GMC Speed Limit Display Not Working: Causes and Ways To Fix Car Owners Need To Know

For famous Chevy cars, the speed limit display is vital in warning drivers about their vehicle speed and having appropriate speed control when moving the vehicle.

Therefore, the GMC speed limit signs not working on Chevy cars are a dilemma for many drivers.

With regular GMC vehicles, the speed limit display will be displayed through the Head-Up Display (HUD) or Google Maps software.

So how does the speed limit display work? Why is it important? How to display the speed limit on Chevy navigation?

And when the GMC speed limit display not working, what should we do? All information will be in this article.

What Is The Speed Limit Display on GMC?

gmc speed limit display not working

As mentioned above, the speed limit sign on the GMC is displayed to the driver through two primary means: Head-Up Display (HUD) and Google Maps.

Speed Limit Display Via Head-Up Display (HUD)


GMC or Chevy cars use a speed limit indicator called Head-Up Display (HUD). Specifically, the vehicle HUD (Head Up Display) is a device that helps display information on the steering wheel.

In recent years, with its high usefulness, HUD screens have been increasingly widely applied in many fields, including cars.

The HUD steering wheel display screen has many different models and types. The manufacturer designs each category to display some or more information.

Most HUD monitors display information such as:

  • Driving speed limit indicator: Indicates the current speed or highway speed of the vehicle. Besides, some HUD sets have the feature to store speed history, speed warning lights, set speed limits, etc.
  • Number of engine rpm: Indicates current engine rpm parameters. Some HUD sets have the feature to set an rpm limit warning to avoid damaging the engine and save fuel.
  • Several kilometers/time traveled: Indicates the distance and time the vehicle has traveled. Space is usually displayed as kilometers. Time is shown as minutes or hours.
  • Fuel consumption: Indicates the consumption displayed on the HUD in liters/100km or liters/hour.

Operation Principle

Electrons activate the speed limit marker and other sensing sources.

The signal is passed into the fluorescent tube to start parts of the seven numbers or clock symbols in the box—the optical elements then output light from these parts to the vehicle’s windshield.

The driver can see the actual images as if floating near the front of the car.

Speed Limit Display Via Google Maps


Google’s navigation feature, Google Maps, is free, user-friendly, and available for iOS and Android users.

Millions of smartphone users have enjoyed many benefits of speed limit displays or Apple Maps speedometers for many years.

Operation Principle

If you’ve ever driven on an unfamiliar road and wondered what the speed limit is, Google shows current speed on google maps in the bottom corner of their Google Maps app.

To answer the question “How to check speed on maps?” or “How to show your speed on google maps phone?“, we need to enable the actual speed limit marker option in Google Maps, open the Google Maps app on your ios phone and follow these instructions:

  • Open the Google Maps app and tap your profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Select the item Navigation option
  • Tap the toggle next to show speed limit indicators

Now that your speed limit display is on, you can hear Google Maps speed trap warnings.

When you are in an area with reduced speed limits, Google Maps will let you know that there is a speed shot ahead.

Is The GMC Speed Limit Display Important to The Car?

speed sign display not working

The GMC speed limit display is essential for the Chevy car driver.

Through this feature, the driver can easily monitor the necessary information about the vehicle’s speed while driving without looking down at the dashboard below.

This helps maintain concentration, ensures continuous observation of developments, and minimizes unexpected dangerous situations.

In particular, the driver can monitor the vehicle’s speed so that the vehicle’s current speed can be adjusted within the allowable limit to ensure safety and avoid penalties for speeding violations.

Suppose the driver uses the GMC speed limit marker with the HUD screen.

In that case, the driver can also quickly grasp vehicle errors (if any), such as high tank temperature, high engine temperature, low battery voltage, engine failure, etc.; for timely handling.

Causes of GMC Speed Limit Display Not Working?

There are five common reasons causing the GMC speed limit display not working, such as too old components, wet HUD Screen, unavailable Google Map Navigation Apps, many running apps at the same time, or hardware/software failure. I will tell you the details below: 

The HUD Screen is Wet

The 2022 Tahoe speed limit display is not working from water clinging to the surface or infiltrating, causing the HUD screen to be short and control it as desired.

Another cause may be because the screen was accidentally poured water or when cleaning the affected car.

Running Too Many Applications at Once on The HUD

When using the HUD screen, many car owners run multiple applications simultaneously, such as Youtube, Facebook, or Google Maps.

This is also a significant reason why the screen is frozen, not smooth.

Old Components, Long-Used Time

Using the screen after a long time will cause this intelligent speed adaptation to degrade.

The life of the screen has been severely affected, leading to the internal components being no longer suitable.

Hardware And Software Errors Inside HUD

Inside the HUD with the GMC intelligent speed adaptation installed is a compact control system, so conflict or a faulty processor chip leads to the inability to handle different applications.

Another reason is that the screen is bumped, resulting in the processing board being unstable, and damaged, causing the car screen to be affected and not work.

Google Maps Navigation Service is Not Available in Some Areas

The speed limit display feature on Google-owned Navigation Apps can give drivers many risks while driving.

The main reason is that not all sites are displayed on Google Maps, tiny alleys, complex routes, or unpopular areas. The posted speed limits on your Google Maps may not be available.

Therefore, we recommend using speed alerts through the HUD rather than Google Maps’s Navigation system map.

Using Google Maps for free is possible, but approximate speed warnings cannot be 100% guaranteed.

What To Do If the GMC Speed Limit Display Is Not Working?

2022 tahoe speed limit display not working

Close All Apps, Power Off, and Open Again

This is the most basic and easiest way to do it. It is possible that your screen runs too many applications or has a software conflict that leads to a frozen state.

At this point, you should close all active applications. If this situation still does not go away, you should turn off the power and turn it back on.

Test Software Applications

It is straightforward to have application conflicts on the screen. You’d better check to see if your device has strange applications or heavy programs.

Then, uninstall them to reduce the internal memory load. This will make your HUD run smoother and don’t worry about the speed alerts when moving on the road.

Take It To a Service Center

If the above methods cannot get your GMC speed limit display back to normal, you should bring it to a service center specializing in car displays.

Errors such as damage to the processor chip or being in water must be carefully checked inside to avoid further damage to other parts and components.


Above is the knowledge about the cause of the GMC speed limit display not working and how to fix it, which I summarize and send to our readers.

Hopefully, after this article, when experiencing a speed sign display not working, car owners won’t have too much of a headache when they don’t know the reason and understand how to fix it.

In particular, if you are not a teen driver who understands much about the equipment failures on the vehicle, the solution to bring the car to a service center is the most effective.

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