What Is Bambi Mode Forscan? How To Enable It?

When it comes to enhancing the lighting capabilities of your Ford cars, Bambi Mode Forscan has become a hot topic among automotive enthusiasts.

But what exactly is Bambi Mode Forscan, and how can you enable it?

Stay tuned as I’ll unravel the secrets behind enabling this feature and discover how you can take control of your car’s lighting like never before. Keep reading!

What Is Bambi Mode Forscan?

bambi mode forscan

Bambi Mode Forscan is a unique feature available through the Forscan software, designed for Ford vehicles. It allows drivers to keep the fog lights when controlling the beam headlights.

This feature allows for enhanced visibility and lighting control in various situations.

How Does It Work?

By enabling Bambi Mode Forscan, users can override the automatic dimming function of their high beams.

In scenarios where the high beams would typically dim, such as encountering oncoming traffic, Bambi Mode Forscan allows drivers to keep their high beams on when the fog lamps are running.

Benefits Of Bambi Mode Forscan

It grants drivers more control over their car’s lighting (fog lights and high-beam headlights).

Thus, they can adapt to different driving conditions, such as dark roads, dirt roads, dense fog, or heavy rain. In other words, this function will improve visibility and a safer driving experience.

Bambi Mode Forscan can be especially useful for those who love off road trips that require improved lighting during nighttime adventures.

Keeping high beams and fog lamps on when needed provides better illumination of the surrounding terrain, aiding in navigation and obstacle detection.

But if your headlights only work on high beams, there might be a hidden issue that needs to be inspected by a mechanic.

Which Ford Models Featured With Bambi Forscan Mode?

Generally, Ford models that are compatible with Forscan software and may feature Bambi Mode include:

  • Ford F-150 truck series
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Explorer – a versatile and spacious SUV
  • Ford Focus – a compact car

Forscan Bambi Mode availability may depend on the specific model year. Some models will be equipped with auto high-beam headlights.

You should consult the Forscan software documentation and verify compatibility with your Ford model.

How To Enable Bambi Mode Forscan?

2016 f150 forscan

Run BdyCM Module Configuration

  • If the BMF is not installed, launch the Forscan software on your computer and establish a connection with your Ford vehicle using a compatible OBD-II scanner or adapter.
  • Once connected, choose Configuration and Program, and navigate to the BdyCM (Body Control Module) configuration menu within Forscan. This menu allows you to access and modify various settings related to the vehicle’s lighting system.
  • Click on the play button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Wait for it to run to 100%. You will see the enable/disable menu for each car part.

Change The Settings To Activate Bambi Mode

  • On the Filter search bar, enter “High Beam.” Double-click on “Fog lights if high beams are on” or “High beams when fog lights are on”.

Each Ford model may have different naming conventions for these settings, so it’s essential to consult the Forscan documentation or online forums for precise guidance.

  • You’ll see PID information and settings with 2 values:

0 – Enabled

1 – Disabled

  • Double click on 0 – Enabled and click on OK

A checking notification will appear to configure your decision. Choose OK to confirm your changes.

  • Finally, you’ll see another notification: “Block(s) programmed successfully.”

Save And Check The Mode On Your Car

  • Click on “Save All” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Turn off, then turn on the ignition.
  • Turn on your fog lamps, then hit your vehicle’s high beams. Make sure the high beams are in normal operating mode.
  • If the high beams glow while the fog lights are still on, your Bambi Mode F150 has been successfully enabled.

Do a test drive. The high beams should stay on regardless of surrounding lighting conditions or the presence of oncoming traffic.

How To Connect OBD-II To My Ford?

ford bambi mode
  • Step 1: Click on the “Connect to Vehicle” Icon.

This icon is usually found on the lower left side of the screen within the software interface. This action initiates the connection process between the OBD-II programmer and the vehicle.

  • Step 2: Access the Configuration Menu and select the Body.

Control Module (As Built Format).

It allows you to modify various settings within your Ford vehicle. Look for the Configuration button or tab in the Forscan software interface and click on it to proceed.

  • Step 3: Within the Configuration menu, find and choose the option for the Body Control Module (BCM).

Depending on the specific model and year of your Ford car, the location of the BCM option may vary within the Configuration Menu.

The F150 BCM is usually located on the left side of the screen.

  • Step 4: Click on the “Play” Icon

You can see it at the bottom of the screen. It triggers the software to read and display the current configuration settings of the BCM.

  • Step 5: Read and Agree to Warnings. The software presents warnings or disclaimers before proceeding with the modification process.


Does Forscan Void Warranty If We Make Changes On ECU?

No. Using FORScan software to change or modify Ford’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will not void the powertrain warranty.

FORScan is primarily designed for diagnostic purposes and allows users to access and modify certain settings in modules other than the ECU, such as the Body Control Module (BCM) or the Instrument Cluster Module (ICM).

These modules control various non-powertrain functions, including lighting, security, and comfort features.

However, don’t make incorrect or unauthorized modifications to modules using FORScan without proper knowledge or understanding.

It could lead to issues with those modules. Finally, it may cause problems with your vehicle’s functionality.

What Is Forscan Mods List?

FORScan Mods List refers to a comprehensive collection of modifications or changes that can be made to Ford vehicles using the FORScan software.

These mods help access and adjust settings within various car modules like BCM, ICM, or other related modules.

Some common examples of modifications found in the FORScan Mods List include:

  • Enabling hidden features:

FORScan allows users to uncover and enable hidden features, such as additional menu options, diagnostic information, or customization options.

  • Adjusting lighting settings:

Drivers can customize the behavior of the vehicle’s lighting system, including enabling Ford Bambi Mode.

They can adjust the automatic headlight dimming function or activate enhanced lighting features.

  • Changing instrument cluster displays. FORScan helps drivers:
    • Modify the information displayed
    • Customize gauge layouts
    • Adjust warning messages.


By enabling Bambi Mode Forscan, drivers can turn on their beams with fog lights on.

This modification has proven to be advantageous for those who venture off-road or require enhanced visibility in special situations. 

Learning caution, adhering to local regulations, and using Bambi Mode responsibly is important.

This feature allows drivers to enhance their driving experience and have greater control over their vehicle’s lighting system.

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