Service Power Steering Chevy Equinox: How To Fix In 10 Mins

Is service power steering Chevy Equinox dangerous?

If you’re driving on the road, and this error message suddenly pops up, it will surely surprise you. Amateurs may be even more confused when they don’t know how to handle it.

After driving for a certain time, it is common to see this warning.

You need to know a few basics about it and learn how to remedy it properly, and that’s it! Learn more about this in the next sections!

What Does Service Power Steering Mean? 

service power steering chevy equinox

What does it mean if the 2010 Chevy Equinox service power steering message flashes?The system warning alerts you whenever this part has a significant issue.

Power steering comes in two varieties.

In the past, its racks with hydraulic pumps were attached for better navigation and handling. The development of electric motors and parts includes electronic systems with warning lights.

There is an electrical power steering light on the dashboard of several car types.

The warning light’s color might range from red to yellow to orange, depending on the condition of the hydraulic fluids.

What does service power steering mean on Chevy Equinox? Various things can trigger the engine lights to flash.

But, without a detailed examination, it might be challenging to determine what they are.

If the light flashes while driving, you should stop in a secure location and check the fluid pressure. I used to reset the electric power steering system several times by starting the engine again.

However, you should not undervalue the problem. As flashing ones might deactivate the system and make driving on uneven terrain risky.

It’s time to discover what causes the Chevy Equinox service power steering message!

Service Power Steering Chevy Equinox: Common Causes 

2010 chevy equinox service power steering

Many factors can cause this light to light up.

However, I’ve encountered some of the main causes, including low/polluted fluid, damaged power steering belt, worn-out power steering pump, faulty steering rack, lack of maintenance and care, or extreme pressure.

Low Fluid

A low fluid level can be the No.1 reason for the 2012 Chevy Equinox service power steering message.

Your vehicle requires a particular fluid volume for this system to function accurately. Also, there is a little tank beneath the hood where you may add the fresh fluid.

The minimum level and highest level are rather close to one another. When the power steering fluid level is insufficient, your pump won’t be lubricated, so the temperature will increase.

Your pump may wear out sooner as a result of this. This alert will show up, as all factors working together to produce a failure.

Contaminated Fluid

The fluid in the hydraulic tubes must be clear of impurities and operate at its best. The tubes and hoses in this part frequently deteriorate or separate, leading to contamination.

Similar to how moisture could enter the fluid and increase friction, this could cause the pump to malfunction.

Besides, this part becomes extremely stiff and challenging to maneuver, especially when the car is moving. The system alert will then show up as a result.

Damaged Power Steering Belt

The crankshaft of your car’s engine drives a pump attached to the system. An engine pulley turns a belt connected to the pump continuously, providing its pump power.

The belts may occasionally rip, crack, and finally snap, which activates the 2015 Chevy Equinox service power steering message.

You can tell when this happens because this part will stop working altogether.

And as its pump no longer receives power from your engine, this part will instantly become quite rigid and challenging to handle correctly.

Worn-out Power Steering Pump

I know the pump wears out once I hear a whining sound as I move the wheel. The loss of power steering assist stemming from this problem can make steering your car difficult.

By monitoring the fluid level and searching for power steering fluid leaks, I could determine what’s wrong and fix a worn-out pump.

Faulty Steering Rack

When you see the 2017 Chevy Equinox service power steering message, it’s advisable to check the rack.

When turning the wheel, a damaged steering rack can generate a clunking sound, making steering challenging. Driving might become dangerous and difficult if the rack is broken.

An unreliable rack can be treated with the proper diagnosis and repair. Some signs I usually face are odd noises, a shaky steering wheel, or trouble turning.

Lack Of Maintenance And Care

Any part needs to be checked, cared for, and replaced periodically.

For example, there was a time when I drove my car for 2 years but did not check this part once. And the damage my car endured was more severe than I expected.

The periodic inspection helps me detect potential faults early.

Simultaneously, a timely replacement will keep the best performance, allowing the vehicle to operate more stably and safely.

Extreme Pressure

Too much time spent driving on rough terrain might shorten the system’s life. This is the last common cause of the 2014 Chevy Equinox service power steering message.

You shouldn’t overwork your pumps unless your car is a powerful off-road monster like a 4×4 or SUV. An ordinary power steering system can not manage so much weight.

What Should I Do When I See The Service Power Steering Warning Light? 

What To Do?

The 2014 Chevy Equinox service power steering warning light confused you a lot; what to do now?

I’m afraid that there is not much you can do unless it’s the fluid that spawns the issue.

When the fluid level was low, I filled it up to the top line, started the car again, and continued my trip. But don’t overfill the steering fluid!

If it is contaminated, it will require more time, so you can drain all the liquid and put in a new one.

Otherwise, a visit to the nearest auto shop is a must, though I’ve shared that turning the engine on and off can make the light disappear.

What If You Are On The Road?

  • Turn on your car’s hazard lights to alert other drivers that something is wrong with your vehicle.
  • Turn your car’s steering wheel slowly toward the road’s shoulder.
  • Use the brakes gradually until you completely stop once you have entered the shoulder lane.
  • Thoroughly evaluate the situation to determine its seriousness.
  • Call a tow truck if you find it difficult to control the automobile or believe you shouldn’t be driving in such circumstances.

How To Diagnose The Power Steering System? 

service power steering chevy equinox 2016

How to diagnose the issue of the 2016 Chevy Equinox service power steering message?

The system may stop operating due to issues with alignment or the pump. Here is my straightforward guide to diagnose the issue.

  • Check the level of the fluid. Making turns will be challenging if there is not enough fluid.
  • Inspect the fluid level by removing the pump’s cap. If it isn’t full, get the fluid from your neighborhood auto parts store, then top it off.
  • Look for potential leaks in the hoses and pipes surrounding the pump.
  • For leaks, examine the rack and pinion seals. If your automobile is older, you might need to take a look at a recirculating ball unit.
  • Belts should not be loose. When you listen for any sounds from the pump, have someone start the engine and turn the steering wheel. A belt is loose and needs to be adjusted if it makes a loud, screeching noise.
  • Feel the steering to see if the steering wheel is off center but the drives straight or there is any difficulties in handling.


Can I Continue Driving White Service Power Steering Chevy?

No. It is dangerous to continue driving with the service power steering Chevy Equinox 2016 light flashing.

The biggest risk posed by a broken system is improper control. Another issue is that its module uses too much battery power, degrading other electrical parts’ operation.

Driving while your system needs maintenance puts you in danger, something you shouldn’t take lightly.

You must be ready to manually turn your wheels if it cannot be relied upon. Manual steering rotation is very laborious and significantly slows down your car.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Service Power Steering?

The average fee for this service will be around $200 to $400. For serious damage or parts that need to be replaced, it can cost up to $800 or $1000.

Still, the typical repair cost will be affected by many factors. Some of the most important factors will include the following:

  • Labor costs in your area
  • Service fee at the car repair shop
  • Part of being fixed/replaced

How To Check The Electric Issues Of Power Steering?

In contrast to the hydraulic power steering system, electric power steering (EPS) operates differently.

You need to diagnose differently if you want to make sure that your EPS system is working correctly.

  • Scan Check: Start your EPS diagnosis with a scan tool to identify electronic problems or any communication.
  • Contact industry authorities: If you need to rebuild a high-end component in your EPS system, contact an aftermarket manufacturer.
  • Services for Electronic Repair: You can rely on the power steering specialist at your dealership or service to resolve any EPS difficulties, from fixing a malfunctioning system to programming and calibration.

Can Cold Weather Affect Power Steering?


Are you using electric, electrohydraulic, or hydraulic parts when driving? If so, the following are two typical issues with winter and how to fix them:

  • Understeering: This occurs when you’re trying to make a turn but the wheels refuse to follow your direction. To avoid a collision, slow down and change to a lower gear.
  • Pulling to one side of the vehicle: After changing to winter tires, if your automobile pulls to one side, the fault is most likely with the alignment rather than the steering. An expert in this field can adjust your car’s alignment.


The service power steering Chevy Equinox is a warning sign telling you to check your vehicle immediately. Continuing to drive can be dangerous, especially in rough terrain.

To sum up, check it as soon as you find the problem. Or, if you are not confident in your abilities, drive to the nearest service center to get help from a technical mechanic.

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