Can Onstar Track My Car If Not Activated? Cover All Info You Need

OnStar is a useful convenience item. You have a selection of vehicle services to pick from when buying a car with OnStar.

These services can assist you in the event of an emergency or lower your chance of experiencing one. That said, imagine when your automobile doesn’t start. Can Onstar track my car if not activated?

Let’s get to our post so we can provide you with a quick and accurate response! In addition, we’ll suggest additional surprising information about how OnStar operates, its activated indications, and other interesting tidbits.

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What Is Onstar And How Does It Work?

can onstar track my car if not activated

Before we clear up your concern: Can onstar track a stolen vehicle? Let’s get the facts on Onstar!

What Is It?

Since OnStar was first made available in 1997 models in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, and other countries, it has undergone significant development.

It combines an expanding number of convenience, connection, and safety elements into a single, factory-built system.

Notable features include stolen car support, which aids law enforcement in locating your vehicle using GPS tracking device, and auto accident reaction, which activates emergency assistance vehicle services if the car’s onboard data indicates a collision.

How Does Onstar Work?

Every original equipment Onstar system may collect information from the onboard GPS and vehicle diagnostics to emergency service systems.

OnStar can provide turn-by-turn instructions by sending GPS data to the OnStar central system through a CDMA connection.

OnStar will be able to call for assistance (telephone interview) in the case of an accident by using the same GPS data for the emergency service features.

Data from OBD-II systems can be sent via OnStar.

With this innovative safe device, OnStar could monitor your journey for insurance purposes, deliver vehicle performance reports, or detect whether you’ve been in an accident.

For example, if you are in trouble because the new car is emitting a burning smell, the Onstar service will notify you that your car is in a bad situation with emergency flashers.

Hence,  you need vehicle assistance in that case. Similarly, you can use it if your car AC stops working when hot outside or severe weather.

But can onstar find a stolen car if not activated? 

Can Onstar Track My Car If Not Activated?

Yes. Onstar may still locate the correct spot of your vehicle if your Onstar unit is not turned on. Because Onstar depends on GPS, it may still be able to detect your car even if it isn’t turned on.

Remarkably, until you ask to turn off the monitoring function service, Onstar won’t cease finding your vehicle location.

So can onstar locate a stolen vehicle? Absolutely. Inform the police and submit a report if your car is lost. An Onstar advisor can assist the police in finding your correct car by using GPS technology.

OnStar may provide authorities with directions to your immobile car and issue a remote ignition block notification to prevent the motor from starting.

OnStar’s capability to halt ignition is perceived as one of its features. The criminal can not start your car again once it has been switched off.

A supervisor from OnStar is able to slow the car down until the cops can catch up with it, which is another unique function.

In such circumstances, even though you may not be a longer subscriber, you will be happy that the telematics service is still available.

It is useful when having a missing individual case or kidnapping instance, and we can use Onstar’s useful function to follow and know exactly the criminal’s current location.

How To Tell If Onstar Is Activated?

There are a few ways to verify your Onstar status and user with emergency services if you are unsure whether it is enabled or not.

The first method you may utilize is to glance at the information screen on your car. The Onstar logo indicates that it is enabled.

However, you may also access your Onstar account online if your car lacks an information display or the Onstar emblem isn’t visible.

You may log in and seek the “My Account” area to accomplish this. Your Onstar membership is not active if you see a “Activate Now” logo.

Call the Onstar operators  at 1-888-466-7827 if you’re still confused or have tried the above methods but failed.

After asking them, they can confirm it for you and then turn on your Onstar to complete its tasks.

How To Activate Onstar Without Being In The Car?

The Onstar smartphone app is available to turn on the Onstar mode remotely. You can get it for free from Google Play or the App Store.

You login into the app after installation using the credentials from your Onstar account.

You may use all of Onstar’s connected vehicle services after logging into your subscription successfully. That involves setting up dates, enabling your system, and other things.

Can Onstar locate my car without subscription? No. Unfortunately, this is a paid service.

If you don’t have an account, you can refer to the following tips. On the Onstar website, you must first register for an account.

After that, you may sign in and start using the service. Keep in mind that to accomplish this, you must supply both your Onstar account number and the activation code included with your vehicle.

Once these have been input, you may power up your Onstar subscription and begin using it immediately.

Keep in mind whether you are in your car or not, they may access the emergency service thanks to this service.

Related Questions

How To Find My Car With Onstar?

You must first dial the OnStar customer service line to locate your correct vehicle using OnStar. Inform the Onstar agent you speak with once connected that you require assistance locating your vehicle.

They will inquire about your vehicle’s brand, version, and license registration number.

What Happens If I Cancel OnStar?

Your OnStar guardian system will be turned off if you opt to end your service plan or let it expire.

Some connected services, such as automatic critical crash response, stolen vehicle help, hands-free calling, remote signal door unlock, and other emergency situations , cannot be activated.

They will disable all of these features. Even in the case of an accident, your car won’t be able to contact Onstar for assistance.

Therefore, you should consider that matter because it is dangerous for you and your passengers.

How Do You Stop OnStar Tracking You?

By following the detailed instructions above, you may contact the Onstar telephone interview unit at any time to terminate the service or turn off the GPS monitoring device.

An example of a service request might be calling for assistance following an accident, getting instructions, or reporting a stolen vehicle to the police.

Does OnStar Work If The Battery Is Disconnected?

Our immediate answer is a big No. You cannot utilize any of the OnStar cellular technology connection’s features if the car battery malfunctions or dies.


How To Tell If Onstar Is Activated?

Now that you’ve answered the question: Can Onstar track my car if not activated? and Can onstar be activated to locate stolen car?.

In short, Onstar-equipped vehicles with an active service plan are fantastic tools for many drivers, but it’s crucial to be aware of its restrictions.

Emergency response circumstances, car theft, finding a vehicle location, and roadside assistance are all things that Onstar safety and security services can aid with.

If you desire Onstar to always be well-performed, we recommend you should get your car to a vehicle repairing store with monthly services.

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