Car Wont Go Into Park – Cause And How To Fix It

Cars are a popular means of transportation nowadays, but the car wont go into park making many drivers confused and worried. If they don’t know the cause, it will cost a lot of money to fix.

car wont go into park

So what should you do then? How to check why the transmission will not go into park? The following article will show the common causes and ways to fix them.

How Does This System Work?

manual and automatic transmission
Manual & Automatic Transmission

The cars or motor vehicles need the smooth operation of thousands of large and small details. And among them, the gearbox is a crucial component.

It works to transmit power to the car’s wheel, helping to increase and decrease the engine’s speed by changing the gear ratio.

Cars have two types: manual transmission and automatic transmission. Automatic transmission usually has a cable and a single gear lever linked to the transmission’s manual valve.

The manual transmission will have two cables, one to pull or push the horizontal level the other to move the vertical lever. And there are two gear levers, one for vertical movement and the other for horizontal movement.

Reasons Why Cars Won’t Go Into Park

Transmission Shift Cable Broke

Automatic transmission hard to shift into park may be caused by malfunctioning parts or operating incorrectly. It may be an automatic transmission shift cable problem.

In the case of vehicles equipped with a cable connecting the gearshift lever to the transmission, over time, it may break. This condition causes the indicator needle not to connect to the gear selected by the driver.

So, can you drive a car with a broken shifter cable? Unfortunately, it’s impossible, as this error causes slow gear changes, and the car wont go into park or reverse.

Stretched Transmission Cable

When the cable is used for a long time, it is likely to be stretched; the car wont go into park and the key is stuck. It will make it difficult to remove the lock and key when the engine is off.

When the cable is stretched, it will result in a misalignment of a gear shifter, which may be being driven in reverse. This reason also makes the car unable to park.

Faulty Shifter Mechanism

The automatic gear shift lever has several sensors that help control how and when the transmission needs to shift gears.

When the sensor malfunctions, it will send incorrect signals to the transmission, distorting the shift time calculation, causing the gear shift wont engage.

The car won’t stay in park when the gear lever breaks. So, how to fix the gear shifter on car? If you are not a professional, you need to bring the car to a repair shop.

You can check the gear shift mechanism by removing the gear shift cover. It’s better to get it repaired as soon as possible if you find any damaged vehicle parts.

Blocked Shifter Mechanism

Or a twisted or blocked vacuum line causing disconnection can put additional pressure on the transmission, making it difficult to shift gears and transmission not in park while driving.

The teleport mechanisms (engineering) are blocked because food or small items fall into them. You need to check the shifter channel to remove what is causing the problem.

Worn Ignition Key Tumbler

For vehicles with a steering lock that connects directly to the ignition cylinder, the wear of the ignition lock cylinder is also the reason you cannot park the vehicle. However, it explains why the car will not come out of park.

When the key is inserted but cannot be turned, the key is bent or broken. Over time the cylinder will wear out, the key will not correctly contact the teeth in the drive, failing to unlock, difficult to ignite and put the car into gear.

Failing Transmission Solenoids

Fluids play a very important role in transportation engineering. It is necessary to regularly check and change the fluids to keep this block of machinery running smoothly.

Suppose the vehicle does not have regular maintenance or has periodic maintenance but does not remove the transmission oil filter for inspection and cleaning.

In that case, the oil filter becomes dirty, causing the oil to enter the transmission (mechanics) slowly, leading to a slow gear shift.

Failing Transmission

Many possible causes of a failed transmission prevent the vehicle from being parked or can’t get car out of park. Yet, worn or damaged internal components usually cause most gearbox failures.

This problem makes it difficult to shift gears and causes grinding noises in the hardware (mechanical). It is best to go to the facilities that specialize in gearbox repair to check and have the most optimal solution.

How Does It Get Done?


We have pointed out the common reasons “why wont my car go into park“. Therefore, car owners need to take their car to reputable garages to check and promptly fix these vehicle technology problems when they realize that parking is difficult.

A mechanic will check mechanical power transmission, gear shift cables, gearshift and ignition, fluids, and other necessary components. The mechanic can test the car to determine the exact fault source.

If you deliberately drive the car in a state of being unable to park, not only will it waste fuel, the car cannot shift gears. It also causes a clutch fire, damages the gear, or even breaks the transmission and causes unsafety in traffic.

How Important Is This Service?

The problem that your car cannot go into the parking lot is the fault of the car’s transmission. It is a vital part of the vehicle’s operating system.

The structure of a car gearbox is very complicated, including many mechanical details.

Therefore, in using the car, if it is not properly maintained and operated, the car’s gearbox will quickly have an error that makes the car unable to park, or the car will not come out of park.

If you find any abnormality in the transmission, you need to take the car to check immediately. Because a faulty gearbox will very easily affect the vehicle’s overall operation, more seriously causing dangerous situations such as loss of power transmission and sudden stops.

On the other hand, the gearbox comprises many intricate mechanical details. So, if the error is not corrected soon to make the situation worse, repairing the auto parts will be very expensive.


Car won’t go into the park, which worries many drivers because it hinders parking and damages the car. If the vehicle has a transmission error, it should be taken to a professional repair place to check and fix.

Choosing a simple garage system is best, especially with luxury cars. If you want to repair outside to save costs, you should prioritize reputable and reliable addresses.

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