Can I Make The Toyota Key Replacement By Vin? The Handy Info

Losing the Toyota car key is one issue that every driver faces. Indeed, it would be best to change the key, but how do you make new automobile keys?

Can I make the Toyota key replacement by VIN? Is that car key replacement service by VIN number truly effective if this is impossible?

We will share our research to help you grasp the truth and learn more pertinent information about the issue to ease your concerns. Scroll down to discover the insightful post.

Can I Make The Toyota Key Replacement By VIN?

Toyota Key Replacement By Vin

The answer to your query is a Big Yes! You may get a car key made without the original key by code method meant for the key using the VIN of the car.

The genuine locksmith may recover the original car key cutting for the vehicle by using the VIN, which contains instructions on how to cut the key.

A car’s VIN, also known as its unique identifying code, is made up of 17 digits exclusive to that vehicle (VINs had a range of 11 to 17 characters in length before 1981 and didn’t exist before 1954).

The VIN is a 17-character string of letters and numbers without any spaces, printed in a single line.

Additionally, the letters Q (q), I (i), and O (o) are not included in the VIN because they may be confused with the digits 0 and 1.

The year, nation, factory of manufacturing, the brand and model, and the serial number are all details provided in a particular area of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Even though the chassis number is technically a component of the VIN, it is sometimes used interchangeably with the VIN.

How To Get A Toyota Key Replacement By VIN?

Going to the Toyota Dealer

Why won’t my key fob unlock my car? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new one.

You can visit your local Toyota dealer. First, submit photo identification and proof of ownership at your nearest Toyota dealership to obtain key codes.

The dealership or sales representative will ask for your Vehicle Identification Number.

How can I find a car’s VIN number? The dashboard on the car’s side is where you may find the VIN.

Standing outside the car on the driver’s side and focusing on the dashboard’s corner where it meets the windshield will give you a clear look.

If the VIN isn’t visible on the car, you can discover it on your auto’s title or car liability insurance paperwork.

Please remember that Toyota doesn’t have key codes for every model year. The car key codes from the last ten years are often available.

If your car is older, they will ask you to contact Toyota directly to see if they can help you get the code.

After getting your VIN, the dealers will need to reprogram the computer in your Toyota should it have an immobilizer chip system.

They use a scanning gadget at the dealership, which will enable the code in your new key to function with it.

Your ideal option for promptly procuring a replacement key with VIN number if you’ve misplaced them is to turn to the dealer.

Using An Online Service

If the Toyota dealership is distant from where you live, and you’re busy, you may order car key by VIN number and have it cut online.

Nowadays, many websites or platforms provide the simplest method to purchase your custom cut key from VIN.

This online service has various qualified locksmiths with years of expertise in locksmithing and many positive customer reviews.

If you’re trying to figure out how to replace a vehicle key online using the VIN, let’s follow these simple actions listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to a website that replaces vehicle keys and select “cut car key by VIN.” 
  • Step 2: You must fill in all the required information and continue to do the following step.
  • Step 3: After clicking the purchase signal, go to the checkout page and fill out all required information, including the ownership documentation.
  • Step 4: Your order to cut a car key by VIN code is complete when you have completed your payment and entered all your information.
  • Step 5: Your freshly made VIN-cut vehicle key will be delivered to you promptly using the chosen delivery option.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Toyota Key?

A complete Toyota key fob replacement costs between $200 and $350. That is because replacing a metal key fob requires cutting a new key and programming the electronics to your car.

The cost you pay is determined by several elements, including the type of key, the year the automobile was manufactured, and the location where you order key with VIN number (automotive locksmiths, Toyota dealer locator, online, and so on).

You should be aware that the cost will probably skyrocket if you decide to call a professional auto locksmith to make you a new key after normal business hours.

In addition, the dealer may charge 10% to 15% less for the key if you decide to acquire a replacement car key from the dealership rather than a local locksmith.


Don’t ignore this section since you could learn something new regarding your car key replacement by vin number services.

Replace Car Key By Vin Online, Is It Safe?

Yes. You can be confident that if you choose the online VIN service, they will be in charge of delivery tracking to ensure the key comes to you, and they will never share or sell your personal information.

Where Can I Get A Key Made From VIN Number?

As previously indicated, you can use the online key services, hardware stores, or go to your neighborhood dealership to order new key by VIN.

An automotive locksmith shop or a professional locksmith also offers the most cost-effective way to obtain auto key replacements.

Can Dodge Make A Key By VIN?

You can make a dodge key replacement by VIN number, indeed. When requiring a key replacement, the most frequent course of action is to contact a credible locksmith or a dealer nearby.

Depending on where you are, a reputable locksmith may come to you, or you may have to research how to tow a rear-wheel-drive car and take it to the dealership.

Can Toyota Keys Be Copied?

The answer is a big Yes. A simple automobile key may be duplicated at the dealership and supply shop or by advanced locksmiths.

On the other hand, the key duplicator machine, the chip-enabled laser and sidewinder keys are more difficult and expensive to counterfeit.


Can I Make The Toyota Key Replacement By VIN?

After reading this article, all your fears will instantly go away when losing or breaking a car key.

We ensure you are fully aware of the key replacement cost and the different ways you may obtain a Toyota key replacement by VIN such as going to a qualified auto locksmith, automotive dealer, amazon smart lock shop, etc.

We advise you to make two spare keys and keep them in separate locations to save money and time. Last but not least, we truly hope that you find our detailed instructions useful.

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