Where Is The Power Door Lock Relay Location? Best Information To Know

The power door lock relay is a standard feature on both well-known and older-model vehicles.

Although it has a series of advantages that make your car more convenient, people have little information about its structure and even do not know where the power door lock relay location is.

Therefore, the following article would be beneficial for you to have more profound insight into this.

What Is Door Lock Relay Location?

Power Door Lock Relay Location


An electromagnetic master switch known as a relay is a device that can turn on or off a much greater electric current using a relatively tiny electric current.

An electromagnet serves as the brain of a relay (a coil of the wire harness will become a temporary magnet if electricity flows via it).

Depending on the own construction of vehicles from various manufacturers, you can find the door lock relay in different locations within a motor vehicle.

If you have no idea about this, we recommend for you some places, namely behind the car stereo, under the dashboard, close to the brake pedal, and behind the passenger airbag.

Operation Status

As their name implies, many power lock relays are extremely sensitive electronic devices that only generate very little electric currents.

However, we frequently require them to run larger equipment that draws more currents. Relays fill in the space, allowing smaller currents to activate bigger ones.

Relays can function as either switches (turning devices on and off) or amplifiers (converting into larger currents from small ones).

An electromagnet is activated when power passes through the first battery voltage supply circuit; this produces a magnetic field that draws curved ground contact and turns on the second circuit.

A spring pushes the sets of door relay switch contacts back up to their initial location power door lock relay when the power is turned off, turning off the second circuit again.

Before something (either a sensor or a master switch closing) turns it on, the direct input circuit is switched off and has no current flowing through it. Additionally, the output circuit is turned off.

Where Is The Power Door Lock Relay Location?

Four alternative locations on a car can house a vehicle door lock relay, including:

  • By the brake pedal, on the wall beneath the dashboard
  • Behind the stereo in the center of the cab, behind the dash panel.
  • Behind the passenger airbag, under the center dashboard
  • On the firewall on the driver-side dash of the engine compartment.

Signs When The Door Lock Relay Is Broken

Power Door Locks Do Not Work Continuously

Intermittent operation of the door locks is one of the initial signs of a potential relay door lock issue.

The door locks may operate erratically if the vehicle door lock relay has any internal or wiring problems.

The door locks could work well one second and then stop working the next. Trying to lock or unlock the car can be inconvenient for the driver.

Power Door Locks Stopped Working 

Another typical sign of a door lock relay issue is the inability of power door locks to operate.

The common failure of the power door lock relay will shut off power to the complete power vehicle door lock motor, which may result in improper operation of the locks.

The door can still be opened with the key in cars with door lock cylinders. However, until electricity is restored, vehicles without door lock cylinders won’t be able to lock or unlock the doors.

A malfunctioning power door lock relay assembly will only disable the power-door-lock system functionality in vehicles with conventional-style door lock cylinders and keys.

However, if the doors cannot unlock due to a faulty relay, this may make accessing the car challenging, if not impossible, for automobiles without door lock cylinders.

Why Is The Door Lock Relay Location Defective?

Why Is The Door Lock Relay Location Defective?

The Broken Fuse

If an actual fuse box blows, the doors may not lock or unlock randomly.

Because fuses are inexpensive to replace, they can help you save a lot of money. Always watch for indications that your fuse panel might be blown.

The Power Cord Is Broken 

To check for damaged electrical wiring, open and close the doors by pushing the key fob button. The door locks will respond in an erratic manner when there is a bad connection.

The Central Locking System’s Wireless Device Is Faulty

The keyless devices that open doors without keys may break down. You may need to check your key fob for errors if the door locks don’t activate.

Therefore, you should take care of the power door lock system when it has broken wires and other wiring issues.

The Central Lock System Device Is Out Of Battery

You’d better check the battery in your key fob before going to the mechanic. If the battery dies, a replacement will soon be necessary to get the gadget working again.

How To Fix The Door Lock Relay?

The wired door lock relay parts are packaged together. Therefore, the only choice when they are broken is a replacement.

Never forget to unplug the battery terminal when maintaining an electric component. You can avoid harming someone or causing system damage by doing this.

  • Prepare all necessary tools before starting.
  • Utilize the fuse box’s door lock relay diagram to find the relay. The placement of the relay will determine this.
  • Pull the relay out using pliers with sharp tips.
  • Install a fresh relay in the same location as the previous one.
  • Close any coverings you may have opened to gain access to the relay to safeguard the area.
  • Test functionality after reconnecting the battery terminal.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Door Lock Relay?

The price to replace the correct wired door lock relay assembly ranges from $121 to $195. The following will determine the price: vehicle model, preference, and target market.

What Causes Power Door Locks To Stop Working?

There are many reasons to the power door lock system stopped working. And they are referred to in this article.

What Controls The Power Door Locks?

The notorious power door lock actuator is the invisible device that locks and unlocks the doors of your car with the touch of a button.

An electric motor, linkage, cable, or gears that extend or retract to operate the lock, are mounted within the door.


They are all necessary information that we want to share with you to answer the question about the power door lock relay location.

It is advisable that your car should be maintained regularly and contact the mechanic right away in case you take all measures ineffectively.

Hope that this article is beneficial for you to solve that kind of problem.

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