Toyota Corolla Key Won’t Turn – How To Fix It?

Why the Toyota Corolla key won’t turn may be a hard question. Several internal and external influences and couples of reasons can cause it.

Do you want to handle this problem? Let’s follow us to figure out the answer.

Why Toyota Corolla’s Key Won’t Turn?

Toyota Corolla Key Won't Turn

Component Problems

The steering wheel and battery are the two components that usually cause problems, making the key won’t turn in ignition Toyota Corolla.

Removing the ignition key from some cars prevents the steering wheel from rotating. Sometimes, the car’s conventional ignition key will be trapped and cannot move or be taken out.

Another common problem preventing the key from turning is that the car’s battery won’t hold a charge, leading to a lack of power.

It is typical of higher-end automobiles, which regularly employ more advanced electronic ignition motors. To confirm it, you can verify the life of your battery.

The Key Problems

Wrong Key

You can’t turn the lock if the incorrect key is inserted into an incompatible cylinder. Several keys have the same appearance, and the drivers may pick the wrong one.

Some sites advise using a hammer or other items to tap in the key during the ignition process.

However, many believe this method is so dangerous that it can break the cylinder or make the key bent or break. Additional damage might come up when a part of the key is trapped in the cylinder.

Worn Out/Bent Key

Worn-out keys are a quite common reason to prevent the key from turning, especially in older cars.

If your car key is rusted or worn out, the pins inside the cylinder will not slip in the right position, and the vehicle will not be cranked up.

In addition, curving or bent keys can also join the combustion piston but will not edge up properly to start the vehicle.

Ignition Issue

A blockage inside the ignition key cylinder will prevent the key from correctly turning ignition.

You can use a flashlight to examine the internal key cylinder. Usually, if a key cylinder has broken, you may notice metal debris in the cylinder.

Turning the key can be difficult once the pins or springs are damaged. It may prevent you from turning on the key.

That is because the pins and coils in the cylinder are made to fit a certain shape of the key, allowing that key to start your vehicle.

Defective ignition switches are also related to incorrect gear places. Some cars will not let you turn on the key if they are in the park or neutral.

When you see your car stalls in reverse, it might be rooted from the ignition failure.

How To Fix If Toyota Corolla Key Won’t Turn?

You can turn the steering wheel side to side, lubricate the lock, or rap the key. Fix or replace your key, check the battery, check your ignition lock cylinder, and call a locksmith are other choices.

Turn The Steering Wheel Side To Side

If the steering wheel is locked and the key won’t turn, you need to rotate the steering wheel to the right and left side.

While you wiggle the steering wheel, remember to rotate the key to the accessory point. In this situation, you need considerable force to turn the steering wheel.

However, don’t use too much force, or you may damage the wheel. You can turn the key and rock the steering wheel simultaneously if it’s ineffective.

Once the wheel is unlocked (from its stuck position), you can turn the key and start the car then.

Lubricate The Lock

If the Toyota Corolla key won’t turn in ignition, lubricating the lock may get the job done. It can deal with the blockage in the key cylinder.

You should use a lubricant made of graphite or silicon.

Basically, you might want a lock that will not accumulate dust, debris, and particles over time, which ultimately jams the inside of the lock to a greater extent.

To begin, you should gather your lubricant, key, and a piece of cloth. Then spray the grease in the combustion cylinder groove.

Wash away any excess spray or leakages from the porthole, enter the key and turn it on.

If this fails, you can spray more lubricant and try again. When the process lasts for several minutes, but the key still doesn’t work on the key ignition, you may jump to other options.

You should note that dry lubricants are more effective than oil-based ones when greasing an ignition. To prevent staining, it’s best to thoroughly remove all noticeable lubricants.

Rapping The Key

Other than lubrication, you may need to consider another extreme “tool” to unjam the lock.

You can use a hammer or a shaking system to handle the problem of the car’s key not turning. This “rapping” is intended to rattle the inside parts of the lock into appropriate places.

It is not required to use a hammer. You can use any item as long as it can produce a notable vibration and be adapted to the key.

First, you should insert the key into the ignition. Strike or jiggle the key with a screwdriver or other tools.

While attempting to rotate the key, use the tool on it. If it fails, try using the tool on the cylinder.

Be careful how much strength you apply during this procedure, as you could harm your key, the ignition lock mechanism, and so on.

If you attempt to break a locking system with your key, proceed with your full strength.

Fix Or Replace Your Key

When the Toyota Corolla’s key won’t turn, you can repair the key or replace it with a new one. First, double-check the key, apply a spare car key, and notice whether it works.

Then you can recognize the differences between the two keys to identify the problem of the old key.

Next, you need to examine the scratching on the key’s blade for signs of deterioration. Look for subplots, bends, or breaks. Repairing the key will become easy if you recognize the issue.

When something bad happens with your car key, another solution is to replace it.

You can purchase replacement parts and then have them cut in the electronic store. You will possibly have a chip programmed.

Replace Your Ignition Lock Cylinder

Ignition switch replacing is not difficult, given that you purchase the correct one. Ensure you purchase the correct product for your car’s brand and model.

Step 1: Switch your key to the accessory position first, then look for the release pin on the ignition system.

Step 2: Press the pin with the appropriate tool (usually a screwdriver) and pull the old ignition cylinder out.

Step 3: You can insert the new ignition cylinder into the shelter, align it by pressing until you notice a clicking sound. In the next step, you can check whether the vehicle will initiate and the key will turn or not.

If you can’t have the key to the accessory place, use one of the methods listed above. In case it still doesn’t work, you may have to disassemble the steering wheel, which is no longer a simple, quick fix.

Ensure Enough Battery Voltage

Car batteries are crucial in the start of combustion. You should check to see if the car battery has enough power output or not. If not, jump start your vehicle with the battery from another vehicle.

This method requires you to attach the booster wires from the other car’s engine or an external power of your engine battery. This will help in providing the required energy to start the motor.

Call a Locksmith

Most of the time, you begin with “my vehicle key won’t turn,” and you may eventually say, “I will find a locksmith.” A locksmith could handle any problem where a car key will not turn.

If you’re concerned about the expense of a locksmith, it will be less than other forms of professional assistance.


How To Reset My Toyota Corolla Key?

You need to spot the lock and push buttons on your remote and press them simultaneously over a second.

Start releasing the two buttons, then press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. You are all set now.

How To Fix If My Key Is Stuck In The Ignition?

If your Toyota key is trapped in the ignition, ensure you’ve turned off the car and left it in park mode. Next, turn the wheel to unlock the steering and attempt to take out the key.

Finally, check your car battery and ensure your ignition cylinder is functioning correctly. If none of the above methods work, you may need to contact Toyota car service or a mechanic.

How To Avoid Issues With My Key?

Taking care of your key is the most efficient way to avoid problems. You should wipe down your key regularly and clean it with alcohol.

Whenever the key appears rusted or worn out, you need to change to a new one.

It’s also a good idea to avoid massive keyrings, which can weigh down the key when turning on.


How To Fix If Toyota Corolla Key Won't Turn?

Why won’t my Toyota corolla key turn? How to fix it if the Toyota Corolla key won’t turn? We believe you’ve found the answer.

Some basic remedies you can turn to are wiggling the steering wheel, lubricating the lock, checking the battery, or rapping the key.

For more severe cases, you have to fix or replace your key and call a locksmith or mechanic.

Thank you for taking time to read our post. Hope to see you in the next posts.

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