Why Is Car Clock Keeps Resetting?

As usual, you turn on your car, put it in drive, then go off. You notice that the car clock keeps resetting.

There are many reasons why the clock in your automobile can be reset.

The most typical causes for abruptly changing the time on the car can be as straightforward as a loose cable or a weak battery.

Let’s look at this article to learn more about problems and how to solve them.

Possible Reasons To Make Your Car Clock Keeps Resetting?

car clock keeps resetting

I experienced and also asked my friends about the related problems; then, I concluded the cause of the car clock keeps resetting from clock issues, battery, time change, fuse, ignition, and wiring.


Many people usually ask: “Why does my car clock keep changing time?”. The battery terminals are typically at blame when the vehicle’s clock resets unexpectedly.

Even if the motor is shut off, the time machine depends on a steady stream of power from the power source to remain working.

The clock can be reset if its connection is suddenly lost, like when you disconnect a digital clock using a power outlet.

The wiring at the end of the correct battery condition should be checked first.

As time passed, the parts became looser and momentarily disrupted the battery connection.

Inspect the battery power capacity to ensure it is still full if the battery cables are solid.

Sometimes once the car starts, a nearly depleted battery capacity would lose battery charge for a short period before regaining it.

Car clock resets when starting could occur when the weather has been really cold, the vehicle has not been started in a while, or you have been fiddling with its circuits after the motor has been shut off.


The fuse panel in the engine regulates how much electricity is sent to various parts of the vehicle, particularly the audio system. 

The clock resets when car turns off or loses connection since there wouldn’t be a steady electricity supply. You’ll learn how to reach and reset your car’s fuses safely.


When the automobile is started, broken electrical connections can cause the issue.

Whenever the ignition is switched on, it can up the power or block the supply to the clock due to a filthy or loose ignition switch (an ignite button losing connection).


If everything else doesn’t work, you could have a hole in the cabling connecting the power from the battery’s power source to the timer. 

An automotive technician should investigate the reasons why bmw clock won’t stay set since it requires specialized equipment and knowledge.

Time Change

Time adjustment is the initial thing most people consider when they consider having their automobile clocks adjusted.

Our houses’ many appliances, including our automobiles, may have problems when the change to daylight savings time begins or stops.

This is an important thing that makes the car clock keeps resetting new battery.

This is likely the root of your problem if you recently updated your clocks, and your automobile clock is constantly resetting.

Clock Issues

A faulty cable or a power source problem might cause your vehicle’s clock to be repeatedly reset. If it continues like this, you should change the clock entirely.

This is particularly true if you find that other appliances in your home retain a correct time.

Still, the clock time in your automobile continues resetting automatically every couple of weeks or months.

Solutions For Car Clock Keeps Resetting

why does my car clock keep resetting


Fix Overheating

It’s always undesirable when anything becomes too hot, especially if it involves electronics. The clock device shouldn’t be allowed to overheat. Therefore that should be your priority.

However, if you think there’s a problem, reattach the wire to make it right. You’ll be astonished to learn how much of a difference one seemingly insignificant action can make.

Vent Head Unit Regularly

Rather than when you first notice problems with the wireless, it should be performed as the principle of thumb.

Regular venting will only increase the shelf life of your system. Maintaining the airflow via the vents is crucial to operating your time system properly.

Consider Battery Replacement

Replacement of batteries is a somewhat higher-priced and long-lasting solution to the clock in car losing time.

This problem and a variety of others that arise in cars and another wiring can be effectively fixed by new batteries.

How To Replace Car Battery When Car Clock Keeps Resetting?

Replacing your auto battery load is a relatively simple process. You could be astonished at how easy the procedure is, and by performing it to your abilities, you can even save money.

You won’t need to contact a repair company to replace your battery if you ever attempted to do it yourself after understanding how.

When you’re prepared to begin replacing the power source in your automobile by yourself, proceed as follows:

  • Put on gloves and protective glasses. Sulfuric acid, present in vehicle battery cells, can cause skin burns.
  • Detach the hood. When attempting to change the type of battery, ensure that the motor is off and cold to the touch.
  • Employing a 10-mm ratcheting wrench, remove the bolts on both the negative and positive connections of the cell.
  • Take the battery out. To guarantee solid unity, it’s likewise the ideal current time to use a contact cleanser for cleaning the battery pack connections. Battery charging issues that come and go might be brought by oxidized or rusted terminals.
  • Attach the positive terminal connections to the newly installed battery model. The connection points must be dry. The power source terminal nuts should be tightened.
  • Please verify that the accessory power supply is securely fastened in its mount.
  • Zip up the hood.

How To Prevent The Car Clock Keeps Resetting?

clock resets when car turns off

Keeping the current time zone adjusted for the time change is the most effective approach to prevent your automobile clock from changing.

There are alternative ways to control your vehicle’s clock icon from repeating if you neglect or are unwilling to fiddle with it.

Consider finding an option to turn off auto-reset by consulting your user handbook. Typically, it involves hitting this button’s key 4 times or flipping on this toggle switch.

When you can’t locate it within the directory, it isn’t there since it will be programmed into the computer program of the automobile.


What Should I Do To Stop The Car Clock Keeps Resetting Again?

Ensuring you avoid leaving your car alone for a prolonged amount during the day is the easiest way to stop your car timer from resetting. 

Move the clock forward if you will be gone from the vehicle for an extended time to ensure you can see when you get back in and begin driving.

How Does A Car Clock Work?

Several contact areas and the solenoid’s coil are linked to power the clocks. A hand with one point of contact advances toward its mating connection as the timer progresses.

Because of how it is built, the circuit can be finished when the spring wrapping exhausts itself, allowing each point to snap shut.

When the two points of contact interact, a solenoid receives twelve volts, and the anchored limb pulls in, kicking the connection on the rotating hand, which rotates the mechanism about to wound the clock backward.

Why Did My Car Reset Itself?

The automobile often resets itself as a result of battery issues. This warning is that it’s time to replace your battery charge status.

If the winter season is approaching, you should examine it and, if necessary, adjust it.


You may do some things to prevent the car clock from resetting. Try utilizing a phone adapter that both Samsung and Apple don’t produce if you’ve got one.

And if nothing of those fixes are effective for you, we advise contacting a licensed mechanic who can diagnose the issue and develop a long-lasting spot that best suits your requirements.

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