Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug Pattern – Everything You Need To Know

The Toyota Tacoma 5 lug pattern is no stranger to numerous automotive enthusiasts. But from the perspective of a non-fan, are you clear about this Toyota wheel bolt pattern?

If the answer is no, please scroll down to reap more helpful knowledge.

What Is A Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug Pattern

The wheel bolt pattern is associated with the layout of a vehicle’s mounting holes.

If you are vague about the definition of a mount hole, you can remove one of your car tires, place it on the ground, and then a network of mounting holes will appear.

This term is often referred to as the pitch circle diameter or the bolt circle pattern. More specifically, it expresses the total of lugs sticking out of your automobile’s axle center.

Five is the lug number widely used in most bolt wheel patterns, and eight is often applied to a heavy-duty vehicle, namely a 4WD truck or a tank.

What Is The Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug Pattern?

The answer to this question depends on the manufacturing year of your Toyota Tacoma vehicle and whether it is 2WD or 4WD.

To dive deeply into details, if your two-wheel drive automobile was released between 1995 and 2015, it could be classified as a 5 lug pattern car with an estimated size of roughly 4.5 inches and 114 millimeters.

To be more specific, a Toyota car manufactured from 1995 to 2004 has a center bore of about 2.65 inches and 67 millimeters, while 2.37 inches and 60 millimeters are the figures for a middle bore of 2004-2015 produced automobiles.

From 2016 onwards, a Toyota car has a 4 lug Tacoma pattern, unlike the bolt layout in earlier periods.

Given a four-wheel transport, the Toyota Tacoma wheel bolt pattern model had its six plug setup with a size of 5.5 inches and 139.7 millimeters when it was first released.

But from 1995 onwards, there have been some modifications to its size, at 4.18 inches and approximately 106 millimeters.

Is A Wheel Bolt Pattern Important?

The answer is yes.

It is common knowledge that wheels are attached to a vehicle with the assistance of lug bolts and nuts. Therefore, if there are some troubles with this pattern, it can be positioned off-center.

Several dangerous scenarios may follow, such as broken wheel studs or unexpected accidents due to a lack of security and stability.

In other words, your safety may be put in jeopardy. Furthermore, your actual tire is more susceptible to wear and tear, rendering loud tire noise.

What Are The Components Of A Wheel Bolt Pattern?

A center bore in the middle of a wheel is surrounded by a metal plate. And on these plates, lug holes are added to support the studs positioned on them.

If these studs firmly stay in place, you need to put the lug nuts onto it with a view to holding the vehicle wheel in a balanced state.

More importantly, each car has a different bolting setup. Particularly, they may use different types of studs, and their positions are also various.

That is also why you must explore the bolt pattern template whenever you purchase a new car, as it is exclusive to each brand and company.

This practice is also of tremendous importance when it comes to replacing some damaged or out-of-date wheel parts.

How To Measure A Wheel Bolt Pattern?

A normal vehicle has an even number of wheel lugs ranging from four to eight, and you could undertake some measurement steps by estimating the actual distance between two centers of different lugs.

Remember that they need to be across from each other.

Nevertheless, regarding the lug design of a Toyota Tacoma automobile, the number only reaches five, so the bolt circle measurement method may be a bit difficult.

Indeed, you have to select one lug’s middle, take a tape measure and figure out the length from this position to the outer edge of an opposite lug.

If you cannot comprehend the above guide, a bolt setup template may come in handy by providing the ins and outs of a stock wheel lug pattern.

Yet, it is also a great challenge to read through the statistics presented on this template.

Here is an instance that may help you understand the data reading formula more.

If your template shows this number: 4-5, you know that 4 is a figure for your car lug bolts, and the latter is the diameter of those.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Bolt Circle?

A bolt circle is a diameter estimated by the distance from the middle of one bolt to the center of another crossing it.

Not all wheels have a similar bolt circle, which depends on the current model and brand.

Besides, when your lug layout is right, but the wheels may not run properly, it can be boiled down to the fact that the bolt circle is inaccurate, inducing great discomfort for the lug holes when sliding.

What Information Should You Need About Lug Bolts?

It would be best if you considered the thickness of your lug bolts, as they may display different thickness levels.

For example, in the lug-centric vehicle wheels, the lugs should perfectly fit in with the bolt holes, so the wheel can go on properly.

How Do Lug Nuts Work?

Lug bolts and nuts are not separated from each other. That is to say, the nuts should match lug bolts concerning both width and length criteria.

Hence, they could thread comfortably, followed by the smooth operation of automobile wheels.

How To Make Sure A Rim Matches The Bolt Pattern For Aftermarket Wheels?

Initially, you must look for the bolt number and circle diameter of your car wheel.

After you obtain sufficient information, it’s time you find a rim available on the market that matches your wheel as regards its width and length. Good luck!

The Bottom Line

What Is The Toyota Tacoma 5 Lug Pattern

After reading this article, we hope you can gain deeper insights into the Toyota Tacoma 5 lug pattern. They are two-wheel drive cars whose model years range from 1995 to 2015.

Thank you for your sincere support, and have a nice day!

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