What Is The 2021 F-150 Lug Pattern? The Right Answer

Understanding your car lug pattern is important since it determines how your wheels are fastened to your car with lug nuts/lug bolts.

The proper bolt pattern offers a secure fit; nothing is more stylish than security. Are you curious about your car lug?

If you are a 2021 F-150 owner, this post is what you need. We will give you all information about the 2021 F-150 lug pattern. Let’s keep scrolling down for the ultimate answer and valuable tips!

What Is The 2021 F-150 Lug Pattern? 

2021 f-150 lug pattern
F-150 Lug Pattern

The 2021 Ford F150 lug pattern is 6×5.3 inches, sometimes known as a 6×135. It means the 2021 F-150’s wheels have six lug holes in the shape of a circle 135 mm in diameter—or 5.3 inches.

Many vehicle drivers don’t give their vehicle’s lug pattern (also known as a bolt pattern) much thought.

Yet, it’s the measurement of an inferred circle produced by the lug holes positioned at the center of each wheel.

A lug pattern has two numbers: the first one is the number of lug (bolt) holes on the car wheel, and the second is the diameter of the imaginary circle pattern formed by the holes.

If you wish to replace the factory-issued wheels, you must first learn the vehicle’s bolt pattern.

Wheel offset, stud size, torque specifications, and center bore measurement are additional important considerations when selecting wheels for the car.

Here’s a rundown of some important 2021 Ford F-150 wheel specifications:

  • Factory wheel sizes: 17- 22 inches
  • Stud: M14x1.5
  • Center bore: 87.1 millimeters
  • Offset: -44 – 44 mm 
  • Tightening tension for wheels: 204 Nm

How To Measure Your 2021 Ford F-150 Bolt Pattern

2021 f 150 bolt pattern
Ways To Mete 2021 Ford F-150 Bolt Pattern

Let’s follow these steps to measure the 2021 Ford F150 bolt pattern:

Step 1

Turn the engine off and park your car. Place it in an even space and apply its emergency brake to ensure it is stable and cannot move.

If you’re measuring the lug pattern on a 2021 F150 without wheels, such as a parts car in a repair shop or a junkyard, be sure it’s either steady on the floor or securely supported by a jack.

Step 2

Take the hubcap off one tire with a screwdriver. Your F150’s wheels may have a plastic cap that protects and conceals the nuts.

Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the edge of the cap (don’t mistake it for the wheel cover) and the rim. To pry the hubcap out, use mild pressure.

Since all of the car wheel hubs are identical, you need to detach the cap from only one tire.

If you can view the lug nuts without taking off the hubcap, there is no need to do this step.

Step 3

Count the bolts in the design. A circle of huge, spherical nuts covers heavy-duty bolts in the middle of the wheel.

They are the lug nuts that hold the wheel to your car chassis. Count all lug nuts and bolts you observe.

Step 4

The 2021 F150 bolt pattern has an even number of bolts – six, so you have to measure from one lug nut’s center to the exactly opposite nut’s center with a tape measure.

Bonus: For bolts of odd numbers, measure the distance between one lug nut’s top and the center point of another one in the opposite side.

For example, when your wheel has 5 bolts (like the Toyota Tacoma 5-lug pattern) or an odd number of bolts, measure the diameter from the very top of one lug nut to the middle of the bolt directly across from it.

Step 5

To acquire a measurement, combine the two calculated specs: the bolt number and the diameter.

Take them together and separate them with an “x” to get the size you’ll need to choose the proper wheels for your car or trailer.

Depending on where you buy your wheels, provide the diameter in millimeters or inches.

Other F-150 Year Models Lug Pattern

2021 ford f150 lug pattern
Other Bolt Pattern


Ford F-150s sold between 2000 and 2003 feature a different lug pattern than prior versions due to a considerable redesign effort.

The lug and bolt pattern for these Ford F150 models is 5×5.311′′ (appropriately 135mm), which means it has 5 lug holes and a PCD of 5.31 inches.


The 2004-2008 Ford F-150 bolt pattern was drastically changed as Ford increased the lug number on the car.

These cars have a bolt pattern of 6×5.311′′ (also written as 6x135mm), which implies its rim comes with six lugs and a diameter of 5.31 inches (or 135mm).


The 2009-2014 Ford F-150 lug pattern is the same as the previous generation (the 2004-2008 year models).

Each model in this generation has a bolt pattern of 6×5.31′′ (6x135mm), requiring six lugs and a rim with a circular diameter of  5.31 inches.


The F-150 from 2015 to 2020 is one of Ford’s most successful vehicles, selling millions and breaking sales records.

Under the hood, these cars are identical to their predecessors, using the same 6×5.311′′ (also written as 6x135mm) bolt pattern.

Some Latest Models

Ford made a few changes to its latest generation of F-150 vehicles, which still retain the bolt pattern introduced in 2004.

The 14th generation Ford F-150 bolt pattern is 6×5.3 inches (6x135mm), meaning you’ll need six lugs and a 135-millimeter rim to mount the wheel to your F-150 car.


What Year Does The F-150 Have A 6×135 Bolt Pattern?

Since 2004, the Ford F150 has had a 6×135 bolt pattern; some of these trucks have come standard with 18-inch wheels in subsequent years.

With the popularity of these off-road vehicles, the 18×9 6×135 wheels have become extremely popular.

Are All 5 Lug Patterns The Same?

No, they are not the same.

Even in modern vehicle manufacture, the 5-lug layout remains a standard feature for light trucks and passenger cars, but each business takes a different approach.

For example, GM wheels had two typical bolt patterns: 5×5-inch and 5×4-3/4-inch.

The smaller body design is widespread, as it was used on the Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, and many other GM makes and models.

The larger pattern was used on light trucks and several full-size cars from Oldsmobile, Buick, and Pontiac.

Will A 6×135 Fit A 6×5 5?

No, it cannot fit unless you use a wheel adapter.

The wheel adapter kit converts a 6×135 hub design to a 6×5.5-inch (139.7mm) bolt pattern. They will also space out the wheels by 1.25 inches to allow users to fit wider rims and tires.

What Bolt Pattern Is F-150 2022?

This car comes with a bolt pattern of 6x135mm, meaning it has six lugs and a 135-millimeter rim.  As mentioned before, some latest models of the Ford F-150 use this bolt pattern.


After this article, you have learned about the 2021 F-150 lug pattern. This Ford model offers a 6-lug wheel and a 135-millimeter rim, also known as a bolt pattern of 6×135 mm.

Moreover, we provide you with the bolt pattern of many other model years from 2000 until 2022.

Thus, if you are a Ford truck owner, you can find your car bolt pattern specs in this article.

Knowing your car’s lug and exact bolt pattern can help you save time when choosing a great wheel or repairing an old one.

The right tire can let you have a good and safe driving experience. Thus, never overlook this spec!

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