trouble.

A faulty ignition coil can make your car misfire, causing your vehicle to shut down while driving in extreme situations. The misfire occurs when one of the cylinders fires erroneously or does not fire at all.

Broken air control valves

When the idle air control valve breaks, airflow through the engine is reduced. The engine stalls when the car cannot receive air because the ignite coils cannot work properly.

This symptom might range in severity from occasional stalling initially to stalling soon after starting.

One or more faulty spark plugs

The starting power is reduced when one plug fails. This might result in one or more cylinders not firing properly, causing the P0354 code to be stored.

This makes it difficult for your engine to ignite. If your vehicle becomes increasingly difficult to start, a new set of plugs and wires may be required.

Symptoms Of The P0354 Error Code

engine code P0354

You need to know the warning signs of this code failure to track down the cause. How can we know our vehicles are dealing with the P0354 ignition coil D

When the code P0354 appears, you will notice more symptoms than just the Check Engine light turning on. Here are some other obvious and common signs that show a P0354 problem:

  • The MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) will come up.
  • When you are driving, the car engine exhibits reluctance. It means it responds slowly, and your driving experience is not smooth as usual.
  • You can feel there is a lack (or loss) of engine power, particularly when the engine is under significant stress (heavy loads).
  • When your car gets the P0354, it will be challenging to start the engine. You might turn the key and ignite several times to crank it up.

How To Know The Car Has A P0354 Problem

How To Diagnostic Trouble Code

Here are some measures to take to troubleshoot this error code:

If your car shows the P0354 code, it denotes that the PCM isn’t getting proper signals from the coils while the vehicle is running.

This could indicate an issue with the ignition coil’s primary computer side or the secondary spark plug side.

The reason for the code should be determined, which would necessitate the use of an OBD-II scanner and various tests.

A test drive to try to recreate the scenario in which the code was stored can also be beneficial, as long as you monitor the engine cadence, throttle position, engine load, and road speed.

If the car is misfiring, the code is usually validated, and the experienced mechanic can proceed with diagnostic steps to establish the origin of the problem, fix it, clear the error code, and then retest it.

  • To troubleshoot this error number, you first have a visual inspection to verify the resistance of the suspicious coil pack using a resistance test.
  • Next, they will examine the current status of the spark plug electrodes.
  • They will then measure the voltage at the coil pack.
  • The spark plug wires that connect the coil packs will be inspected for fraying, corrosion, and even melting.
  • Test the coil pack circuit to see if it receives the proper ground supply.
  • Then, they will examine the condition of the spark plug’s electrodes.
  • Next, test the intake manifold for vacuum leaks.
  • Finally, they will use a multimeter to calculate the Hertz signal supplied to the coil pack. This procedure also allows them to confirm that the PCM is giving the correct signal to the coil pack.


You can make some common mistakes when you diagnose the reasons for the P0354 ignition coil D at home. Here are two prevalent ones you should notice: 

One of the most typical errors in identifying is diagnosing a damaged ignition coil when the true cause is a vacuum leak.

Similarly, some drivers will think that spark plugs must be replaced when a vacuum leak or another factor causes the problem.

How Do I Fix Code P0354 Ignition Coil D

How Do I Fix Code P0354 Ignition Coil D

Because numerous reasons might cause the error code P0354, the solutions will also vary depending on what first caused the problem. Here are some answers for it:

  • Replace the bad coils (or its whole driver circuit)
  • Change a new coil pack
  • Restore or replace the faulty ECM or PCM
  • Change the defective spark plug with a new one
  • Solve the vacuum leak in the intake manifold.
  • Repair or change the wiring harness connecting the coil pack to the PCM or ECM.

To give you an estimate, if your ignition coil triggered the P0354 code and you need to replace it, you should budget roughly $240-$270 for repairs.

However, as mentioned, it will depend on the cause of the fault code.

The longer you let the problem linger, the greater the risk of damage to the components involved.

Therefore, as soon as the code is stored, you may check it yourself or get the help of a professional mechanic. You should also have your car examined periodically to prevent these issues.


How Serious Is The P0354 Code?

When a P0354 code Ford or P0354 code Toyota is identified, your car will run rough and misfire intermittently or frequently when accelerating.

These symptoms can be both uncomfortable and hazardous.

Consider what would happen if you needed to speed quickly, but your vehicle was misfiring and acting strangely. As a result, it might cause undesired accidents when you cannot control the car completely.

Can A Car Run Without An Ignition Coil?

No, a car cannot run without an ignition coil.

The ignition coil is essential to the operation of your car. This coil is basically a strong conductor that converts the voltage from your battery into the high energy required to jump the spark plug.

This causes the air-fuel combination in the engine to ignite.

The spark plug could not produce the necessary spark without the energy provided by the ignition coil. Your car will not start if there is no combustion!

Should I Replace All Ignition Coils At Once?

No, you shouldn’t.

The average ignition coil lifespan is 100,000 miles or more. It is not a simple replacement since it may fail for various causes.

One coil pack is used for two cylinders, and you just need to replace the problematic one.

The faulty coil pack will never impact the others. Replacing coil packs that are still in good condition and operating normally would be a mistake.

Old coil packs in good shape are superior to unproven brand-new ones.


The code P0354 ignition coil D location is a common problem of vehicles. If this error code is stored, your car will have trouble controlling and driving performance.

You cannot properly accelerate when needed; it can put you and your passengers in danger of accidents.

That’s why all community experts advise you to have your car checked whenever you see this code appear. In addition, regular maintenance can help you reduce the risk of damaging car components.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here. We can discuss it in the next article.

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